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Friday, August 5, 2011

I Love You To Pieces...Literally

i went to get out my SILVER PALATE Cookbooks last night... they are literally in pieces...the cover is worn right off on this one...

that is just the cover itself...

it is so WELL LOVED it is in pieces... just broken apart...

this one is pretty broken up too...when these SILVER PALATE cookbooks first came out..i fell head over heels IN LUV !!!

i was looking for something to make with my basil and tomatoes and fresh mozarella...

this one is in pieces too...

the pages are completely loose and tattered...

most of the pages have just worn right off...

i made the SUMMER PASTA with just pasta, tomatoes, fresh mozarella, basil and olive oil...
simple and summery...

and you KNOW why i bought this yesterday at the market...well...who could pass up THAT BOX !!!!


  1. The very BEST cookbooks always look like that! It's the crappy ones that stay nice and pristine like they've never been used -- because they HAVEN'T!

  2. I have the second book! I'd like to drill a hole through my favorite books with the glue backs and add metal fasteners so they stay in one piece. I know that will upset some folks, but at least I could keep using the books:@)

  3. i have a bird book that looks like this...

  4. I've got those treasured books too! In fact, the author's Inn is just a few miles up the coast from where I live! (have you ever tried their oatmeal that they sell in a box? It actually tastes like the oatmeal that I remember from when I was a kid. .not like cardboard!)

    It is a testament to your devoted culinary arts, that these volumes are so well used. .and loved!

  5. Just look the moment I pop over you have out one of my all favorite cookbooks. But, your's my friend have seen much better days....he-he... Off to see what else you have been up to here. Sorry it's been so long.

    Kate - The Garden Bell.... remember me...

  6. That is the best loved cookbook I've ever seen! LOL!!! I think it's time to put it in a 3 ring binder or retire and replace it. Personally I would put it in a binder because it's got so much love!

    Ciao bella!


  7. I love cookbooks and this is amazing! gloria

  8. Happy Friday, Loved seeing this well worn cookbook; no surprise because you are an incredible cook. I haven't heard of it before and will have to check it out. I have a large 3" binder that I put many of my recipes in and have had to weed out many that I can no longer use or have never tried.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie

  9. I'm off to put the water on! I was going to order Thai food but this is a better idea.

    My Mastering The Art Of French Cooking looks like that.

    Like a favorite dol, no?

    xo Jane

  10. I have both books as well as the books they wrote separately. I remember reading these over and over. Just like your pizza pans, I think well worn books are beautiful. Happy cooking!! Susan

  11. I have picked those up on my thrifting trips and given them to my daughter and daughter-in-law and have passed several up. The next time I see either of the Silver P. books I will pick them up for you...I can usually find them for a song...I was so thrilled with my find today at GW, "Nantucket Open-House Cookbook by Sarah Leah Chase, who, I'm sure you know, was coauthor of The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook. That one I NEVER see so I am please to be able to have another 'back up' one.
    It is fun to see someone who enjoys the same cookbooks, thanks for showing us photos of just how much you really love yours, hahaha!
    Have a great weekend! xo

  12. i have a couple of those. i have one that is so bad it is bound with rubber bands and the pages are all out of order. plus all the pages are splattered with food splashes!

  13. Those are great cookbooks; I love mine...but you've loved yours more. :-) I have no problem saying that you are certainly a more accomplished cook than I am, but I definitely pull my Silver Palate books out for special occasions.

  14. I have both of those cookbooks! Don't you just love the little illustrations? :)

  15. My copy of Land O Lakes cookbook looks just like yours -- very well loved and used :)

    Loving the gingham print butter box!


  16. My neighbor has these cookbooks, and I just love looking though them. Making anything is another matter altogether. I'm a klutz in the kitchen.

  17. I am a little out of breath, I had to hurry over here and see what it was you loved to pieces! *giggles* I have both cookbooks (and the other big red too). The port wine goose is the most memorable recipe I tried. We all starved a little that Christmas (one goose for 6 people was much less than this then very innocent - never cooked goose before - cook imagined. Never cooked goose since! ;-)

  18. Have you seen my simple summer dish, "Going Green"? It was a similar situation - I had all those lovely things from the garden and wanted to do something with it, and went for the simplest option :-)

    The gingham box is so cute - matches the PJs I am wearing right now!

  19. LOVE that old and worn cookbook, it looks like it have been LOVED to bits! I also LOVE the butter box ~ I would have been swayed into buying that too just for the box!
    LOVELY post Kary!
    Hugs to Teddy too.....

  20. Hi sweet Kary, happy weekend!! Well, I have both those books too...& I bought the 25th anniverary edition of the first Silver Palate book too (it's the same but has colour photos too) So sad that Sheila Lukins died a while ago..I love her writing & illustrations so much. Both books have given me so much joy & inspiration through the years. This happened to my favourite 'cake bible' paperback (1980) & I was getting so scared that I'd lose my favourite pages altogether that I managed to find a replacement copy through www.abebooks.com really cheaply. So happy!! But I'll always keep the well-loved one too, as my Mum gave it to me! Sending love & hugs to you & Teddy. Cooler here today, Alice is pleased! She's just off for a long Saturday morning walk with her Dad! xoxox

  21. Simple meals with flavorful ingredients are always the best. I have tried and true recipes that I turn to again and again. Have a great day! Tammy

  22. Nothing better than a well-loved book!


  23. Those books look like wonderful cookbooks and they really must be, because they wounded up looking like this ; ) Is there a way to reapair them ??
    The butter package looks great.
    Have a wonderful day.

  24. I have never seen those books before but they have obviously 'have been used a plenty'. Diane

  25. My favorite cookbook looks pretty much like that too! I was so happy when I found an almost-new copy of it at Half Price Books recently.

    Love the butter box!

  26. ok, i love that cookbook, my mom had it when I was growing up!
    i have to go get my own...i have been living on tomatoes and basil and mozzarella!!! now i iwll have to try it with pasta....isn't it the best tasting summer food????

  27. Yep, I have both Silver Palate cookbooks, and they look very similar to yours. I have a ton of cookbooks, but the only other one that is as worn out as those two is my Moosewood Broccoli Forest cookbook...Oh, wait, a minute, I'm looking at my bookcase, and my Tassajara Bread book, which is from my mom's collection is pretty much just a collection of pages now, ha, ha! I do love my cookbooks.

  28. I have only the first Silver Palate, and I still love it!

  29. Any cookbook worth it's salt will be well worn... love your photos... makes me think of a cookbook or two that have gone the same way...

  30. That Summer pasta sound delicious. Now I have the munchies.

  31. oh Kary, sounds like it's time to invest in a new set of those treasured cookbooks. Nice to see they have been loved and well used.

  32. I don't have this book but I must be missing a good one since all you gals use it. Several of my cookbooks look pretty much like yours due to much use. Yours is obviously well used and loved. Shannon

  33. Your cookbooks are much loved, I just loved that myself. You must have many of the recipes memorized!

  34. I love your cookbooks! It just goes to show how loved they are. Sending hugs from me to you, Teddy and the kitties

  35. oh no! A well loved book is a great thing. My mom has this cookbook in here collection - I will check it out.

    Hope you had a good weekend.

  36. I am guilty of buying cookbooks again when they fall apart...I like mine to be beautiful on the shelf...is that bad? My Fannie Farmer cookbook had been replaced, as well as both of my Vegetarian Epicures!

  37. Every page well loved I'm sure.
    I enjoy garden fresh tomatoes stuffed with a bit of grated zucchini, bread crumbs and grated parmigiano reggiano. A few minutes under the broiler and they are ready to eat!
    Susan x

  38. What a lovely and refreshing blog you have ~ I just adore all your sidebar sweets too!

  39. When that cook
    book came out it
    was unique in that
    everything was so
    fresh sounding! I
    still use mine a
    bunch, too, but THAT
    is a collection in
    need of some serious
    paring back. I tend
    to stick with simple,
    few ingredient types
    of recipes these days.
    Bon apetit!
    xx Suzanne

  40. time for a new cookbook my dear.

    sending hugs and some sunshine up to you, we've had several nice days now. :)

  41. That pasta sounds yummy... I love anything with fresh tomatoes this time of year!!

  42. I love cookbooks and this is very inceíble, I have a very old and very worn, I dare to show them is a good idea, having these treasures felictaciones living, loving hugs.

  43. I just love old cook books-it is a good sourse to remind about the tastes from childhood!

  44. Love these cookbooks. I cherish mine! Love your blog too :)

    Blessings, Dana


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