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Thursday, July 28, 2011

July Is Fading, My Friends

teddy and i took a walk out in our garden last night...the light is changing now...

we got a really good close-up of this little guy on my berries and cream rose....
if you have a minute click on for an amazing view of him.

most of the roses have faded by now...

i don't know what this is ... it looks like blueberries but this is not a blueberry bush...it is my spring showers plant... it makes pink sprays of flowers in the spring .. one of my first flowers to bloom...

fading away...

my night owl rose is just about done blooming too...

some of my elderberries are starting to fade ....

and some are still blooming ... i just LOVE these. this plant was in a one gallon can when i bought it and it now hits the rooftop...

slipping away....

my sunflowers are about gone ...

i am going to miss their smiling faces greeting me each morning as i sip my tea...

a few peaches off my santa barbara peach tree that was planted in memory of my sweet, sweet Buddy... i got Buddy in santa barbara..so that's why the santa barbara peach. Buddy was the color of a peach...he was my little peach. i miss you Buddy .

the days are growing shorter now...it was 6 in the evening and the light was fading over terrace hill...

my sunflowers are looking tired...

and i planted alot of these the other day because i love the color.... and if you look really close...do you see somebody in the background ?


  1. I see Teddy peeking around that beautiful flower.
    You are weeks ahead of us with plants, the sunflowers have just begun here.
    Perhaps that is compensation for the harsh cold Winter that lies ahead up here in the north.
    Enjoy every last moment of July!
    Susan x

  2. I hate to see the flowers fading, too. Most of mine, except for the roses, are still in bloom, but our season starts much later than yours, I think.

    I love that you planted the peach tree to remember Buddy! What a sweet way to honor your friend!

    Hugs to you and Teddy!

  3. sweet little teddy...

    we're still in the throes of summer here and will be for at least another good month or two.

  4. what a lovely tour of your garden,, I've never heard of the night owl rose,, thats a beautiful name,,have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing this with us,, I too feel like fall is approaching, lovely tender sentiment about Buddy

  5. I noticed the air felt different this week in Danville. You have many different plants in your yard. Oh and I did spy your puppy in the background!

  6. gorgeous upon gorgeous. night owl rose is my very most favorite. whoop-whoop, way to much fun.

    great post of your garden glories!

    hugs to you and the Sweet Teddy Boy~

  7. Yes, summer is slowly fading out. I spied some yellow leaves today outside of my kitchen window. Soon it will be that time...our favorite time. :) Looking forward to it is almost better than when it's here!

  8. ahhhh....apple crisp! goodbye summer. get the hell out of here and never come back!

  9. I like the photos of the fading summer.
    Lets enjoy the beauty of the next season as well.

  10. Hi sweet friend, Loved seeing your flowers; mine are still blooming but there is a difference in the air that reminds me autumn is right around the corner. Loved seeing Teddy, he makes me smile. Reggie is doing good for the time being...8-)
    Have a wonderful day.
    Love, Noreen & Reggie

  11. They are just wild about the Elderberry in the UK, they make wine and cordial and the Brit blogs are full of reports about how they are using the fruit...such excitment! Have you noticed that too? I love it when we get to go on walks with our friends, thanks.

  12. The close-up of the little grasshopper is fantastic!
    Over here, July has let us down quite badly; there was hardly a day one could leave the house without an umbrella, and it was so cold I had the heating on some mornings.
    Therefore, our flowers and berries are still rather summery - and as far as I am concerned, I want a high summer August, I am not ready for autumn just yet!

  13. Goodbye July it's time to survive August. I have a Berries and Cream in full bloom the second time over right now. It still looks good even though it's been so hot here.
    Hello Theodore! or maybe The-adore :) :)

  14. Love your pictures is amazing all the thing that change in the garden, love yours pictures, gloria

  15. Summer is fading, and so are my flowers too. The high temps haven't helped. I just wonder where it all went? It seems like it just got here!

  16. While some of the plants are fading from the heat the worst of summer is yet to come for Philly... August can be a brutal month. I have noticed it getting lighter a little later in the morning though. Do you make jelly/jam out of the elderberries? They are pretty:@)

  17. Sending a sweet sunny hello from Frog Hollow Farm! Maybe there's something wrong with me but I love moving from summer into fall - I love that the days get shorter and that lights go on earlier. Most people feel the other way, I know. I loved looking through your sidebar today - you have so many wonderful photos. Give Teddy a little hug from me!
    Ciao, bella xxoo

  18. Yes, summer is moving aside to make room for fall. I am still very much in the summer mode and loving every glorious minute. I enjoyed your pictures, as always...so fun to see sweet Teddy blurred in the background, watching over your photograph taking. Dogs are such supportive little helpers, always wanting to be part of the action. Busybodies, actually. :)

  19. I KNOW how you feel ~I have noticed a nip in the air lately and I am sure I could smell wood smoke from a neighbours fire the other day! GASP!
    I think we still have another month of summer here in SW France, and then I will embrace Autumn!
    HUGS from me to Teddy darlink!

  20. I see a beautiful furry face in that last photo! Was he a little camera shy?

    Your garden is lovely, I love your birdbath! We have several in our yard, it's so much fun to watch the birds enjoy it!

    We were just talking about the waning summer light. I think we should have daylight savings time on July 31!

  21. Time IS flying! It has gone way too fast.
    I'll be going back to school in two weeks. No rest for the weary and no summer for school people.
    I guess we enjoy what is lest and look forward to the nest season. FALL! I'm ready.

    Take Care.


  22. all this and Gopher Glen on Saturday!
    That picture with the blue sap bucket, that wold make a great card or even hang on the wall print. Winner!
    donkey in the pines

  23. Sweet Buddy wil be missed and Teddy will be cherished....Summer is fading way too fast for my liking, but it has been spent with laughter and creating new memories! Have a lovely weekend! Xoxoxo

  24. Such beautiful images, sweet Kari. I always think it is a bit of a bittersweet moment when we realize the flowers are spent for the year. Though I miss them when they leave, I do adore fall and the cooler weather.

    I apologize for not visiting in awhile but I was away for a bit. I am sending all my love to you, Teddy and the precious farmhouse kitties.

  25. Yes, Kari, I'm noticing a change here and there too. We have only begun to have warm, summer weather, but I needed a blanket again lastnight in bed. The sunset is moving a wee bit back towards the south, and the maples are getting a yellow tinge to them.I enjoyed your observations there on your homefront.
    You've captured the changes splendidly!

  26. I really do not want to see the summer go. I have just started to relax into it. Please summer stay awhile I need you.

  27. Yes, the days are beginning to shorten! Your photos even made withering roses look beautiful! :)

    Yes, little Buddie was a peach! That tree is the perfect way to remember him! Awww.

  28. It is sad to see another summer fading away. Before you know it we'll be raking leaves and shoveling snow here in Maryland. I am still trying to savor the season.
    I love that you got the Santa Barbara peach tree in honor of buddy ~ that is super sweet!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  29. Nooooo - summer just arrived last weekend so it can't be fading yet! On the other hand, I've noticed that the days are definitely shorter already.

  30. It is sad to see another summer start to fade. In five weeks I go back to school (work) and then my free time is at a premium. July might be fading in your garden but it still is lovely. I love your darling little Teddy peering in the background.

  31. You're right - it is fading away here too, but the funny thing is...it feels like summer barely got started. We've had so much rain and so few HOT days that the garden kind of sputtered.

    Enjoyed your photos. If you double click on the insect, his eyes look like the craft ones where the little black pupil jiggles! :-)

  32. What pleasure to look at these lovely photos of yours Kary. x

  33. Yes, the summer days are shortening... I saw my first 'Back to School' tv ads day before yesterday... I thought 'Oh no! Not yet!' You see I drive school bus and we return for the 2011/12 school term on September 1... I'm always excited to return... but wait a few more sunny days please! Wonderful post and photos...

  34. it feels that summer is fading away here too. We are getting darker evenings and chilly mornings. Fall comes early in the Yukon, by late August we will have frost and lots of fall colours. I love it but I also miss all the growth and green of the summer.
    Lovely pictures and a lovely idea to plant a peach tree in memory of Buddy.

  35. What a wonderful tribute to little Buddy. I know you miss him. The sweet yet bittersweet days of summers end bring back memories.

  36. I cove your Night Owl Rose and plan to peruse the local nurseries til I find one to grace my garden!Make sure to pick your rose hips after a light frost has converted some of their starches to sugar.If the hips freeze solid,and then thaw,the taste can be unpleasant.They make wonderful tea!

  37. We have yet to reach the point you have...everything in the northwoods is finally growing by leaps and bounds...but it is a race now until the first frost. Will the tomatoes be ripe by then?
    Come to Wisconsin!!
    Your story of Buddy and the peach tree is so sweet. When I lost my Dutchess we chose a spot for her near the gardens where the sugar snap peas grow and added a climbing tower for the morning glories. She loved those peas and gave each new day a glorious start.

  38. I love all your new sidebar pictures. You'll be using that beautiful Maine blanket in a few short months.

  39. The final blossom is gorgeous. We never got around to planting our gazillions of sunflowers. Here so many things are only just starting, from sunflowers to tomatoes to peaches. We have awhile before things start fading. Fall never comes soon enough for me, but at the same time, I think this year I'm not quite ready; glad we still have time.

  40. Nice pictures a marvel of nature, could have sworn they were blueberries, that beautiful plant, I congratulate the garden and I love animals, hugs and good weekend.


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