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Sunday, July 10, 2011

In A Vermont Kitchen With California Berries

i am so IN LOVE with my cookbooks...i got this one out this morning...IN A VERMONT KITCHEN... i have so many summer berries and was wondering what to do with all of them... i am loving all of the mid july fruit so much right now...last night i ate my weight in Rainer cherries...

i went to the market yesterday and bought this wine because i loved the bottle...i had to put it in my kitchen window...

look at that label...so pretty

i got out my little vintage corn salt and pepper shakers..i have lots of these...each person at the cookout gets their own...

i got a beautiful bouquet of yellow sunflowers yesterday to put by Buddy's memorial box on the piano... i miss you Buddy !!! And I Love you !

we loaded up Teddy and took a ride to our local strawberry stand called Okui's...it is out in Grover Beach.... they had MEYER LEMONS which are wonderful and kind of hard to find...

the first of the season white peaches and nectarines...

these avocados are THE BEST. the California Hass...just like butter...we left with a BIG bag of these...

i am not to sure why it seems to be Mickey Mouse themed... but those are all the berries

the kitty and doggy themed portion of the fruit stand....

the offerings of the day...that ALBION variety which is literally as SWEET AS SUGAR....

and that is right out the back door...if you look closely you can see 3 pickers in the field...the big white spot in the sky is THE FOG. California gets alot of fog in the summer if you live near the ocean... so after looking through all my recipes...i have decided to make a STRAWBERRY FOOL...just berries and cream. Simple...and THE BEST !

Strawberry Fool

Strawberries and fresh whipped cream with a bit of sugar and vanilla

Top with crushed amaretti cookies.


  1. the sunflowers were very sweet. (as i'm sure the strawberries are too...)

  2. What a fabulous post! I have loved reading it all and the photos are so pretty! I love my cookbooks too, and that cookbook has just gone on my "to read" list! Now I am feeling foolish, LOL, as I LOVE a good fool and have some gooseberries in the freezer I must use for a fool! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Your bottle of wine looks like you have captured the essence of Summer inside!

    Our strawberry season has just ended. This was an excellent year for them. Full of flavor. And cherries are in their prime. Last week, I bought the first of the white peaches. So fragrant, that I could smell them before I reached the baskets, but not overly ripe. What a treat!!! And now our blueberry season is upon us. And raspberries! Major yum!

    But, as is human nature sometimes, I am envious. .we never see Meyer lemons around here. Not even brought in from elsewhere. So you'll have to enjoy them twice as much, for me! :-)

    I hope that you enjoy your strawberries as much as I loved mine!

  4. Lovin' the cover of that cookbook! Your farm stand looks like it's loaded with all kinds of goodies-Happy Munching:@)

  5. ...Mmmmm, strawberries! Yum! :o)

    ...Beautiful pictures too - thank you for sharing the trip!

    ...And lovely sunflowers, they're my fav' flower of all. :o)


  6. Strawberry fool sounds good. The photos don't show though. All the produce you founds looks so healthful and great prices too. I know what you mean about bottles being pretty, I once paid $1.50 for water because of its dark blue glass bottle, perfect for yellow flowers in a bouquet.
    We are having morning fog here at my house too.

  7. while vermont is a perfectly lovely state it really is NH recipies you should be looking for:0) The fresh fruit looks wonderful I love white peaches. Can't wait to see what you make.

  8. Yum. I too have eaten pounds of cherries these last two days.

    A very sweet indulgence:)

    xo Jane

  9. Blogger just ate my first comment, so let's try this again... Such a beautiful post, and so yummy as well!! We've been eating figs to our hearts' delight, every day trying to beat the birds to the best ones on our tree... Love to you and Teddy!! Silke

  10. Kary, this was such a beautiful post! It looks like you guys had a great time for yourself at the farm stand! I love those rainier cherries too!

    Your dessert sounds delicious, strawberries and cream, two of my most favorite things! However since I'm tying to drop some lbs., I may try it with greek yogurt!

    I'm finally starting to feel better, just wish the coughing would stop and my throat would go back to normal. I sound like Jackie Kennedy! LOL!!!

  11. A trip down memory lane, your memories, your lane. There is something mysterious about cookbooks, something friendly anyone can cook, and for your efforts, good eats! Beautiful fruit, friendly sunflowers - I think of Buddy too.

    Happy Sunday! xoxo to you and Lil' Teddy

  12. i love rainer cherries but the ones this year are so lame. not sure why? i could eat them until i am sick!

  13. Yum Kary!! Wow, 4 lemons for a dollar?!! So interesting to see the price differences on opposite coasts; Our avocados are very expensive, like a dollar more for one, and I can't buy enough since we all love them and put them on sandwiches (i can eat them plain :)!)Cherries here, forget it. We all know a pound is hardly enough! Guess living in California you get lots of local fruit and veggie perks! Enjoy your week!!~devon

  14. I so love my cookbooks too. They really feel like very good friends and I get all happy about them...Meyer lemons are so good but we don't often get them up here in Washington. It was nice seeing all of the wonderful produce you got..thanks for taking us along!

  15. The cookbook does look like it's got lots of great ideas and I would have snapped up that bottle of wine too and a few of the other goodies too!!

  16. All of the berries and fresh produce looks so good! We will be picking some blackberries this week on our farm.

  17. Wow, Kary, that was a wonderful place to buy strawberries--freshly picked and at such a good price! I love berries of all kinds and they are supposed to be so healthy for us.

  18. I'm going to have to look for those cookbooks!

    I buy wine like you...I get a pretty bottle with a pretty label! I read not too long ago that studies show that men look at the price, women buy the pretty one! :)

  19. Mmmmm, it all looks so yummy. Love the summer fruits, particularly peaches and nectarines. Eaten straight form the tree, warmed by the sun, delish. Juice running down your arms...........

    Your cook book looks delightful, no doubt full of wonderful recipes.
    Love the Sunflowers too, I grown them in Summer and they are so bright and cheery.

    A lovely post, nice to see what the season brings in your neck of the woods.

    Claire :}

  20. Your post is so colorful today!! I love cookbooks too! The vermont kitchen book is probably a fun one.
    I just bought a bottle of wine called Cupcake.. It's so cute that I ALMOST don't want to drink it. : )

  21. Aren't the berries this year the best?
    Plus I just had a grapefuit, pink , and it was so sweet I ate it like an orange.
    Is that wine title and anagram for Earth?
    (me: poor dote, of course it is.) I think.
    You do have the Best cookbooks.
    donkey in the pines

  22. I am known to buy wines for the lovely labels, as well. :)

  23. I love the sunflowers and all the lovely photos, thanks for sharing!

  24. All that fruit - how wonderful!! California is a marvelous place for growing just about everything!

  25. i saw julies cups on the window sill. lovely.

    enjoy your yummy dessert!

    xoxo lori

  26. Ah yes, berries and all that other lovely and so deliciously fragrant summer fruit, don't we just love them all!
    My mum makes liqueur and jam out of her surplus, and of course cakes from the produce of my parents' garden, and while I enjoy all of these, I still think there is nothing better than eating berries and fruit "just so", exactly as they are when freshly picked.
    Do I detect some more of Julie's work on your window sill? :-)

  27. Hubby brought home cherries the other day that are delicious! Yesterday I made a blackberry apple crisp which was fabulous with vanilla ice cream. In Sri Lanka, they actually call avocadoes butter fruit. I eat an avocado just about every day. Love them! Have a good one. Tammy

  28. One cannot have too many berry treats. Enjoy summer goodies.

  29. I am so jealous of your California fruits & berries! I love the fruit & Veggie stands of my youth; everything is so fresh. Plus those prices are insane...maybe I am moving back to CA!

  30. I love fresh locally grown fruit. You guys have such a long growing season, you can have local fruit almost year long. What a great looking farm stand, lots of recipes in the making I'm sure. Have fun with the cookbook!!!

  31. Hi there, Loved seeing Teddy in the sunshine. You are making me miss all the fresh Ca. fruit! I love coming by to visit but you also make me want to come visit our friends in Carmel Valley.
    Enjoy that cool fog-it is muggy and hot here with showers expected shortly.

  32. Lovely photos and your market is irresistible! I love strawberries...yum. Sending my love to you, Teddy and the farmhouse kitties as well as my blessings to the memory of your precious Buddy.


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