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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Farmhouse Kitchen Last Night

last night while waiting for water to boil for corn i took a picture of my celing over my kitchen sink...

my sunflowers are really in full swing...i actually had to cut some to be able to get in the kitchen door...these are in my kitchen

a close-up with the macro lens

growing out by the kitchen door...

i love them as they fade...

my foxglove

my helanium...probably spelled this wrong...i am on an orange flower kick as we head into august....

see TEDDY...see what he has...it's a cob of corn...i went outside to shuck some and as soon as i turned my back...BOOM. somebody grabbed an ear of corn...he shucked it and ate it...not even kidding you .... what ya looking at mom ? i know i am his mom and i think he is REALLY cute...but if you have a minute click for a close up !!!!

i guess i put up the shot over the sink twice... don't know how to erase it so it's staying...

the other day we had lunch at a place in SHELL BEACH called DePalo & Sons. i had the tortelloni salad..and it was GOOD...

i tried to make it for us last night...

kary's tortelloni salad

1 package trader jo's pesto tortelloni

about 1/2 cup feta cheese

about 1/2 cup kalamata olives

about 1/2 cup diced sun dried tomatoes

about 1/2 cup diced red bell pepper

about 1/4 cup toasted pine nuts

olive oil and a splash of white vinegar. don't use balsamic..it turns the salad dark

a handful of chopped italian parsley

a handful of chopped basil

salt and pepper to taste

boil and cook tortelloni till cooked

add to a bowl with all other ingredients

toss and serve

we had bbqed chicken and boiled corn on the cob to go with it

hmmmm...which one for tonight ?

aren't these cute...i got them at michaels the other day...i think i'll make cupcakes tomorrow...

made a stop to the AVILA BARN and got an OLALLIEBERRY PIE...

the perfect finish to the PERFECT SUMMER NIGHT ...


  1. the pie looks yummy. your blooms are beautiful. but teddy just stole the show... :)

  2. Teddy is adorable and my kind of dog-he loves corn what a silly boy!!!!

  3. LOVE your milk glass light, so fun! The flowers are beautiful and the gingham cupcake liners are too cute:@)

  4. Lovely pictures, and recipe... how I love the summertime! :) ♥

  5. Oh yes, you're in heaven right now with all that growing, all those colors, all the harvest and the yummy products. Enjoy.

  6. Dogs are certainly entertaining to say the least.
    The flowers are beautiful and the pie sure looks yummy!
    Susan x

  7. Summer sunflower bash, glorious indeed! Tortellini bliss.

    The redhead Teddy Sweet Boy, is gorgeous! I clicked and was amazed!

    Can you recommend a good wine that is not dry, and a bit sweet?

    Thanks for sharing, I had a blast.


  8. So, first off, I love your pictures! The pasta salad looks ridiculously good, the sunflower with one petal left is so delightful and your foxgloves are gorgeous! I always enjoy the pictures of Teddy, he is such a cutie pie! Xoxoxo

  9. Your photography is gorgeous, the food looks scrumptious, Teddy is adorable and the wine.... Does wine ever look bad?! I have so enjoyed my visit here. I can see the tortellini on my menu really soon. It just screams summer!

  10. Such lovely flowers in your garden Kary - and delicious food on your table, yum, yum. Lesley x

  11. love what you can do with a macro lens. lovely photos, you've been busy!

  12. I love your light and your sign. and teddy is the cutest. I would love to make your salad this weekend.

  13. Sounds like a nice summer supper. I have the same cupcake papers from Michael's. Make sure you double them because if you don't the gingham disappears.

  14. i just love the pic of teddy with his butt in the air. he sure is having fun with the corn. it looks summery even if it is cool! i want fall!!!

  15. Hi there, Loved seeing all your flowers-you take such incredible photos. Wish I could have tortilleni salad, it looks great-all the food looks great. Your Teddy is adorable.
    What a nice visit I've had.

  16. Can't blame Teddy a bit for going for that corn on the cob...yum!

  17. I love that rhubarb sign. That salad looks scrumptious!

  18. yum for corn and tortelloni salad!

    that Teddy is so cute with his corn cob! ha.

  19. Did the salad you made taste as good as the one you had at the restaurant? I am going to write the recipe down and make it. My cousin is always good at figuring out just what the restaurant recipe was and duplicating even the nuances. Maybe you have that same ability!

  20. And just wondering: is the house on the header yours??? Love it!

  21. Are you familiar with Green Wine? It's the first wine of the season, made from green grapes, served young, fizzy, from Portugal...about $7 a bottle it's fabulous!
    Love the photos of Teddy...too cute and the salad looks amazing. I must still be hungry.

  22. Those eyes in that pretty face....Teddy seems to be asking 'Who? Me?'
    That dish looks so yummy!

  23. It all looks so good! The flowers, the wine, the food...even Teddy eating that ear of corn. That just cracks me up!

  24. Teddy is so cute, Kary! As someone before me said, he stole the show! I love your tortellini recipe and the gingham cupcake liner are adorable.

  25. Kary, I just love your kitchen light and the rhubarb sign! They are just adorable!

    I've never heard of "Olallieberry" before! What's it taste like? The pasta salad looks delicious. I see you have a Trader Joe's, don't you love that store! The wine would be a tough pick . . .

    And Teddy, well he's just too cute stealing that ear of corn. Duke like corn too! I only let him bite it as I hold it, otherwise he get's sick. I feel bad when I take it away, but it's too rough on his little belly!

    Went back to the MD's today, and am now on 4 prescriptions . . .

    Have a great weekend!

  26. I can never get my sunflowers to grow so big. They grow about 5 inches and die! Great pics.

  27. Ooohhh...your salad looks delightful, and I'm really wanting one of those pies! I had a dog named Sally who loved corn on the cob. She'd actually go out to the corn field and get it right off the stalk. Teddy is so cute with that guilty look on his face. :)

  28. Oh what a rascal that Teddy is! He must love that fresh corn...hope he had plenty of Dental Floss, hahahaha!

  29. I have not had tortelloni in AGES! By the way, I almost always use balsamico vinegar, I don't mind my salads turning dark and do not find it less appetizing; I guess it's a question of being so used to it.
    The gingham cupcake liners are so cute! I love everything gingham.
    For a while now, I have been wondering about the format of your posts. There are sometimes huge gaps between one line and the next, between one picture and the other. Do you format them like this on purpose, so as to give your readers time & space to ponder over each picture?

  30. Teddy is too darn cute for words! And I just love all your photos; thanls for the peek into your perfect summer day.

  31. The picture of Teddy is Great! so funny that He stole the corn..ha ha

  32. it looks so summery here kary! we will have to look for that restaurant next time we pass through shell beach, we usually stop at the same mexican food place (it's very good too!)

    and now i want to give owen a corn cob and see if he loves it like sweet teddy!

    enjoy the rest of your yummy olallieberry pie!

    xox lori and owen

  33. love your light fixture and those sunflowers!! wow! all the photos are so beautiful, but especially love Teddy taking off with the corn... toooooo funny! what a cute character- and I did click on the photo;) that is some sweet face!!! I, too, am on an oragne flower kick!!
    happy summer to you! and Teddy!!

  34. Wow! So much to comment on!
    I love the kitchen light. The tortteloni looks delicious, Teddy is adorable, I love the flowers, the pie looks yummy, and I don't know a darn thing about wines. So I can't help you there!
    I'm just sorry that only half of your photos were visable on my computer-I know I would've loved the other shot of Teddy!
    Take care.

  35. I love your glorious flowers! They are so beautiful, Kari. It is so funny, but King also loves corn on the cob. Now he does not shuck it, but after I do it for him, he holds it against the floor with his paws and rolls it as he chews on it. I guess we both have Einstein puppies! ;-)

    Blessings to you, Teddy and the farmhouse kitties, my sweet!

  36. haha i do that a lot too- trying to recreate good food that i've eaten outside. don't always work out the same though, but it's still so satisfying (: oh yah and those are some beautiful flowers!!



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