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Monday, May 9, 2011

Around the Farmhouse

i haven't posted in so long i almost forgot how....i don't know what happened to me...just busy i guess.... or lazy is more like it....anyway we got the birdhouse up...and this morning somebody pecked a hole in the front and moved right in ...

i got these white snowball cosmos the other day and they are really putting on a show...

do you see him...there in the foxglove....they haven't bloomed yet...but Teddy just LOVES his garden...

there he is on his lawn...the little toy used to be a ball...he has shredded that pretty good...

looks like we will have a nice little crop of my seek-no-further apples this year...the little tree is covered in blossoms...Teddy LOVES those apples too.

we have the "mommy and poppy" chairs all set up for SUMMER. we love to sit there and watch Teddy play...

just look at that "show stance"...with the tail up in the "full shrimp curl" as we call it....

that's his favorite spot sunning in the late afternoon in mommy's sweet peas...

mr. Handsome...with his firepop toy....

my sweet teddy boy....

jaz at http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/ made pulled pork sandwiches and homemade rolls the other day...it looked so good i had to make it too....

as you can see....the sandwiches were a BIG HIT around here...i just simmered a pork shoulder that had been rubbed with a dry rub seasoning...seared it off...filled the pot with beer and beef stock and let is go in the over at 275 for 4 hours. served the sandwiches with the coleslaw...just like octoberfarm....
guess who LOVES pulled pork ? Teddy.


  1. aw teddy looks like he's having LOADS of fun in the garden!! those pork sammiches look delish :) hope you all are doing well!


  2. Welcome back! It looks like the outdoors will be the star attraction in the next few months. Teddy is adorable, and I can see how much fun he can be.

  3. Looks so wonderful in your neck of the woods! And your pup looks so similar to my husband's childhood dog. Very cut!

  4. Just look at Teddy, he has grown so much! Your sunny garden looks lovely Kary. Have a good week. Lesley x

  5. So wonderful to read you again, my dear friend! And that little guy...how cute is he? Into everything, I see!! You will love watching him during his second Summer. Missed you sweetie xoxo hugs from Rachel & Alice. ps - heard from Charlie's new home...he's in heaven!! And no little girl nagging at him :-) Happiness all round xo

  6. Your garden looks STUNNING! But someone is stealing the show........little sweet face.
    donkey in the pines

  7. Teddy says, "When you've got it, flaunt it!"

  8. I like that bird house !!!

  9. Kary, I wondered when you would surface again. It's nice that you are enjoying the springtime in SLO. Glad the rains seem to have stopped for now. I'm up in West Sac for a few days, visiting son #2 and my lovely daughter-in-law who celebrated their one year anniversary on the 7th! How quickly the year has gone!

    Teddy is all grown up, too! He has definitely staked his claim at the Farmhouse!

  10. Oh, how I have missed you friend and sweet Teddy! Xoxoxo

  11. Mr. Teddy is one handsome boy! Will he be entering AKC shows? The pulled pork sandwich looks delish!!!and your gardens are just beautiful what a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the afternoon sun. Blessings to you my friend, Julie of Dog Trot Farm.

  12. you have been missed...welcome back...so good to see teddy and your garden happenings...thanks for sharing and wandering this way today... -xok.

  13. Teddy's right. Shake it, baby! Lovely photos, Kerry!

    Have miss your blogs!

    Joey and the babies

  14. Hello my friend! I've been remiss with posting as well - it's so good to see little Teddy and all of his special spots around your home and gardens. I love all colors of cosmos and that pot of white ones looks so lovely! We're barbecuing steaks tonight for dinner, the weather has been just glorious! Take care my friend! Ciao, bella! xxoo

  15. loving that Teddy..... we need one of him at our house! Loving seeing spring bloom!

  16. Yeah! You're back! Love, you garden, it is beautiful! It goes without saying that I also love all those Teddy shots! He's such a handsome boy, and groomed and posing for the camera!

    So happy to be back visiting with you!

    Mary & Duke

  17. Teddy's grown since I last saw him, I think. Your pulled pork looks so fantastic, as do your flowers.

  18. Everything looks so beautiful and summery... and Teddy is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen :)

    So glad to see you posting again! ♥

  19. You've been missed. Your return is full of Teddy, one can never get enough of that darling fellow, give him a hug.

  20. Looks like a Fabulous Day! Teddy is so pretty, I love his color and he does stand so nice.You look to be an amazing cook yummo~Cheers Kim

  21. Teddy is living the good life!! He looks like such a sweetie!

  22. Hi again! You have to check out this blog "The Wife of a Dairyman" - would you believe she was in your town, how funny is that!


  23. I wouldn't mind sitting in your sunny garden in one of those chairs and have one of those sandwiches :-D
    (But I'm afraid I would not share mine with Teddy, he he)

  24. Kary - I've been thinking about you lately...

    Love those pictures of Teddy - what a honey! He has made himself owner of everything in the garden, and probably inside your home too.

  25. yeah! a post!!! teddy has the pose down pat! he should be in a show. i love seeing him in his kingdom!!!

  26. I've missed you, glad you're back. Teddy looks so sweet and pretty. Joyce's pulled pork is fabulous. I made it over the week end.

  27. so glad to have you back... love Teddy scouting around and checking it all out and i adore your birdbox... nice work!

  28. So glad you are back! I missed you. Your birdhouse is very cute and how fabulous that somneone has already moved in. I've had a family of titmice in a birdhouse right in front of my kitchen window. Such fun to watch the goings and comings.

    Great pics of Teddy. Love that show stance!

  29. I've never seen pictures of your garden from this vantage point before; I love the look of the neat, symmetrical gravel paths adding order to all the wild plantings. I love gravel paths in general, but what you've done looks especially inviting.

    Teddy really does look like a show dog.

  30. So glad to see you! Teddy looks like he's having fun in your beautiful gardens. :)He's such a cutie!

  31. Dear Kary and Teddy,

    Wonderful photos, and garden, and Teddy! He is so handsome. The show persona must be born in him. How awesome he shares his show side with us!

    Sending love and a ((hug))

  32. hi there! nice to 'meet' you! what a darling pup you have! such a character!

    will enjoy getting to know you better. you've got some gorgeous photos here! :)

  33. Oh Kari, I have missed you so. Thank you so much for stopping over the other day for a visit. I am just now getting caught up on my visits from the weekend. I always seem to be a day or 2 behind. ;-)

    Just look at that handsome Mr. Teddy! I'll bet he drives the females wild with that majestic stance and sweet gaze of his.

    I love your new header. Is that your amazing home? I see you have some gorgeous new photos on your side bar. I just love coming here and leisurely taking a stroll through all the loveliness and warmth your blog portrays! My love to you, Teddy and the kitties. Mina

  34. Hey, you're back!!!!!Hooray!!!
    Welcome back Kary and Teddy, I've missed you!!
    And what a great post, a real Teddy fest, he is so so adorable,thank you for sharing all those lovely photos of him.
    He is such a handsome boy, what a profile! And those melting eyes!
    Your garden is looking beautiful, so many lovely flowers.
    So glad you're back!
    Hugs to Teddy!
    Gill, Logan and Bessie!!


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