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Monday, March 21, 2011

Chocolate Cloud Cookies From Sarabeth

myself, along with mary from ocean breezes and country sneezes and susan from beyond my kitchen window had planned on all posting a recipe out of SARABETH'S BAKERY COOKBOOK for the first day of SPRING. and i missed it. we had some trouble here with the storms that hit california yesterday at Farmhouse Kitchen...but all is well now...so here i am. late. but here nonetheless...

what makes these cookies extra special is their crisp, light, meringue-like texture....

i had a little help from Teddy...that was before his trip to The Golden Paw...i just LOVE his fuzzy face...and that's his buddy Whiskey Sour there...that big furball getting some sun before the rains hit by the kitchen door.

Chocolate Cloud Cookies adapted from Sarabeth Bakery Cookbook
1 1/3 cups superfine sugar
1 1/3 cups packed light brown sugar
16 Tablespoons ( 2 sticks ) unsalted butter, room temperature
3/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 large eggs, at room temperature, beaten
2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon sea salt ( i used Maldon's)
2 cups ( 8 ounces ) toasted, sliced almonds ( i used walnuts )
2 cups ( 12 ounces ) semisweet chocolate chips
1. Position racks in the middle of the oven and preheat to 350 degrees. Line sheets with parchment paper. Beat the butter in the mixing bowl. Add in superfine sugar and light brown sugar. Beat till smooth. Add vanilla and eggs and beat about 5 minutes.
2. Add in flour, baking soda and salt. Do not overbeat. Mix in nuts and chocolate chips.
3. Drop dough onto cookie sheets. Bake 15 to 18 minutes. ( here is the secret trick) about 3 minutes before the cookies are done take them out of the oven and rap the sheet on the counter to deflate the cookies. This will give them their signature cracks. Return to the oven till done. Cool cookies on the pans. Store in an airtight container for up to 5 days. If they last that long.


  1. these look great! and look at those two furry cuties! i love that little milk bottle!

  2. Yum! Now who wouldn't want to eat a cookie called a chocolate cloud? lol! I want some now with my afternoon coffee!

    Teddy is adorable as always. Nugget says to tell him hello!


  3. These look like I need some now. I'm always looking for a new great cookies recipe. Thanks!

  4. They look wonderful Kary!! So sorry that you got hit by the storm but SO HAPPY you all are ok. Teddy Teddy Teddy...oh what a sweetheart that little doggy is!! Darling. Alice got clipped last week too...it's a bit short at the moment, she looks like a shorn lamb! Charlie is about perfect. Thanks so much for the e-mail...I'll reply soon, just been working like the devil (Farmer's Market tomorrow) Love to you dearest xoxo R

  5. Oh. Yum. A tall glass of milk is an essential here.

  6. These cookies are very good..thanks for recipe...I missed you!!!Hugs, Flavia

  7. oooh these look delicious! thanks for sharing the recipe :)

    hope all is well at the farmhouse! sending hugs from all of us xoxoxo

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  9. Ok, Kerry...

    I'm going to bake some cookies. It's been 15 years, but I'm gonna do it. This recipe sounds great, and they look delicious.

    You are going to get me cooking or else. My husband will love you.

    Where did you get that beautiful little thing-a-ma-jig you placed the cookies on?


  10. These cookies look fantastic, I'm going to give them a try. With a name like cloud cookies, you just know they are going to be good!

    Love your milk bottle:)

  11. Oh my...they look wonderful!!!

  12. These look so delicious!!! Happy Spring! Xoxoxo

  13. Are they really light as clouds?
    maybe one could float on over.
    donkey in the pines

  14. Cookies look so yummy - I really need that cookbook!
    Your Teddy is so handsome.
    Having a little giveaway - hope you can drop by for a visit!
    Have a good week.

  15. Yes...quite a storm we had here in CA. Many of my neighbors are still without power. The disaster in Japan helps one to put it all in perspective, however.

    These cookies look delicious! And what a cute picture of Teddy and Whiskey Sour.

  16. Dear sweet Teddy you are one handsome boy. Kary the cookies look oh so delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe with us. Happy Spring to you!

  17. Kary your cookies look so good I can nearly taste them. And Teddy is so sweet looking I can nearly feel him! We were driving our trailer through that horrible storm yesterday it was awful but we are home safe and sound. I've missed you. Lorrie

  18. They look delicious. She really has yummy recipes. So sorry about your flooding. Could Teddy be any cuter and there is nothing like the smell of a freshly pampered pooch.

  19. I am always up for a new recipe for Chocolate Chip type cookies. Milk and cookies are comfort food or also their own food group...mmm...good!

  20. so sorry the weather got you. but boy do those cookies look good. How much fun are you all having? I think I will try those cookies.

  21. I love your milk bottle and those cookies look amazingly delicious. Hugs to your furry loves!

  22. Oh golly--don't they look good.
    Teddy and his friend are sooo cute.

    Good to see you.


  23. So glad to hear you got the flooding from all the bad weather under control, Kary. We may be getting some snow this week.

    These cookies look so light and luscious! I'm keeping the recipe. Sara Beth's Cookbook was nominated for a James Beard Award!

  24. Wonderful photos and excellent recipe. It looks like a good day to be inside. Thanks for the pick me up.

  25. I just love the vintage milk bottle next to the plate of fabulous looking cookies!
    Whenever I see the name of your town it just makes me smile.....and your puppy makes me smile too~

  26. Kary, those sound wonderful. I'll have to bake a batch for my youngest, Jeremy, who just moved from home into his new swanky San Francisco apartment!

  27. These cookies look so delicious, I'll have to chain myself to my desk, lest I wander into the kitchen and start baking instead of studying! ;-)

    I put Sarabeth's cookbook on my wish list.

    Thank you for the recipe,

  28. Devono essere di un buono! Adoro i cookies!!! Un abbraccio
    ps.Teddy è bellissimoooo

  29. ahhh... look at Teddy, he's so adorable... as are those fabulous cookies... i'm not a huge cookie maker but I have been loving the three you ladies have made, really special... here's to a beautiful Spring!

  30. Yeah! I'm so happy that everything is OK! Hope you suffer too much water damage! Duke also sits by patiently waiting for goodies to hit the deck! Your cookies look delicious! I can see why they are so popular. I just love that beautiful potholder. Did you make it?

  31. These look so good, thanks for sharing!

  32. I give up, there is never a good day to start my diet.

  33. Yummy! I've copied down the recipe and will be making these one day soon. Thanks!! :-)

  34. Those look divine. No calories right?

  35. Mmmmm, these look so yummy!
    I must say that Teddy is looking quite handsome--I can't believe how he has grown up so fast! The Golden Paw --I just love that name!

  36. These look great. I saved the recipe to make later this week. They look Yummy.

  37. I wish we lived nearby for many reasons...baking being one of them. It is one of my passions, and I see it's one of yours too!

  38. The cookies look scrumptious!
    Teddy looks so handsome lying there in the sun!
    Sorry to hear you've been hit by bad weather - hope all back to normal now.
    Gill x

  39. These do sound wonderful! I think I saw that this cookbook just won a James Beard award. I must get a copy - these cookies look delicious!

    I love your knitted dish cloths above - especially that cheery yellow. Winter doesn't want to let go here either!

  40. that cutting board!? hello!!!

    Hope your day is lovely, Chedster sends big wags to the Tedster.


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