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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Menu at Farmhouse 2010

Pilgrim Cocktails

Assorted Olives
Celery Sticks with Cream Cheese

Roast Turkey with Rosemary's Sausage and Spinach Stuffing
Giblet Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Acorn Squash Roasted with Butternut Farm Maple Syrup and Cinnamon
Buttered Baby Lima Beans From Windrose Farm
Cranberry Sauce with Nutmeg
Fresh Cranberry Salad with English Walnuts ,Pineapple, Miniature Marshmallows and Limbertwig Apples From Gopher Glen Apple Farm

Parker House Rolls From Carlock's Bakery

Apple Pie with Winesap Apples from Gopher Glen Apple Farm
Cinnamon Ice Cream

Bien Nacido Vineyard Cadre Pinot Noir
Hirsch Vineyards Lulu Canlis Pinot Noir
Littorai Thieriot Vineyard Chardonnay

Apple Cider from Gopher Glen

Dinner is Served at 5 p.m.
All are Welcome


  1. So what time are we sitting down to eat? I'll come hungry!

  2. I'm on my way! Pre-Christmas diet? What's that?

  3. how many hundreds of people are you serving? sounds wonderful!!!

  4. Wow, that puts what I'm cooking to shame. May I come over to your house instead? :)

  5. Oh my! If only you were a wee bit les sthan 3000 miles away!

  6. I'll be there early, in case you need help. Also I can nibble and drink wine early.

  7. Wow - impressive menu - I would definitly show up if you were closer :)

  8. I'm on my way :) Sounds amazing! xoxoxo

  9. Ok-I just found your blog. Thank you for visiting mine :) I am in love--first, I will be there for dinner. Just be on the lookout for a tall girl with a thick southern accent--that will be me. I love the Santa thermometer. I love your fuffy friends. I love your pictures and I could go on and on. I'm hooked!
    Amy :)

  10. Now that's a Thanksgiving Feast. I loved how you posted your menu and that it is in orange, so festive. I too love my cupcake wine. Maybe I'll have a glass with supper. Yummmm...... Do you set your Thanksgiving table the night before?

  11. Yum, my mouth is watering. I've gotta get busy and start my grocery list for the manor festivities!

  12. Dear Kary and Teddy Sweet Face,

    That is a fine menu you have for Thanksgiving! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you and The Teddy!

    Sending love, magnolia

  13. OMgoodness what a menu! I wish I could make it for this feast. Appreciate the invite though.
    Hope your doing well

  14. omg! are you inviting all the bloggers at your table? :-) it all just sound sooooo fantastic! will you share some pictures later on? Kary I just so love love love the new autumn pictures on the side of your blog, all of them, each of them is just a delight!!! thank you so much for sharing! happy days!!

  15. wow what a meal! you're amazing. and I'm still laughing at your comment over at my blog, you have style Kary, 'lear jet', lol. And not one but 2 handsome dates.

  16. The house is going to smell mighty good
    bless the cook

  17. Kary, I wish I hadn't read that menu. If I showed you the diet I am on for thirty days since my disharge from the hospital ( and no alcohol ), you'll see why I am restraining myself to my bed for Thanksgiving. And, of course, this year, I have had so many wonderful invitations for Thanksgiving!!!

  18. I was already hungry....now I'm staving!! Yum yum...count on me being there! :)

  19. Your menu sounds fabulous! I wish I could be there.

  20. oh the butternut squash recipe sounds so good! my mom's family is from vermont and i know what you mean when you say grafton is close to your heart. randolph center is close to mine with so many summer and christmas memories! if it is your habit to share recipes, would you email me with the squash recipe? your cranberry walnut cookies are so new england!

  21. A delicious menu, and a wonderful Hostess!

  22. it sounds just delicious and absolutely perfect:). my mouth is watering!! thanks for thinking of us and for your sweet notes:). Benjamin has decided to stay in there longer than expected, so it's a bit of a waiting game. but he'll be here in time for Thanksgiving- something to be very thankful for:). I'll keep you posted! I wish we lived closer to CA.... we'd be there in a second. It sounds just lovely.

    xoxo to you!!

  23. Oh my goodness! What a lovely dinner! Are you doing all the cooking? That looks like a dinner party I'd like to attend! Thanks for checking in on us, we're fine, just crazy busy. My mom's had some health problems and after she was settled we took a mini trip to Maine to catch our breath and now we're back in the rat race again!

  24. OMG, Kary and I'll get to meet Teddy! I'll take a turkey check! Some day we'll get to meet! xxoo Nancy

  25. Oh dear....wishing I lived closer, because this sounds so wonderful. The wine, the food, the company, etc.... Excellent!

  26. Ooo...that sounds so delicious!

    I need to get busy on my menu plan and grocery list as just today I learned there will be between 7 and 11 more guests! eeek!

  27. Kary, your menu sounds divine! I wish I could visit you and celebrate together.

    My Italian husband always wants a pasta dish for a holiday meal, so I usually make a lasagna or manicotti in addition to the turkey and all the trimmings :) I'm beginning to shop and prepare already!

  28. Sounds delish--Are you doing All of this by yourself???
    What time is dinner?:)


  29. Can I do Thanksgiving at your house, please? :)

  30. I LOVE planning my
    Thanksgiving menu and
    along with the have-to-
    I always like to try at
    least one new side dish.
    It takes days of cooking
    but is always worth it!
    Your menu sounds heavenly!
    xx Suzanne

  31. Love this, I want to know what a Pilgrim cocktail is...Everything sounds delicious! xxoo

  32. you are the master! i always forget the
    hors'douvres but not this year!!!

  33. OH, count me in~
    Just wish we weren't so far apart!
    I love your side Autumn in New England pics. So lovely!

  34. And to think I had a sandwich made w/Rosette de Lyon salami for dinner.

    I shall be there at 5:00 on the dot!

    Kary, I've never heard of Limbertwig apples, are they sweet, tart or both? I shall have to try to find some up this way if possible.

    Your menu is amazing, I will be coming back to look again. Never had cranberry sauce with freshly grated nutmeg, sounds wonderful!

  35. Hi too, to you sweet Teddy!
    xo~Tracie & Zeke

  36. Oh my goodness...now I am hungry! We are cooking for our kids & grandkids here, otherwise I would ask you to set 2 extra plates : ) Everything sounds delicious!

  37. Do you do catering by any chance? Sounds like it will be a lovely Thanksgiving gathering for your fortunate diners! Well done.

  38. 1. Teddy and Whiskey..... beautiful
    2. your Thanksgiving menu...is fantastic
    3. When Have I to arrive for Thankgiving??? :D ..... at the end I would help you to wash dishes!!!! :D

    This blog is really nice....I'm going to follow it...ciao Flavia from Italy

  39. What a menu! I'll be there with bells on.

  40. Oooooooh, that sounds like a fantastic dinner! If I only lived a little closer.....

  41. hey hey hey
    oh yes, that turkey menu looks like an old friend!
    'assorted olives and cashews'
    that will go down nicely with a glass of icy s.blanc.
    thank you *))
    donkey in the pines

  42. I'd give just about anything to be there!!

  43. If we weren't having company for Thanksgiving, I'd be there! Although, California would be a bit of a drive ;)

    What is a Pilgrim Cocktail?

  44. Ok if I start driving by sunday I should be there by Turkey day. Coming from Iowa. LOL Sounds very yummy! San Luis Obipso is a very pretty part of Cali used to live in Sacramento and up around Chico for many years. Still miss it dearly. Okay maybe just the weather! Traci

  45. I am on my way! Everything sounds delicious :)
    Love Morwenna xo

  46. I'm only two hours south of you, I could make the trip! See you on Thanksgiving ;) jk

  47. Hi Kary, what a wonderful menu my friend! I absolutely love how you have so many of the sources of your delicious menu items listed. Including the names of the farms makes everything sound even more seasonal! Your comments on my Decisions Decisions! post were so cute - you really are a delightful lady, and yes, I wish we did live closer too! Give Teddy a little scratch behind his ears for me! Ciao, bella!

  48. Dearest Kary,
    Well, I hope you have a little table set up for Teddy & Alice? Alice says she likes turkey...dark meat, white meat, any meat at all please. & a little bit of skin. Crispy please!
    I'm not so fussy!! It all sounds dreamy, what a perfect day. So wish we had Thanksgiving here, so much to be thankful for after all. Still, maybe we should have our own Thanksgiving feast anyway!! Love to you, sweetness. Not long now til the celebrations!
    Hugs from Alice & Me xoxo

  49. I'll even sit at the little kid's table as long as I get to enjoy your feast! Each dish sounds absolutely fantastic! I'm sure that lucky person who gets to savor your dinner will be talking about it until you invite them back for another sumptuous meal!

    Wishing you, little Teddy, and the rest of your family the Happiest of Thanksgivings!


  50. i better start making my way now! lol Yummy!
    Have a happy thanksgiving., my friend.


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