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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In Search of a Pumpkin

My cousin John is here in San Luis Obispo visiting from San Francisco and we decided to make a day of pumpkin hunting. We did find a pumpkin pie at The Avila Barn. But what we really wanted was a pumpkin.
They had some nice looking end of the season tomatoes and squash. But frankly, I am burnt out on 'em.

We made our way up See Canyon to Gopher Glen and this was the days offerings of apples. I got a bag of Bellflower...one of my favorites ... they smell like apple blossoms in Spring....and a bag of Red and Gold. We tasted the cider..it was really good...but I am waiting to buy that for Halloween night.

We headed down Los Osos Valley Road to Mary's Pumpkin Patch. The sign on the road said OPEN. So we went down the driveway.....

Little Louie the tiny donkey was there......and we petted him.

huh? the pumpkin racks are empty......where is everybody?

we headed out back past the witches trail to the old barn....

and it was there that we struck gold...kinda...we saw the pumpkins but they were behind a locked gate...and no one in sight....quiet, cool and windy...but no Mary. nobody.

we walked the witches trail and this was our view...a field of corn and the mountains looking towards Morro Bay.

another view as we came to the end of witches trail....the yellow and orange in the fields are marigold flowers grown for their seeds....again, the mountains looking towards Morro Bay North

we made a circle and came back to Mary's. That's the Farmhouse where she lives....but no Mary.

Slick the cat was there in the barn...already on the job...seems like he was the only one around.

looked like no pumpkins for us today so we loaded up and headed to Carlocks Bakery in Los Osos to see what they had for Fall...

as we walked into Carlocks this poster caught my eye. I wondered if that would be fun? Probably not for me...you see..i have this really weird thing about guacamole..i have to make it myself and eat it on the spot...i never order it out. how long ago was it made? how old is it? i just can't do it. But i guess i could have a margarita....

Carlocks didn't dissapoint...they had haystacks and Fall leaf cookies....

and just look at those donuts...how often do you see that anymore?

that cute little sign as we walked in the door...

and the BIG SCORE of the day...a donut from Carlocks. That's my cousin John. We see each other about 4 times a year...and when we get together there isn't one moment of silence....we talk on and on......we might not have found a pumpkin that day...but we did find some donuts..and we had a REALLY good time.


  1. John looks Great!
    so does that donut
    donkey in the pines
    with no pumpkins either.......

  2. looks like it was a fabulous day full of delicious treats and good company!

  3. Sorry no pumpkin. But, hey, I'd take a donut any day!!

  4. Did you ever find a pumpkin? I want to get two this year, but we have to wait because of the heat here.

    John looks like a really guy. And by the way? I'm really hungry now, and we nothing sweet in the house. I could make some pumpkin bread. That sounds really good.

    How is Teddy? I just love him.

    Hugs to you!

  5. No pumpkins? See I told you to hang on a minute Ms. Zippy, it's clearly donut and tequila time. Not yet pumpkins. Soon dear one soon.

  6. sounds like a fun day of adventure! pumpkins will be around before you know it

  7. How awful that all those beautiful pumpkins were in prison!!! LOL!!! Hopefully you'll be able to find one this weekend! And it sounds like you had a wonderful time with your cousin!

  8. Glad you had a nice time w/your cousin John. It's always nice to see someone you love, but don't get to see too often.
    It looks like you had a great day in the country scouting the early signs of Autumn.
    I love me a good donut.

  9. Sounds like a very fun trip! And the pumpkins are gorgeous..even if you didn't get to get very close to them! Now, I want a donut! Your cousin sounds delightful!

  10. pumpkins under lock and key? my worst nightmare. i might have had to jump the fence and do some pumpkin filching! what a fun day! did teddy go too? i love the haystacks and leaf cookies.

  11. What a fun outing! I guess pumpkins will happen another day. There aren't any to be had here either, though I did buy a mini-pumpkin last week. Like you, I am looking forward to the big guys.

  12. As always it's a great day when I remember to pop over here and see what yummie finds you have found for the day.

    I have a pumpkin growing in my front yard that I did not plant.

  13. There will be pumpkins soon enough! In the meantime, enjoy your goodies :) ♥

  14. I'm sure it won't be too much longer before those pumpkins are released from their confinement. Fall is in the air! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :) You've made me want a donut!

  15. In my neck of the woods we do something called "Hopping the Fence". Just kidding the best thing to do is wait until your invited. Lovely photos though. I especially like witches trail. Please stop by and visit m brand new blog. It is always exciting to get a new follower. Susan

  16. thanks for sharing your lovely day, enjoyed the photos!

  17. This just makes me want to throw open the windows and put on a sweater. Stunning. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  18. What a Fun day! Now I am hungry and ready for fall.~Cheers Kim

  19. Oh I love the look of those fall leaves cookies! Never seen anything like it. What do they taste like? Are they filled with anything?
    Very nice picture of your cousin. He reminds me (not looks-wise) of my cousin who I met again for the first time after 17 or 18 years when I went to a family reunion in July this year in the South of France. It was as if we'd never been separate, we were rattling on and on and on, about anything and everything, it was marvellous!

  20. hi!
    the pumpkin season is one of my favourites! i have a great recipe for a pumpkin tortino, i will post it soon :)
    have a sweet weekend!

  21. My husband forbade me to grow pumpkins ever again. I grew them one year beside the back door. We could hardly get out that door all through the growing season for the vines. I didn't grow pumpkins this year, but the gourd vines are equally aggressive.

  22. Hi! and that's the most important thing - you had a good time!! thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures :-) happy day!!

  23. Sounds like a fun time! Love this time of year with fall in the air. The scenery in your photos is fantastic!

  24. You're making me hungry!

    The view from the farm is fabulous!


  25. Hi Kary!
    oh your day looked fantastic! i need to get up there and take in all these lovely farms and bakeries. i wonder what was up with the pumpkins though?

    i am so happy fall is on the way, we are finally having a bit of sun here and there, although the fog is sitting just off shore waiting to roll in several times each day.

    i am like you and wonder why there aren't more accidents at the rincon (freeway), people are always stopping on the road or driving while looking backwards!

    owen is wonderful, he is turning into quite the athelete with my husband, he lOVES to run and can go forever, he has a LOT of energy.

    take good care,

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  27. What a fantastic day. Last year I grew pumpkins in my garden and I have to admit now that fall is here, I'm disappointed I didn't do it again this year!

  28. Wish you lived a little closer, I have plenty of pumpkins :-) Diane

  29. This looks like a perfect day to me, especially if you did enjoy that margarita. My daughter has already carved her first pumpkin and it has already melted into mush on my front porch. They'll be more pumpkin trips in my future.

  30. I have a single pumpkin growing in my pumpkin patch.. consider it yours!!!
    Looks like you guys had a good time anyway. Great photos.

  31. you made me think of my cousin john! : ) have i ever told you pumpkin is my favorite??
    what a lovely way to spend time.

  32. I heard it was too warm and dry this summer so pumpkins are scarse! I am sad I love them. No one here has them out either :(
    Glad you had a good time anyway!
    Hugs, Lisa

  33. Whats a haystack? It sounds good. Enjoy the rest of the visit with your cousin.

  34. I love pumpkin patches! Can't believe it's that time of the year.
    Looks like a fabulous day with your cousin.
    Have a good night!

  35. lovely photos-so atmospheric and autumnal!

  36. Looks like you had a pretty good adventure in the end! I have driven through SLO but never stopped. Need to make myt way back up north soon :)

  37. Wowza, jealousy of you day or what...!!

    This sounds like heaven, so much food, im following this blog thanks!!!

  38. I do love the photos. Looks like such a lovely day, despite no pumpkins.

  39. looks like fun! fall is here........yippeee

  40. Yeah! That's what I call happiness :)


  41. What a wonderful outing, Kary, with your cousin! The scenery is so beautiful. I haven't been down that way since my trip in the spring for my CSAIA conference. I think I'll be in India this year at the time of the training so I don't know when I'll get back to SLO. I am so sorry we didn't get to meet back then.

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