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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where Teddy Sleeps

This is our bedroom and it is where little Teddy sleeps...right up against the middle pillow. When I look out the window my view is of a 110 year old Farmhouse on Church Street here in San Luis Obispo.
That is little Teddy's baby bear and a bacon flavored chewie.

I saw this lamp post on QVC (my favorite t.v. station) and ordered it the other day. It is solar and comes on when the sun goes down...and I LOVE it. It sits right by the door coming in from the garden to the kitchen. And YES ! I got out my scarecrow. I got him 2 years ago at Michaels and I just couldn't bear to toss him out after the season. So I saved him. And brought him out the other day. He is tattered and worn...but I just love him.

Went to Miner's Hardware yesterday and just couldn't pass up these zinnias. They look so mid-summer to me.


I set the flowers up on an old table by the side of the kitchen door.

I LOVE this old apple box. I have had it for years. Holiday Apples from Lynn, Mass.


  1. no wonder teddy sleeps there. it looks perfect. and i see fall creeping out all over! i started painting embossed pumpkins today. and it is 93 degrees!

  2. I would say that Teddy is living a dog's dream of a happy life.

    Your flowers are lovely, summery and happy looking.

    Great solar light and how neat that you are enjoying your scarecrow.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer.


  3. I love that apple box!!! Your bedroom looks super pretty, I know that Teddy is loving life.
    Your flowers look beautiful!!!!
    Have a great Friday

  4. forget teddy, i want to sleep there!! looks soothing and inviting about now...feel the afternoon slump coming on!
    your photos are great...zinnias and sunflowers just scream summer...love it...

  5. My poodles are allowed to sleep in my bed too, I think we share the same kind of love to our dogs :)

  6. Oh, Teddy's not spoiled. :)
    Flowers are very pretty.


  7. It looks like Teddy sleeps in the same place that Penny sleeps.

  8. What a happy bed for him! It is so fun to snuggle!! Molly has her days and 3 beds besides mine to use!! Cute post!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. Teddy has got it pretty darn good if you ask me! Eats well and sleeps pretty well I'm sure! xxoo Nancy

  10. Sending a sweet hello to you and Teddy!! What a lucky little puppy he is! Your flowers look beautiful and that lamp is just wonderful! What a good idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. I too wish you lived around the corner!!! Ciao, bella!

  11. I love Teddy's little sleeping spot... so cozy :)
    And the scarecrow is absolutely adorable! So looking forward to autumn ♥

  12. talk about spoilt he is a lucky puppy!!! I was just deciding today to go and get some colour in pots ready for spring even though it's still 2 months away. Oh well no harm in trying

  13. Zinnias, scarecrow, apple box, Teddy's treasures...such a collection of fun. I especially like that lamp post. In fact, I want one. QVC, here I come!

  14. i love your bedroom, it seams that teddy is quite comfortable there!
    your flowers are also very beautiful!
    have a sweet weekend,

  15. That apple box is lovely! And the lamp is clever, we´ve got those too. :-)

  16. Charming pictures. I like your bedroom.

  17. OMG, our bedroom comforter is very similar to yours! Love the zinnias - such a great shade of red.

  18. right smack between those who love him
    nothing better
    Love your scarecrow...
    and I think I will go out today and rescue a few plants on the clearance rack..good idea..loving something and nuturing it to bloom again!

  19. Hi Kary, You won buttons! Please send me your mailing info! Hi Teddy! xxoo Nancy

  20. All looks lovely in and around the blue farmhouse.

    Wonder why peeks into anothers life is so refreshing?

    Did Teddy dig his meatloaf? I would have loved it.

    xoxo Jane

  21. Little Teddy has a snuggle bear! How sweet! He has his own place in bed and a soft pillow. He is so blessed to be with you.

    Love the flower and scarecrow!

    Sending love & huggies, magnolia

  22. Yes, I checked out the lamp post on QVC and I am mulling over whether to buy it or not. I am sure I would love it, and -how nice- three easy payments. If I decide to spring for it, I know just where it is going to go.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  23. Of course, that's where Teddy sleeps! Winslow likes to either sleep between us or by my feet, which really shortens the bed for me. He's a good bit bigger than Teddy. In the summer, though, he gets too warm and sleeps mostly on the floor. Love those flowers!! Hugs, SIlke

  24. If I had that apple box I would keep it forever and ever. It's just the sweetest.



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