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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Teddy's Turkey Meatloaf

I wanted something old fashion for supper tonight and decided on making turkey meatloaf. And I'll tell you the whole truth...I even bought a can of gravy to go with it. Yep. Canned. It's Campbell's. Making steamed spinach with butter and couscous too. And somebody (Teddy) loves turkey. So I made a baby meatloaf for him without the onions in it. I hope he likes it.
I got my first issue of Taste of Home magazine today. I subscribed. Gourmet went under and I am not in the mood for Food and Wine magazine these days. Just looking for comfort on the farm. And I think this will fit the bill nicely.

These are sitting on my drainboard. Aren't they beautiful They are the Rainer variety. They are almost as big as apples. Teddy likes them too. I bite off a piece and give it to him. The season is so short so I better get them in while they are here...because before I know it...they will be gone.
Turkey Meatloaf .... Teddy-Style
1 lb ground turkey
1 carrot, diced
2 celery ribs with tops and leaves, diced
1/2 yellow onion, diced fine
1 big handful italian parsley
(here is the farmy part)
a package of meatloaf seasoning mix
about 3/4 cup bread crumbs
1 egg
a splash of water
Mix all together
Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes


  1. Mmm!! Comfort food! That little Teddy sized meatloaf is too cute. I'm sure he'll be in doggy comfort food heaven!

  2. i like that magazine - they have a lot of different food themes

  3. i adore meatloaf, and that recipe looks divine.

    my grandmother and i used to flip through the
    'taste of home' magazine, deciding which recipes
    would be delicious and laughing at the darling
    things 'kids say' at the back.

    thank you for reminding me of a sweet memory.
    guess i should subscribe, too.

  4. That is cute about Teddy liking cherries.
    Emma eats (are you ready?) Cucumbers, watermelon and stole a red pepper I was chopping the other day and went galivanting off into the sunset.
    Taste of Home! Reminds me of you know who.....

  5. dear kary,

    i don't usually pop right back, but that made
    me smile. :)


  6. i like taste of home and buy it often. what a lucky little fellow teddy is! i bet he loved the meatloaf. our rainier cherries still look awful. i used to get the really big ones when we lived in canada.

  7. hi there...visiting from soul aperture...so glad i found you!

  8. Teddy you are such a lucky little boy to have such a loving and thoughtful momma. I know in return you offer such comfort and joy, you are Kari's little blessing. Oh, and Winslow Homer says to try cherry tomatoes, his personal favorite.

  9. What is is about "comfort food?" Even in the summer we crave comfort. This sounds delish and I love Teddy's liitle one.


  10. Yum! I love Taste of Home recipes. Give Teddy a hug for me ♥

  11. Hey, we had turkey BURGERS last night! It must have been the eve of ground turkey :)

    I bought bakery-style buns, seasoned the paties with crumbled feta, garlic, onion powder and S&P.

    Then I topped each burgers with a spicy peach preserves mustard sauce, sliced fresh peaches, toasted walnuts, and fresh spinach.

    They were superb!

  12. yum!! i bet teddy just LOVED that! roxy is officially jealous ;)

  13. You are back to normal, dear Kary, and I realize I am not keeping up with your many blog posts! This meatloaf looks delicious! So cute that you made a little one for Teddy. Winslow often gets a piece of what we are eating if it's good for him... He'd love a meatloaf all to himself! Love, Silke

  14. Teddy's meatloaf looks delish....and I'll be he enjoyed it too! Makes me hungry.

    I love Rainer cherries and the season is way to short!

    Sending love and hugs, magnolia


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