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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's In My Kitchen Today

Hey Teddy..are you asleep on the job today in mama's kitchen?

My first mum of the season getting it's drink in my farm sink
Every time I buy cherries i think to myself..is this the last bag..but we just keep on going..that darling little plate is from my dear friend, julie whitmore of julie whitmore pottery

Went to our local organic grocery store yesterday and got this beautiful bottle of california olive oil. and a bottle of pinot noir

We are bbqing again tonight..one is for teddy

How could i pass this up?

my sweet little dande girl...see all of teddy's chewies?

There he is..see that tail? always straight up

I just can't take my eyes off of him...look at that sweet face...

Scored this at Michaels yesterday for a dollar on the grab rack table..cute, huh? you can never have too many recipe boxes, can you? they have Fall in there too. you know i got some candles and Fall leaf window clingers. i have a thing for window clingers...probably cause i wanted them so bad as a child and there was no way mom was buying window clingers. i am making up for lost time...big time

Needless to say...i LOVE LOVE LOVE this plate. somebody else must have too. it has a repair at the top. i have it hanging on my wall in the kitchen. it makes me HAPPY

I collect any plates i can find that have turkeys on them. that Fall thing and all.


  1. Such lovely pictures! I can't get over how adorable Teddy is; he's truly the cutest! I have to make a trip to Michaels ASAP-- I'm in dire need of an autumn fix right now! ♥

  2. teddy is soooo cute!

    I was so excited today because my mom had mad an amazing bbq sauce last night so she had bbq pulled chicken... just what I was craving after your last post!... so when I went to see her she gave me some, I was in bbq heaven!

  3. i LOVE that plate! teddy has the cutest face and a really BIG steak waiting for that little guy! our teddy's are lucky puppies! my teddy just ate a frosty paw. she gets one every evening. have you given those to teddy yet? they are in the freezer section of the grocery store. we are back up to the high 90's with horrible humidity. i am almost living in my pool now. it makes a big difference. as of today we are 100 days away from halloween!

  4. Dear Kari,

    Lovely post, pieces of your life, a wonderful sharing!

    Teddy Sweet Face brightens the space wherever he is!

    xxx magnolia

  5. you are making my heart yearn for fall.
    108 heat index today.

    i love the photos of your sweet teddy. :)

  6. Love the Starbucks....heehee!

  7. Kari, sweetie, it's been so long since I stopped by the farm for a visit. So, wonderful to see you are back in the swing of things again.

    I was thinking the same thing about the cherries at the market this morning.... One of our favs.


  8. I love the turkey plate (and Teddy :) and now I wish fall was here. Soon.

  9. Marley is a Tzu poo. She's black and white. Her cousin is an older version of Teddy, but not as beautiful. I wouldn't dare tell my sister-in-law that!

    I saw your toes peeking of that photo!

    I'm in love with these tiny dogs... Marley is a.... thunderball. She belongs to my daughter, but she is with me all of the time. She sleeps with me and dances with me too.

    I collect Roosters and Chickens. I couldn't stand having to get the eggs on farm because I was afraid to get pecked, but now... I adore them. Not enough to have REAL ones. That is for sure.

    I love your plates, and the fact that you will give Teddy something special to eat.

    You're my kind of friend.

  10. hello dear:).

    my, my, teddy just gets cuter and cuter:). i love the mini tour of your kitchen... it makes me very excited for fall, perhaps because of the turkey on the plate and the pie on the recipe box:).

    your dinner looks de-lish! teddy is one lucky pup! and the pinot noir----- perfect!

    enjoy your dinner!!


  11. Love that photo of Teddy looking up - what a sweetie he is!

  12. I love coming over to your blog!
    Everything is so pretty!
    Teddy is s adorable! I love seeing your kitties!
    A visit here just makes me feel happy!
    XOXO - Cindi & Louie

  13. adorable shots of a great life. :) *waves at teddy too*

  14. how cute teddy loves to help in the kitchen ;) that recipe box was a great find!! how fun!

  15. Look at his sweet face...and look at your sweet toes! LOL!

    Dinner looks yummy!

  16. Love the new header photo; very nice and Teddy is AAAdorable, as always.

  17. Teddy's adorable...that sweet little face! It's so hot here that your post with the mention of fall was totally refreshing....and I'm definitely going to have to check out my local Starbucks to see if they have this coffee here yet. Somehow the lucky west coasters get the goods sooner than us. Enjoyed your photos. Have a great weekend!

  18. Time is flying -- where is the summer going?
    I saw those recipe boxes the other day--they
    are cute.

    Happy Friday.


  19. The cherry plate with the ladybirds would make THE perfect birthday present for my mum...!! I think I must get in touch with Julie in time for next year.
    And I absolutely love the yellow chair!

  20. I love to see the photos from your kitchen. Teddy is a lucky dog to be by your side every day. You have a lovely cat too.

  21. A whole piece of steak for Teddy? What a lucky pup! Does the little kitty get something from the bbq too? xxx

  22. What a fun tour of your kitchen. Teddy is just adorable! I love that plate, too!

  23. I've seen Starbucks coffee in our grocery store and purchase it once in a while. Have not seen that particular packaging though, but then we are rural so it may take time for it to get to our little world.


  24. Oh, and Hey! Love the red barn!!

  25. I am still very much in a summer mode, but you're getting me thinking "fall". It'll be here soon.

  26. Lovely pictures and so precious moments of a blessed life =) It's wonderful to see Teddy in your kitchen :) Soooooo cute !

    Sending love,


  27. Love your post and thanks for your comment on my Handmade Christmas Challenge. Look foward to you joining in and seeing what wonderful crafty things you make or find.

  28. Was Teddy taking a little snooze! Too cute, Kary! xxoo Nancy

  29. i dont know if was the barn, the steaks, or that turkey plate, but count me in. i'll follow you...xx

  30. Isn't michaels the BEST!!!!!
    Teddy is way to cute!!!!
    I am so happy that and Teddy are doing so well.

  31. Hello sweet Kary! Oh my goodness, Teddy has grown SO MUCH and is adorable!! And that turkey plate...SWOON. Love it!

    Boston is the sweetest and we can't wait to bring him home! We only met him once and miss him already, isn't that crazy? I keep hoping I remember how to raise a puppy once he's here. All that peeing, pooping, and playing! :)

    We are hoping Boston will distract us from the fact that we have had no luck with a baby up until now. He will be our little baby for a while. :)

    Glad to hear you are doing so well, and that Teddy has brought so much joy to your lives!

    Thinking of you...


    p.s. great new blog banner! that building is so beautiful!

  32. Oh, what pretty precious pictures, Kary! The cake in your previous post is just too cute!
    Wishing you a lovely new week. xx


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