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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Redemption Night

Do you see it there? That big piece of rib eye on the bone. Got to make up for last night. OMG. Those ham croquettes were a LOSER. Not good. I even made the white sauce to go with them. I think I made things worse. So this morning I am at Scolari's Market by 7 ... I went for bread..but as I passed the meat case this little beauty caught my eye. I just couldn't pass it up.
So I just went to the garden and picked some rosemary, chopped it and rubbed the meat with the rosemary , olive oil and my pink sea salt. I will roast it in the cast iron skillet, take it out when it is done and put some Yorkshire pudding batter back into the skillet to bake. Using the recipes out of my beloved and adored Mary and Vincent Price cookbook. Serving fresh spring peas on the side. Dessert is the leftover shortcakes that I made for Easter with blackberries and cream.
In the picture of the pink tulips...do you see the box on the floor? That's the box that the baby gate that I got for Teddy came in. Whiskey and Dande love it. So it's theirs for now.


  1. Kary,

    OMG -Do not let my husband see that beautiful cut of beef. And Yorkshire pud. You live right girl!


  2. Fore Street Restaurant, step aside.
    I'd rather dine at Kary's!
    Donkey in the pines

  3. Oh my goodness shortcakes with blackberries and cream can anything be more delightful?! I don't know if I ever mentioned this in any of the comments I left you recently but Country Living Gardener was one of the best magazines ever, oh how I miss it. I still have some issues in my little garden house. I wish it would come back, I learned so much from that wonderful magazine.

  4. Glad the ham is gone. Sounds like you are getting right and ready for little Teddy.

  5. Just when I think I've seen it all from you...you go one step further...: )yum

  6. Kary my dear husband just read your blog over my shoulder, may I add, and wanted to know what time dinner was being served! You put me to shame.

  7. Your last blog said you were coming to Riverside. That's close to where I live! Between Riverside and Palm Springs. I know you will be busy picking up Teddy but, if you ever have time the town of Beaumont has lots of antique stores. Right now there should be lots of flowers blooming out in Anza. So exciting to be getting a new puppy!!!

  8. Oh my dear Kary! I LOVE everything about this post! That rib eye, the scribbling in the much loved and much used cookbook, the lived in photo of your home... exquisite!

  9. Mmm...I'm drooling! We still have the baby gate up and our Ralphy has been gone over two years. Sigh. We attached it to the wall, and painted it the same color, so it's staying until we paint again, which is hopefully some time soon!

  10. sorry about the ham! but yum, a cowboy cut? delish!

  11. Yum, everything looks great!

    Vincent Price, the actor, made a cookbook?! :p

  12. My husband was a Yorkshire lad, and when he was still alive, he often made Yorkshire pudding for us on a Sunday. Two weeks ago, I made them myself for the very first time - of course based on the little yellow sticky note with his handwriting that still sticks to the inside of one of my kitchen cabinet doors.
    They came out so well, and I think Steve would have been proud of me!
    My sister was my dinner guest on that Sunday, and so we were chatting and I wasn't taking any pictures, but I am probably going to post a "Yorkshire Pudding for Dummies" blog entry at some stage.
    Five months yesterday since Steve died.

  13. I saw that box before reading the text, and thought at once "That'll be the cats' latest toy".....

  14. hehe...your husband might just request ham croquettes more often so he can have this as payback the next day! my whole family is following the lil' teddy pics!

  15. Too bad about the ham croquettes! They sounded so good, too.

    Your ribeye looks fantastic! I hope it was delicious!

  16. I love using my cast iron enamel pot to cook roasts in the oven. It's fabulous, putting supper in the oven at 10 in the morning and knowing I can work right up until the last minute and then EAT -grin-. Slow cookers are good but my cast iron pot is great!

  17. you are kidding! stephen and i had ribeye steak last night as well! yours sounds delicious :) i love that you're keeping the box around for whiskey and dande :) so much fun

  18. Glad to see you are slowly getting back into the swing of things. Take it slow.

    Just look at all I've missed here. So glad to be back home.

    Just trying to catch up on all. So much reading to do today.

    Kate - The Garden Bell.

    P.S. Did you miss me?...he-he..

  19. Kary, That rib eye looks like it was delicious! I have had that same cookbook for a long time now. Vincent Price and his wife were excellent cooks, and have such an interesting story. I love to read about the old restaurants.
    ♥, Susan

  20. The first cooking thing I ever really messed up in my life was ham croquettes. With the white sauce. Terrible. Never again.

    I turned a BBQ chicken into charcoal last night...one has one's moments.

  21. Oh my, I just received that cookbook from my aunt who was moving to Florida to live with her son.
    There are so many great recipes in there and I love the sixties photos. My Aunt Rose was an amazing cook and I well remember every great meal she served us! The steak looks yummy!


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