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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting Ready For Teddy

Today is one month since I lost Buddy. And I don't even remember March. One whole month. Gone in a haze. But I am trying to move forward and in doing so have started to get ready for little Teddy. Right before Buddy died I had started taking knitting classes. And I loved it. I was working on a pair of fingerless gloves. But needless to say, after he died, I lost interest in everything. Even eating. So the other day I walked into town and picked up this organic cotton yarn. I turned on You Tube and took a knitting lesson right here on the couch. I wanted to learn the seed stitch. And all it is is knit and purl. So I am knitting Teddy a little blanket to put in his basket for the ride home. So as I pass the time waiting to bring home the new baby lamb of love, I will knit. And dream of happier days to come.


  1. Good for you knitting again. I can`t wait to see a picture of your Teddy. His basket looks just divine!

    Bless you,

  2. What a gorgeous stitch! And I'm SO envious! I would love to learn to knit, and have tried teaching myself numerous times, but remain a fumble fingers. I can embroider, sew, cross stitch, but knitting and crocheting continue to allude me.

    I love the basket too! What a lucky pup to have his first adventure in beautiful, loving conveyence!

    I've been told by experts that knitting is good for relieving stress, and is an excellent healer, one stitch at a time. I think that it was meant for you to learn how, so that when Teddy inspired you, you could easily pick it up again, learn a new stitch, and start creating a new love between the two of you.

    Wishing you much love & laughter in your new journey!

  3. That is going to be the most beautiful blanket, it looks so lovely already. Teddy is one precious little love. I doubt he'll stay in that basket for long though. I bet once he's in your arms it will be hard to put him down. Thinking of you.

  4. omg....does this little red puppy have any idea how much he is about to be loved???i remember picky teddy up and hugging her and telling her she just won the puppy lotto! she would cry when anyone except me picked her up. at first she also hated riding in the car. i always drive. my husband is just not a very good driver. we went all the way to michigan to get her. i had to sit and hold her and let him drive the whole way home. both teddy and i cried the whole time he drove. not really but i think i screamed a few times!!!

  5. I have been a bad blog reader for months while we were on the road and only just found out about Buddy..I am so very sorry. And so pleased that you have a new friend in your life.

  6. what a lovely way to pass your time
    and heighten your anticipations.
    looking forward to photos of teddy.

  7. Waiting impatiently for pictures :-) love that yarn!

  8. I love the little blanket and I'm sure Teddy will, too. I think your new little bundle of fur will be such a joy for you and help you heal. I can't wait to see some pictures of Teddy!

  9. May GOD bless you in the waiting!

  10. Teddy's blanket looks so soft and cuddly, just like I am sure he will be. I have always wanted to learn to crochet, but never thought of You Tube. Great idea!

  11. How gorgeous Kary! He'll feel at home right away, I know it. I remember bringing Alice home...it was 120 miles...she curled in my lap & was SO good, even though she was carsick twice. We broke the journey at my cousin Emma's house which was a good move - she stretched her 8 week old legs and had some cool water. We made it! And she's always been brilliant in the car. Those first few weeks are a blur of early mornings & answering every whimper, aren't they? I wouldn't swap them for anything, though. Puppies are one of the biggest joys in life, I think - and grown dogs are another. The love & happiness that dearest Buddy found & gave will be passed on to Teddy...lucky, lucky little boy xoxoxo all our love from Alice-the-shorn-lamb & me xoxoxo

  12. Teddy sounds perfect .... and your blanket is going to make him feel really at home .

  13. What a beautiful blanket it will be...I can't wait to see pics of little Teddy : )

  14. I think that is such a sweet idea! puppies in a basket are also a sure way to smile!!! happy you found a little light to brighten your day!

  15. Happier days WILL come! I promise!
    Stay strong.
    Thinking of you. Wishing I could dry your tears in person.

  16. i am here from homestead revival becuz the name of your blog intrigued me-i can't resist anything "farmhouse kitchen". :)
    I am so sorry to hear about your dog. pets are so dear to our hearts, aren't they?
    i can't wait to look around your blog-your pictures are gorgeous! is that your house at the top? it's delightful.
    so nice to meet you kary!
    from joanna in far northern ca. (shasta county)

  17. Dearest Kary, thanks for stopping by at my blog! Teddy's homecoming sounds perfect....I remember all the places you talk of, Edna Valley is where I saw my first, miraculous hummingbird! And Avila Beach, we loved it there. I don't think it's sad to honour Buddy this way at all - in fact, I think it is entirely fitting to celebrate his life and Teddy's new one in this way. I remember the first time we saw Alice, 4 weeks before we picked her up (eyes only JUST open, legs so wobbly...) I don't think I slept one night properly from then until we picked her up (and for a few nights after that!) so excited was I! And the wondrous thing about dogs is that you feel that excitement when you come home to them EVERY time for the rest of their life don't you? With all our love & so looking forward to the baby...Alice-with-the-Easter-ribbon-in-her-collar & me xoxox

  18. Dear Kary,

    Thrill, thrill, the exicitement of a new precious.

    Knitting, well I must say I be impressed, and wanting to learn the seed stitch. It has been years since I attempted such. You are an inspiration! :))

    Knitting Tedday a blankie. Love it! This is so much fun.

    Glad to see you stepping out!

  19. Good for you, onwards and upwards.

  20. I love that sweet basket at your feet, waiting for little Teddy.

  21. What a wonderful person you are; I really missed hearing from you!
    That idea of knitting your new baby a blanket truly touched me♥ He's so blessed to be entering such a loving family.
    Sending countless hugs your way...

  22. Teddy will feel so loved right from the start!
    Your knitting looks oh so precious.

    I am so sorry to have not been around when you were in your greatest need. Ever since school started am t under a severe lack of time.
    Warm hugs,

  23. Oh, lucky little lamb indeed ( I'm glad you came to your senses and realized what species Teddy really is). You might be the sweetest woman I have never met but feel I'm beginning to know quite well.

  24. I'm glad to hear you're getting better, dear friend. You have too much love inside your heart.

    Buddy has already his special place inside your heart and this will last forever. I'm sure when you look at Teddy's eyes for the very first time you'll feel the miracle of love again in your life like Spring coming after a hard Winter ...

    God bless you, God bless your new baby and remember you're always in our thoughts :)

    Happy Easter !!!!

  25. Oh I am so glad you have some fun things to do to get ready for your new little one! It is nice to turn around the sad times. I know you will always have a spot for Buddy but Teddy will have one too!
    Hugs, Lisa

  26. What a wonderful way to spend the time as you wait for little Teddy. He is going to be such a spoiled baby it will be so much fun.

  27. Don't be surprised if Teddy pulls and yanks at the stitches and reduces your beautiful blankets to pieces. He'll have fun, though. And you'll rejoice at all his energy.

  28. it looks beautiful! and very healing

  29. dear kary,

    knitting is a perfect way to heal your heart and create a thing of beauty. teddy is going to love that blanket, we gave owen one also (actually 2, he adopted another one that he loves also!)
    youtube was a great idea, and if i could help at all don't hesitate to ask (you could even call).
    bless buddy and teddy and you,
    love lori and owen

  30. Kary - a great coincidence; I'm taking a knitting class. I am so glad you have a basket all ready for the little guy. You will feel happy when he arrives at your house. I'm glad you posted. Good to see you again my friend.

  31. That is very sweet. We can see how much you love him already. I know you can't wait to get him home!!
    Happy Easter

  32. my dear friend,
    i'm terribly sorry for buddy and so happy for teddy! i've lost my loved kutten few months ago and i know what does it mean...
    wish you all best for easter and please show us more pics of teddy as soon as possible!
    many hugs,

  33. Your knitting is beautiful. I have been thinking about knitting for a long time. I will send you an email with picture of Nibbles as soon as I get my computer back. I am using my daughter's computer while mine is being fixed. Love, Shari

  34. Dear Kary,

    Easter is my favorite holiday. I am still a kid at heart and love bright pastel colors of candy, foil wrapped eggs, colored eggs, cellophane, peeps, green basket grass, ham and potato salad (tee,hee), plush stuffed animals, I love it all.

    Spring vegetables yellow squash, zucchini, pumpkin...daffodils (my fav's), yellow glads, hydrenga, tulips, crocus, so much Spring, so little time. Sigh...

    Thinking of you all as you/we wait for the arrival of Teddy love.

    Sending love and healing thoughts!


  35. Here's a funny, I think you've added new pretties to your side bar, Eastery stuffs and a different picture of Buddy love.

    Almost didn't say anything because sometimes I'm not very observant, well, I mean I look but don't really see. If you understand this sentence I'm worried about both of us. :)

    What I wanted to say is I like the pretties.

    Possibly a very confused, Magnolia

  36. i put that post up especially for you so you could see how quickly my heart healed when i got teddy. i swear it is the way it is supposed to wok!

  37. I have an AWARD for you come by and visit.

  38. dear kary...
    i am doing some overdo reading to catch up on my favorite blogs and have just read your latest news and i am so so sorry.... it is so difficult to lose a treasured friend. i have not had a dog in years but when my grandmother died we took her dog "dutch" and just LOVED her to pieces and then one day she was gone and i will never forget that feeling... they are part of the family... i will pray that you gain comfort and strength... xoxo

  39. I'm so happy that you're busy with Teddy plans and knitting him something with so much love!


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