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Thursday, February 11, 2010

You're Invited To A Valentines Tea Party

Strap on your snowshoes everybody and come on over. Farmhouse is throwing a Valentines Day Tea Party. And everyone is WELCOME !

Where: My Farmhouse Kitchen

When: Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time: 3 o'clock or till the biscuits run out


Pink Champagne
Cherry Blossom Tea
Strawberry Lemonade
Ginger Ale

Lemon Squares
Angel Food Cake With Raspberries and Strawberries
Butter Biscuits
Jumbleberry Jam from last Summer's Berries
Busy Day Cake
Red Velvet Cupcakes with Pink Icing
Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies with Pink Sprinkles

All doggies are cordially invited and encouraged to attend. Valentine treats and fresh water will be available. Party favors include a tiny heart shaped cookie made by Buddy with love

Each one who attends will receive a party favor bag of emergency biscuits to take back home.

Overnight accomadations will be available for those who's plans are canceled due to snow.

Carriage rides will be available around Farmhouse for those spending the night
Hot chocolate will be provided. All dogs are welcome on the ride. Plaid blankets to wrap up in also provided

Each bedroom has a fireplace , robes and quilts...extra firewood is stored downstairs by the back door. Please help yourself.

The kitchen is open all night to anyone

Breakfast and tea will be served in the morning

Please R.S.V.P. at My Farmhouse Kitchen

Hope to see everyone there


  1. Oooh, don't I wish! Sounds wonderful, my friend1


  2. ah that sounds so fun...oh gosh your sidebar is making me VERY HUNGRY FOR SWEETS

  3. why, oh, why do I live so far away from you?!? This sounds like absolute heaven! Then again, if I did live close, you may never get rid of me seeing as nobody ever really wants to leave their heaven!!! Have so much fun and enjoy for me too!

  4. I'm coming. I'll bring the flowers!

  5. What a treat! A gorgeous feast! I am getting my magic carpet out so I can come!

  6. Hey Kary, I love all of the goodies that you've been making for Valentine's day. The pictures on your sidebar are stunning!

  7. Virtual party, right? Count me in! It sounds so lovely. I think I'll plan right now to be snowed in and stay for breakfast! LOL! What a wonderful idea, Kary! :)

  8. What a charming idea! and what a menu! owen and i will love to be there. isn't blogland a wonderful place for an everyones invited teaparty?! we'll bring the sunshine and some music.
    see you then my friend!
    ♥ lori

  9. I think you just described my dreams of dreams! I cannot express how perfect that sounds!
    Lord only knows how much I wish I could attend♥

  10. Oh lovely...see you on Sunday.

  11. What beautiful, yummy treats....you are truly amazing....I totally wish I could be there...

  12. what can we bring? ;) Luna will be dressed in her finest.
    have you thought of opening a B&B?? not sure why i think this, but i have a feeling you'd be quite a lovely hostess;)

    blair (and miss luna)

  13. Oh you just know Kiki and I would be there in a heartbeat.
    You'll have lots of fun...take pictures! :)
    I miss you...even though we've never met, I miss you...
    Love, Dawn

  14. Oh, how I wish I wasn't 3,000 miles away. You provide a very cute and cozy atmosphere - love it!

  15. Sounds lovely, I'll bring my matching teacup, and of course the dogs maybe they will behave themselves in your magical world.

  16. I'll be there with bells on. The carriage ride, cozy fire, tea party and breakfast in the morning ... Awesome. P.S. Nibbles the poodle also accepts your kind invite.

  17. Hi, dear friend !!!

    I have an award for you !!!!! Stop by and grab it :)

    Your blog is simply... LOVELY !!!


  18. I'll be there and can't wait to try out all your yummy treats. Pink Champagne? Strawberry lemonade? YUM!
    You are a dear! Happy Valentine's weekend xox

  19. Hate to repeat myself, but it looks as though my comment didn't "take". I accept your invitation along with Nibbles the poodle. We will be looking forward to your party.

  20. awww....I wish! I wish I wish! And I just saw your Valentine's foods - maine lobster! I want it! :) xxx

  21. Alice & I have great pleasure in accepting your kind invitation. China may pop along later...she's gone back to her Mum's for the weekend, but will be back late on Sunday so may grace us all with her oriental beauty! I will bring: english tea, a plate of brownies, extra dog biscuits - heart shaped & flavoured with cheese - pots of clotted cream, Tiptree Little Scarlet strawberry jam & a big bunch of cream roses tinged with pink for our glorious hostess....counting the moments!! With love & dreams...Rachel & Alice xoxox

  22. What a lovely invitation, Kari...I will absolutely be there in spirit.
    ♥, Susan

  23. Dear me, I would love to come. Wonderful invitation and fabulous menu...it will be great fun for all who attend. Wishing you all a wonderful tea party and Happy Valentine's Day.

  24. Oh, yes! I agree with B-mused! You should open a B&B! Justin and I would come stay!

  25. How delightful! I shall be there in a swish of a lambs tail!
    Love Morwenna xo

  26. What fun! Thank you for the invitation! I'll be there and bring some romantic opera arias an CD to play and some fabulous wines from the North Fork of Long Island to ssvor.

    ♥ hHappy valentine's Day! ♥

  27. I will be there, too. Everything looks so delicious and elegant!

  28. Sounds like a wonderful time...and I especially love how you included the doggies!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you....

  29. I forgot about edible flowers, need to add to my daughters "tea" birthday party list this summer..yes ready for winter to go - bring on summer!

  30. Oh my goodness, your Valentine's Tea Party is my idea of heaven, Kary!!! Especially the kitchen being open all night and breakfast and tea being served in the morning. The flower and cream topped biscuits look delicious and almost too pretty to eat. Bfn, Lesley

  31. If I can get out of this Alabama snow I'm coming your way! :0
    This sounds so Fun and Festive!
    Have a great Valentines my friend!

  32. Oh how I wish Winslow Homer and I could attend. It sounds just perfect we will send well wishes all the way from Maine!

  33. Are you sure you want MY dogs there?! Malakai is 200lbs (aka a bull in a china shop!) ... the other hovers around 140 :)

  34. Oh if only...sounds sooo delightful!!

  35. Wish I could be there in person! What could be better to raise spirits dulled by winter doldrums, than a Valentine Tea? Stickhorse Cowgirl V

  36. I wish I could twitch my nose and 'bewitch' myself there! It sounds divine! Happy Valentine's Day!


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