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Monday, February 1, 2010

Grateful Hearts


China tea, the scent of hyacinths, wood fires and bowls of violets...that is my mental picture of an agreeable February afternoon.

Constance Spry

February arrives cold, wet and gray, her gifts disguised for only the most discerning spirits to see. Gentle is our path. Gratitude is the thread we weave into the fabric of our daily lives this month, giving thanks for our simply abundant lives and asking for the gift of one thing more: grateful hearts.

Sarah Ban Breathnach


  1. Hi Kary,

    Yes, this is a good month for sitting over steaming cups of tea. I am grateful for meeting you, and the other amazing bloggers out there.



  2. both are such beautiful quotes with such lovely imaginery.

  3. Kary, I can't wait to meet you and Chris. Even if I only stay at Shell Beach overnight, it will be worth the drive down for lunch with the two of you!!

  4. Lovely quotes and images. February brings us closer to Spring!

  5. Lovely quotes. February is such a lift to the spirits--full of promise and delicate beauty. xo

  6. oh how beautiful these cups are! i'm delighted!
    so sorry for not stopping by often recently... unfortunately i have a very busy period at work now... anyways it's always a huge pleasure to visit your blog! so lovely!
    have a sweet day dear friend!

  7. *these warmed my heart and cured my lonliness*
    love you...

  8. Beautiful photos and post ! But 'my' February is still too hot, here ! Thank God, Autumn is almost knocking on my door :)

    Have a sweet day, dear friend :)

  9. I'm sending you a virtual but yummy crepe au Nutella!Have a nice day :)

  10. Such a sweet and peaceful posting today. Love the new banner. I have to change mine too.

    Getting to February, means spring is that much closer...yippeeee...

    Kate xooxox

  11. i am crazy for tea in some fine china. add some scones and we've got a party.

    have a happy day.

  12. I just love, love, LOVE your blog! It is beautiful! I love your posts and your pictures...really lovely! :)

  13. Let's hope February brings with it something exciting and new - new experiences, friends, sights, ideas... xxx

  14. Lovely quotes & pictures, dear Kary! Soft & serene...like a virtual cuddle. Happy day xoxo Rachel

  15. Beautiful post!

    Your comment made ME cry I was laughing so hard! You're too funny with good food and cute cottages bringing such tears :)

    We were in Maine from October 13-20, so there were very few people there for our visit, too. So perfect. The leaves were at peak. The air was so crisp. Half the restaurants and lobster pounds were already closed for the season.

    We visited a chairmaker's shop in Camden-- it was just down the road from The Inn at Sunrise Point where we stayed our first few nights-- and Husband was REALLY considering begging a carpenter's job from them so we could stay. We were ACTUALLY entertaining serious thoughts of moving our lives to Maine. Justin becoming a carpenter. Me working in one of the little downtown shops and saving money to start my own cozy bookstore and coffee shop.

    Then, we remembered that anything below 45 degrees almost kills our poor little Alabama souls! So, we didn't get jobs after all, but sometimes I think that MAYBE, just maybe, I could brave the cold.

    After the first few days exploring Camden and the little surrounding towns, we drove over to Bar Harbor and spent the day exploring before heading down to our next lodging at The Captain Lord Mansion in Kennenbunkport. We stopped a quilt shop in a little cottage on the way. We were going to buy a quilt for our home until we found out the smallest ones were running for $3000... I was SO sad. They were beautiful.

    We love vacations like that. Just perusing, eating, gazing, taking it all in. I could go back every year and never get tired of the clean air, the fishy smells, the pure colors...

    So, that's my Maine trip in a nutshell! I had my first ever Seafood Newburg dish in a shack outside of Kennenbunkport and the biggest, bluest slice of flaky-crusted blueberry pie I have ever beheld in a Camden pub.

    Both dishes almost made me cry :)

    It was also where Husband and I learned not to talk about important issues on empty stomachs. We have lived by that rule ever since.

  16. Gratitude such a wonderful thing, it makes life so much better when one is full of it. I love your images of Feb.

  17. Hi Kary!

    Thanks so much for your sweet words on my blog.

    I've been surfing through your archives, and believe I may have stumbled onto a great blog as well. ;)

  18. These are both wonderful quotes. Funny but I've never been a fan of February. But that quote about February coming in grey made me swoon. That's exactly how it is here in Georgia today. And I do love grey.

    Happy Tuesday,

  19. Beautiful quotes : i find the first one very uplifting, the second truly inspiring!
    Take care!

  20. I feel rather inspired now! Thanks!

  21. Lovely! The quotes and the pictures!

  22. Kary, thanks so much for stopping by Florali. I love that you quoted Constance Spry...I found all of her out of print books on alibris and love reading them. I look forward to coming back for a nice long visit. And, that heart cloud...amazing!

  23. i love this. and the quotes. bliss. i got your snail mail addy! congrats again.

  24. I love the bouquet at the end of your post! Beautiful images! xxoo Nancy

  25. I'm working with the Simple Abundance book this year and am just loving it!! Gorgeous photos!!! Love, Silke

  26. Dreamy last photo here in particualr.

    Happy 29th wedding anniversary btw. Wow. you shoudl be sooo proud. we made it to 23.


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