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Thursday, January 21, 2010

To Brighten Rainy Days

This has been incredible. It hasn't stopped raining since Monday.Day and night. As I write this Buddy and I look like 2 drowned rats. The sky cleared for a minute and I thought it was over. My poor little outdoor stray kittys came running when I walked in the gate from the grocery store. They were hungry.... been kinda watching them and trying to sneek out food between downpours.

I tried to take Buddy for a quick walk...and it was quick..we didn't make it very far and we were in a downpour. I didn't take an umbrella..good thing you can't see us.....

Yesterday at about 5 o' clock I thought the world was coming to an end. The sky turned this really weird orange sherbert color..almost transparent...have never seen anything like it..and then....a double rainbow. I thought I was going to see angels any minute coming down from heaven. It was strange...I was talking to my brother, Mark on the phone..and I said, Oh, let me call you right back...I've got to get a picture of this..so I grabbed the camera. Boom. Dead Batterey. Bummer.

The little tiny treasures are from my one minute walk with Buddy today. Love the red rose petal, found some more green pods, a grape leaf leftover from my zinfandel grapes stuck to the fence,a branch with red berries, a branch of rosemary with the blue flowers still on it,some flowers...I think it's called "Kiss-me-over-the-Fence"..well, that's what I've always called it...I'm sure that's not the name.And the pine is falling all over cause we have by the steps going up to our bedroom a HUGE pine tree. It kind of had me worried. If that went over Farmhouse would be toast.

I needed some spring color and found this kale..even though it is winter..i couldn't pass it up..the green looks springy..and it looks so cute on my drainboard in the kitchen. I have had the blue hyacinth for a while...Oh, it smells so good....and the bouguet was a filler bouquet but I loved it..so simple and green.No flowers. I added the big green pine branch that was on my doorstep when I got home today.

Our rowboats are packed and loaded. We're ready .....


  1. Kary, I know what you mean. I did a post today about the Pacifica apartments that are being evacuated. The owner has already spent a fortune trying to shore up the cliffs with boulders. I think he should have just considered them a loss in the beginning. Little by little, they are going into the sea!!

  2. Hi Carmen..I think I saw that on the news...
    Can you believe this..we look like drowned rats over here....

    I made contact with Chris from Enchanted Oak..What a dear one....hopefully if you come in March we can all meet for lunch..
    Stay warm and dry, my friend...


  3. Hi Kary,

    Thanks for posting the beautiful photos! It's nice to see color like that; everything here is covered in snow. Also, I love your 'Happy Thoughts for January' note in the sidebar. What a great idea:). I hope that you and Buddy are dry and having a nice cup of cocoa (you, not Buddy:))!

    :) Blair

  4. I've been watching through TV news how hard the weather in CA is ! Well, but I think that the whole world is like this :( Our beloved blue planet is into climate changes no matter the season we are. Here, it was too hot today but with dark clouds in the evening... we never know if it's going to rain or not ... sometimes, we don't know if it's Summer or Winter, everything is so messy ! Summer is really crazy here this year and Winter is so crazy there, as well.

    Get well, my dear friend, in your part of the world and I'll do the same in mine :)


  5. Stay warm and stay dry. I saw how much rain you all are getting. We are pretty much the same here, except ours freeze when it hits the ground. Layer of ice on all.

    Love all your pictures today, especially the one in the middle.

  6. Kiss me over the fence! If that isn't the dreamiest name for flowers ever! You must make your own hybrid and call it that!! Holly:)

  7. We do not have as much rain here (it sounds truly awful where you are at the moment!), but sunlight has become a rare treasure.
    Being a city girl, my method of brightening a rainy day is usually to wear really cheerful colours to work; I have a fuchsia dress which is definitely going to get an outing today.
    Actually, this has just given me an idea for a new blog entry of my own...

  8. I hope you dry out soon. When I watch the weather channel, I think of you.

  9. Hi Kary,
    so glad you came by, I love your arrangement, it's so nice to see fresh ones this time of year. I see you have Tasha Tudor on your side bar, that's my Mom's hero! Cindy

  10. Even though you didn't see them, there are angels....watching over you...you're gonna be OK.
    Similar thing happened to me yesterday...on my way back home from the butcher, took the long scenic route, the sky was the palest pink as the sun went down and the lanterns turned on one by one, glowing like fairy lights in the midst of all that white. It was so beautiful. But no camera!!! So I imprinted it in my head so I could share it verbally. :)
    I love today's treasures, so colourful! Thank you for sharing.
    Thinking of you, hoping you don't have to row anywhere...
    Love, xoxo Dawn

  11. I was happy to find your blog, I used to live down south of you in Lompoc but have been stuck in Florida for the last 15 years but I am blooming where I was planted for now.
    Hope the rain brings lots of green.
    Love the illustrations in that cookbook.

  12. Hi, dear friend !

    How is your day ?
    Well, I have an AWARD for you !!!!
    Stop by my blog and grab it ;)


  13. I hope you won't need the rowboat. I think of you when I see the California weather lately. Now I will think of your little stray kitties, too.

  14. that hyacinth is just beautiful :) you & buddy stay dry and have a nice weekend...try not to float away!


  15. That's surely brithening up any rainy day!Flowers have a great power..actually I don't have any around at the moment,I have plants but no flowers,should I remind one certain person of it..or buy it myself?(women of the 21st century..)lol.Have a nice weekend Kary :)

  16. Love the flowers - they certainly add some lovely color to a gloomy day. And how nice that you saw a rainbow! I think the entire country must be experiencing rain. I'm ready for sunshine!

  17. The treasures from your short walk are gorgeous! What beautiful, vibrant colors! Wouldn't it be lovely if you could dry them and make a piece of artwork? A shadowbox, maybe? I suppose they would lose their colors in the drying process.

    Stay dry and keep that rowboat handy, just in case!!

  18. That happens to me too. Just when I think I have the most awesome shot, the camera dies on me. Good thing you snapped a few pics of those treasures! Stay dry and have a lovely weekend.

  19. hi my new friend! stay dry and safe. the pics on the weather channel are looking a bit scary. i just want more snow!

  20. great blog! i love it!


  21. That does look so Spring like--well needed, I'm quite sure after all that rain! Rain is best in moderation, not constant adn not with weird orange sherbert skies. Oh dear me.

    I never think to take my camera with me but that sounds like something i would do--not have my batteries with me. Well, I do hope you soaked up that double rainbow as much as possible. It is such a sight to behold, isn't it?

    Have a lovely weekend. Hope Buddy is not too soaked there! :)

  22. Beautiful rainy day brighteners. Such lovely colours. Hope the rain has stopped now? Best wishes. Lesley

  23. it's raining here today. your photos have brightened my day.


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