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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Angel Hair Pasta with Grilled Chicken

The chicken bbq was alot of fun, but we also had some leftover chicken, so I decided to make this pasta dish with the chicken. It is from Artca Restauarant in New York City. I have had the recipe forever and I don't even know if the restaurant is still there or not.The mache lettuce is from my garden...and yes..not to rub it in or anything, but I did pick it from my garden yesterday afternoon around 4 o' clock...wearing my flip flops...we're bbqing steak tonight...and we have plenty..any takers?

Angel Hair Pasta with Grilled Chicken and Wild Mushrooms

Artca Restaurant, New York City

Saute some shallots (I added leeks too cause I had them) in olive oil till soft
Add some sliced wild mushrooms...any mushrooms will work, whatever you have is fine
I used about 1 1/2 cups
Add some salt and pepper
Cook till mushrooms are cooked
Add 1 cup of chicken stock and make a pan sauce
Add diced grilled chicken (I had about one cup)
Add diced tomamtoes (I used about 6 small ones)
Cook pasta and add to the pan sauce
Add a couple of scoops of good whole butter
Top with grated parmesan cheese...use the good stuff, it really makes a big difference

Garnish with chopped fresh herbs
I had parsely and chives in the garden,(sorry)
And, yep, I picked them barefoot


  1. Yum.... I miss my BBQ.... Looks delish. Wonder if I could cook the chicken some other way....na... it probably wouldn't be the same as the grill.... but 10 inches of snow due tonight, it might be a little chilly outside. But we are know for BBQs even in the winter here.

  2. Kary you are such a tease! Mmm pasta sounds scrumptious, thank you for the recipe :)
    Hope you are having a lovely sun filled day? Mine has been lovely, but filled with snow, 13mph winds and -3 degrees temperature!
    Love Morwenna xoxo

  3. This looks so delicious. Can't wait to try it. Hasn't the weather been fabulous?! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Holly

  4. Kary, you cook just like I do. I make this quite a bit in the summer, of course, when I have my fresh herbs. It looks heavenly!

    (no flip flops at the manor today...only woolly socks)

  5. oh how I wish I could join you! I'd paint my toe nails and wear flip flops (something my feet have not seen the likes of in ages). That recipe sounds amazing, I can just taste it now.

  6. oh and I love your header-cute!

  7. Looks quite yummy. Huh, barefoot. But you know, the glory of horrid freezing winter is spring. I love having such stark seasons again. Cape Town's climate is similar to yours, and I missed the Winter!Spring! contrast when we moved there from the cold, middle part of the country; -it exists, but is more subtle.

  8. Love your blog...so many delicious dishes to read about. I look forward to having a closer look! Jeanne :)

  9. What a nice light dish for leftovers. I'm a red meat eater for sure and will definitly click my heels together and show up in your backyard tonight for steak!

  10. Sounds great. I'm still in my ugg boots but could get to the BBQ I think I might try this with my sister this weekend. It sounds easy, fresh and something new for me.

  11. You are absolutely killing me with all of this talk of fresh veggies and warm weather!

  12. Lucky, lucky you...We had the blizard...it is cold and the whole of the UK is falling apart and it is set to continue...oh dear!

    Looks like a tasty meal you had there though! I love wild mushrooms too! xxx

  13. I love pasta, so this one I will definitely try out.;) Happy Thursday and thank you for you very kind words at my place.;)

  14. I can't get over this weather you have! Even ALabama and Lousiana have been cold this week, as I've heard from friends and family.

    And, yes, you are killing me too! Might have to try this recipe, even if I can't frolic out into my backyard to pick the ingredients in my bikini :)

  15. Hi Kary,

    Sorry we couldn't make the bbq. Your pasta photographs are delicious-the color of the lettuce exquisite.



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