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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Skillet Supper

Well ..we are finally getting some COLD weather..and rain is on the way. We even had frost and freeze warnings last night. It actually got to 28 degrees. That's cold for here. And I love it...

When Julie and I went to New England our last night was in Portland, Maine... and we hit the lottery of food world. We had supper at Fore Street.And it ended up being a night we will never forget...that's for sure. It was so good...we cried.....were we tired? Sad to go home? No..the food was that good. Cry - worthy. It was late October and as we walked in we were greeted with a big long farm table with just a few pumpkins and gourds on it.Simple. Maine-Style. Perfect. We ate dinner there that night and we were served in cast iron skillets. Old ones...from the antique shops in Vermont and New Hampshire and Maine.After our supper we went back to our room at The Pomegranite Inn...yeah..you read that right... The Pomegranite Inn .How cute is that? And talked till 3 in the morning about the food..the restaurant...and one long and very beloved trip to New England.

Since it is so cold here tonight I decided to make lasagna in a cast iron skillet a la Fore Street...

I just did my own version...really simple.

Farmhouse Skillet Lasagna

Saute some shallots till soft
Add in some chicken italian sausage and brown
Add 1 large can organic whole tomatoes
Add some red wine...a splash or two
About 3 scoops of tomato paste

Simmer about an hour

Add some chopped fresh basil....I still have it in the garden..maybe not for long

Boil some lasagna noodles

Layer sauce, pasta and grated cheese in cast iron skillet

I just used mozarella...nothing fancy

Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour till hot and bubbly


  1. Cry-worthy food. Wow. I do not believe I have had the honor of a dining experience THAT good!

    YOur skillet supper REALLY looks good; your attire looks even better! So cozy.... I don't want to leave the house tonight and have been searching high and low for an excuse to stay home. But alas. Bible class calls. I skipped it last week. Can't do it two weeks in a row. Enjoy your night in!

    I think we cried because we knew we were leaving three thousand miles between us and Fore Street the next day. Remember the Three Berry Crisp with Buttermilk Ice Cream?
    How nice our waiter was? Um, oh yeah, the wine was pretty perfect too.
    Maine rocks
    donkey in the pines

  3. Forgot to say,
    This dish is making me very hungry.
    looks dewish

  4. Oh yeah...3000 miles away...

    Three Berry Crisp with Buttermilk Ice Cream..I STILL dream about it every night....

    And the wine...well..yes,indeed...

    Maine does Rock !

    Donkey wearing mittens and a scarf.....

  5. Cry worthy food! I've had that on rare occasion and am so glad you have that memory. Oh! To cook food with your own hands someone would cry about! (Because it's good I mean!) Your skillet dinner looks great and the best part is: not many dishes!

  6. Oh, that sounds delicious!! We have a good friend in Portland, ME and I love that town! Next time I have to eat at Fore Street!! So glad you found my blog!! Hugs, Silke

  7. That looked amazing. I hate to cook, but you've made me want to find a cast iron skillet:) It's super cold here too. I think the windchill is around 20 below...if you can believe that:o

  8. I have a huge old cast iron skillet that belonged to my aunt's grandmother. I think it needs to be filled with this lasagna! (I could have sworn those were my legs and feet.)

  9. Ha. Cry-worthy food, eh? Not sure I've had that but cry worthy tea for certain! :)

  10. Wow....that looks amazing! I would love to try that out. Yum! It's been pretty blistery cold here as well. Stay warm! :)

  11. *sigh* Kary, that description of your trip with Julie transported me. I WANT TO TAKE THAT TRIP! I want to dine at Fore Street and sleep at the Pomegranite Inn!
    Thank you for those vivid memories, they are so precious.

    And that's too funny that you have all three of those books! What the....

    Love, Dawn

  12. What a lovely place and I love the pictures of your cooking! I am such a bad cook, therefore utterly fascinated by this art.;)
    Thank you so much for stopping by my place and for your very kind words.;)

  13. yummy! i love the recipe i need absolutely to try it! see my new post on my travel to switzerland and about swiss chocolate!

  14. ooooh that owl tree sounds perfect! :)
    now im hungry for lasagna!

  15. I guess I nver thought to make lasagna in a skillet... but why not!? That looks SO good!

  16. That's my kind of lasagna! Looks yum!!

  17. Your trip sounds so fun! And the lasagne looks delicious! I, too, had never thought about making lasasgne in an iron skillet...great idea. I also noticed your beautful hardwood floor...is that pine?

  18. I am definitely going to copy your idea! I love how the lasagna looks in the cast iron skillet. It would be great for deep dish pizza, too!

    Your trip sounds wonderful. While it didn't quite make me cry, I had crab cakes at a restaurant on vacation that I still dream about.

  19. Was wondering how Buddy was and if you guys slept through the night. Lasagne in a skillet-what a concept!

  20. Sounds delish. I love lasagna!
    Will have to keep that in mind.

    Have a grat evening.


  21. Penny is a Bichon, I've never heard of this collapsed trachea before but she occasionally makes that honking noise. I googled it and it sounds like it can be managed and that is a good thing. Maybe Buddys stomach is upset from the Vicodin?

  22. Hi Kary, I was reading on Lorrie's blog that Buddy is still having a bad time! I'm so sorry as I know firsthand how difficult it is when our sweet pets are suffering! I'm keeping both of you in my thoughts! Hugs, Silke

  23. How did I miss this post? Portland is a foodie's dream. I never grow tired of the restaurants here, including Fore Street. We are so lucky. And the Pomegranate Inn is such charming B&B. Glad you had such a wonderful visit!

    Glad, too, to hear that Buddy's doing better!!
    Happy Holidays,

  24. this is great, our stove just went out, they are repairing it in a few days! I am so going to try these-husband will be happy!


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