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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Red Velvet

First a quick update on Buddy. We had a pretty bad night. He coughed most of it. We are exhausted. This started last Thursday...and truth be told, I don't really know how many hours of sleep we have managed to get in. Poor Buddy. The medication we got from Dr. Evans on Saturday just didn't do the trick..so this morning we started all over...and he just now FINALLY stopped coughing and is settled down. Had to up the ante and now he is on Vicodin..at least for 10 days till Dr. Evans ( Jennifer) says we do different...Thank You Dr. Jennifer....

So I decorated my tree last night, but, honestly, there is not much on it. It is a real pretty tree, but with all of this going on with Buddy, I have just been too tired and worried about him to focus on much else. Just like in the last post...let it go...do what you can do. It feels Christmasy in here though.

We live in San Luis Obispo and it is home to California Polytechnic State University..John and I both graduated from there...and the school really started out many years ago as an agriculture school. And it still is. The have a little plant shop up at the top of the hill..next to all the livestock and at Christmas the kids do a pointsettia project/fundraiser. So every year I like to go out and see what they have. I went this morning and it was like walking into Santa's Wonderland...when I turned and looked in the main room, I gasped. They had the most beautiful display of poinsettias...sometimes I am on the fence when it comes to these plants, I can't decide if I like them or not. But they really do say "Christmas". I like the traditional red ones. I got one that is just a single stem..with just one big flower. It is called RED VELVET. Each one is stunning in it's own way. They have so many different varities it's hard to decide...

It was so warm and cozy in there...they had on Christmas music and were serving hot cider and donuts....it was a nice break..to be sure.....


  1. I'm glad your baby is feeling more comfortable. the meaning of Christmas comes through...

  2. Poor Buddy! I hope the new meds will help him feel better. Now that his coughing has subsided, get some rest!

    The pictures are gorgeous! I'm with you on Pointsettias. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don't, but they do scream Christmas.

  3. I'm SO GLAD to hear I'm not the only one who can't make up her mind about poinsettias! I decided this year I'm just NOT going to have one. I got a mini rosemary "tree" instead.

    Glad to hear Buddy has some meds that are helping him. Khan and I send our best wishes for his health and your peace of mind.

  4. You two will feel better after some sleep,
    the Vicodin should really help. And it will take away any stress Buddy feels too.
    Love the farmy pictures of Cal Poly.
    donkey in the pines

  5. Red Velvet...what a wonderfu name! I bought a tiny Christmas cactus for my desk today....the blooms are just about the open.

    Poor Buddy...poor you! Hope things turn around for the better even this evening. Rest well tonight!

  6. I hope Buddy and you have a better night.
    On my blog, scroll down to see the About Me feature, click on View Profile. On the left you will see a contact option...click on email.

  7. Big hug for Buddy, and for you and John! Hope the Christmas angels will have Buddy feeling all better soon!
    The poinsettias are gorgeous. I gave up on decorating with them a couple years back because the always die so quickly on my watch. I like the pink ones.

  8. Hope that Buddy will be all in shape soon.
    Nice place you put on pic here!

  9. Sorry to hear that all is not well with Buddy, but am glad you found some medicine to make him comfortable and that you both can get some sleep. Give him a big hug for us. Lorrie

  10. I am so glad to hear that Buddy is finally settled down with the new medication. Now, he will get the much needed rest he needs-And you too!

    Beautiful poinsettas!

  11. stopped by after discovering you on Willow's.
    greetings to a fellow-californian! My best girlfriend lives in Pismo. I'm not sure who Buddy is, but hope all is well, keep him warm on these chilly days!

  12. Sounds like a lovely excursion. Hope Buddy gets well soon. BTW, love the snow flakes falling across your site - how fun and festive!

  13. We have to give our dogs alot of pills and use peanut butter. So far we have found no"surprises" waiting for us around the house. They can be sneaky little guys.

  14. those poinsettias are just gorgeous! i really hope buddy gets to feeling better soon :) roxy sends get well kisses!

  15. It does sounds very lovely indeed. Funny you say that, I am the exact same way with poinsettas but I look at that one on the sidebar of Willow's blog and I go, "there's Christmas!" It looks good and you need xmassey things when in a place like SLO where it won;t get that cold or anything for the hols.

    Glad to read buddy has stopped coughing. Poor thing, poor you! Hope all turns out well there.


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