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Monday, December 7, 2009

Angel Food

I had a Christmas Party to go to at Sharon's on Sunday night. And I was out of juice. That Buddy situation left me flat. He is doing really well and I appreciate all the kind words and well wishes. More than you can know...but, as far as getting into the kitchen and making something really special..well, it just wasn't in me.Before The Buddy Situation I had high hopes. I told Sharon that I was going to make the walnut cake out of Julia Child. The cake is wonderful...BUT..it takes most of the day to make...there are several steps...and I just couldn't face it. So I took the easy way out. Frankly, I barely could muster doing this.The boxed Duncan Hines angel food. I made the cake and frosted it with just a simple whipped cream. That was it. Simple. It was like the cupcakes...only one great big one.
It wasn't my proudest moment..but it got me to thinking..it isn't about the dessert..it's about your friends..and being there..especially at the Holidays...just do what you can...it's all you can do sometimes.... and it's o.k.


  1. You are right! It isn't about the cake, it's about you and your friends. Besides, from my reading of your blog, I doubt that this cake you say is so simple was anything but delicious!
    Glad to hear Buddy is okay.

  2. Absolutely, you hit the nail on the head. I had to remind myself of that so many times when I was stressing myself out with elaborate holiday menus. The cake looks delicious and pretty. And you gave it your own personal touch!
    Have you read The Four Agreements? Amazing book. One of the agreements that it urges you to make with yourself is, "Always Do Your Best." And the author emphasizes, Your best is different every day and is changing all the time! Real friends understand that.
    Glad you had a nice evening, kiss Buddy for me.

  3. the cake actually looks really, really good! so pretty!

  4. Thanks Dawn..I loved that....and that's right..that was the best I could do on that day....

    I'll give little Buddy a kiss from Dawn....

  5. I think the cake looks devine.

  6. Looks so yummy. I would have loved it. I have to bring dessert to a dinner party on Sat., may just copy you:)

  7. Good thoughts! The cake still looks awfully pretty!

    I am SO bad about trying to overdue when I take food somewhere. Then I usually mess it up because I've been trying too hard. And when I take something easy, it seems to be a HUGE hit! Go figure!

    And I think my feet are FINALLY getting warm! I actually thought about your warm weather A LOT while I was out there :)

  8. The cake looks delicious. Say...is that a piano I see between the table and the tree?! Play us a song!! :)

  9. Friends are what matter and not fancy cakes that take all day to bake. I like the comment about doing your best. I'm so happy that Buddy is doing well, he has been on my mind. Give him a hug from all of us here at Lilylovekins house.

  10. This post was just what I needed to read tonight! I've been battling with a nasty head cold and trying to muster the energy to get all my Christmas "to do" stuff done. I have to admit that I've been scolding myself for not being more energetic. Sometimes it helps to stop and put things into perspective, and that's just what your post did for me. Thank you.

    Thanks, too for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a lovely comment! I'm so glad that you found me since it brought me here to you, too. Your blog is fabulous.

    I'm so glad to hear that your dog is going to be okay!

    xoxo Gigi

  11. Angel food cake reminds me of my mom and a Seven-Up bottle. I remember her placing the cake pan on the Seven-Up bottle to cool? It is about your friends and family! It all comes back full circle! Hope the little guy is doing well!

  12. Duncan Hines? What is that? Yeah right....I've made many of those cakes! Love this post!

  13. I'm glad Buddy is going to be alright, and I'm glad you have friends who are happy to see you even if you show up with Duncan Hines; these are moments you know who you want in your life forever.

  14. So glad to hear that Buddy is OK! Terribly frightening...and please, there's no shame in Duncan Hines! Especially as you made your own whipped cream...

  15. well it looks delicious so i'm sure everyone enjoyed it :) also are there snowflakes on your blog?? or is it just me?

  16. We think your cake turned out looking great, and we're glad that we could be some help at a stressful time.

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  17. I'm so glad to hear that Buddy is doing well.

    I think you're absolutely right about friends being more important than making a cake from scratch. Your cake looks lovely and I'm sure it was delicious!

  18. HEY! Your cake looked and tasted like a fluffy Christmas cloud and everyone loved it, as they love YOU. Thanks to you and Johnny for helping to make our gathering so wonderful. And they rain held off 'til we finished eating by candlelight out on the terrace. Wow, we're lucky.

    Love, love,


  19. Kary, thank you for stopping by today! I made a repsonse to your comment over at TKR.
    I think I will have to try this cake...and I hope mine looks as good as yours! My sister, whose son died a few weeks ago, had to have surgery last week and is at home resting well...but I work FULL time and more...so I wanted to put together a basket that I can send to her via my son tomorrow. Guess what? All these yummy cinnamon rolls I had ordered from one of the school clubs were just delivered! As one on my students always reminded me, "God is good, and He is on time!" I am sure your friend was thrilled with this cake, and I am even more thrilled to know that Buddy is going to be ok! Peace be with you and with Buddy!
    PS I have family in Ukiah & Cupertino. I need to get to California!

  20. It is about friends. And if you'd taken the day just to make a cake, sure, it would have been scrumptious, but think of all the other things you would have missed experiencing and you'd have been too tired to enjoy your friends!

  21. Umm, no desr, it IS all about the cake in fact! What's a get together without good nosh? Hee. Kidding of course. Wel, I'm sure it was well received anyway.

    BTW, you needed to whisk me ther eto decoarate you tree. I'm good at that.


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