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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


When we moved to Farmhouse one of the first things I did was plant 2 roses...and I'm not much of a rose fan. But when we left Cambria one of the saddest things to leave behind was my Soaring Spirits rose. It was a rose named after 9/11. And I loved that rose.It grew over an arbor that I had painted yellow. I heard through the village grapevine that the lady who bought the house had torn out my New England garden...yellow arbor, picket fence and....yep....Soaring Spirits went too. Heard she paved it all over and added a gas fire pit. How perfect is that? I don't want to see it. I have never been back by the house since the day I loaded up Buddy and my kittys and headed South down Highway One to San Luis Obispo. So this summer my rose was really beautiful. I couldn't find another Soaring Spirits at my local Farm Supply...so I got Berries and Cream instead. The picture of the rose is one of the very last of the season. All the rest have gone to rose hips. So yesterday I clipped the rose hips and made this wreath for my door for the Holiday Season. The base is just a styrofoam one I picked up at Michaels and wrapped it with green floral tape.I waited till late in the afternoon when the sun was starting to sink and the temperature dropped. Put on my Christmas music, got out the old glue gun... and made the wreath. It's on my french door as you head out to the garden... An early Christmas gift...from my friend...Berries and Cream.


  1. What a beautiful and lovely gift :) So precious !

  2. How sad that she preferred a fire pit to a garden. But we all like different things, don't we?!
    It's a very pretty rose!

  3. I've never seen a rosehip wreath and yours is awesome! You are right to not go back and see the old house. I have a similar story and have to drive past my old house every time I leave where I am now. Oh well, we all move on. The wreath looks pretty hanging in the french doors.

  4. Beautiful :) I love making wreaths, I shall now try a rosehip one xo


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