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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Close

I feel like I'm getting a cold so this will be short,but I couldn't NOT say something as we are so close to Halloween and all.

I am in one of those Gooseberry Patch moods....I am downing Vitamin C and drinking juice and water like to crazy to try an knock this thing out before Halloween....haven't been sick all year..and here we are at the doorstep of the greatest day of the year...geezzz.

So I got up and being that the weather FINALLY changed I felt like making chili. Nothing fancy..nothing with 25 ingredients..just plain old fashion Halloween on the horizon chili.

Smells good. I'll make cornbread later as we get closer to supper. Last night we watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. We're 53. Oh well.

So tonight it's chili and cornbread. I just hope the cold fall winds stay..at least till Halloween. Please.


  1. We recorded The Great Pumpkin so we could watch it will out 2 year old tonight. :) You're never too old for the classics.

    I hope you feel better!

  2. I hope you feel better very soon so you can have fun this weekend.

  3. Oh get well soon! I know it's probably a hoax, but i've always found Airborne to be helpful. Or lemon juice, honey and cayenne mixed with boiling water if you really want to be good to yourself...

  4. Hey K-Bird, you're right about today. I baked corn muffins in my old iron wheat and corn-shaped pans. Although it feels like autumn I am still picking tomatoes and bouquets of zinnias. A few struggling basil plants are holding on and there are still apples on the espaliers and hollyhocks blooming alongside the cosmos. I can't believe that it is this lush when it is almost Halloween. I guess compared to Maine this is the tropics.

    Let's go to Gopher Glen! Love, Sharon

  5. Hope you feel healthy and strong to enjoy Halloween. Your soup must have helped. I wish we celebrated Halloween, too.

  6. Good Heavens, that pumpkin!

    My husband is convinced that echinacea hot tea with lemon and honey will beat out any cold, flu, virus, tumor, etc. :) And, actually, it does seem to work for him!

  7. Happy Halloween!
    One more day and we will see witches fly by
    on their broomsticks....

    donkey in the pines

  8. Get well!! ... thanks so much for the nice comment left on my blog. I will be adding yours as a link... Chili and cornbread is perfect for a Halloween supper! Yummy..now I want some :)


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