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Monday, September 21, 2009


Well, I have waited all year for this day. And it happened on the last day of summer. I was walking out in the garden this morning feeding my doves and I heard this "thud". I thought, what was that? I looked around and saw nothing..and then...there it was. One of my Seek-No-Further apples fell onto the ground. I had a friend tell me not to expect any apples off that tree. She said that variety is from New England and needs a hard freeze...which we don't get here. So my expectations were low. Which I have learned in the last couple of years is a good way to fly. You're never dissapointed. So this summer when I saw that I had a few apples on my tree...well, needless to say, I got pretty excited. It doesn't take much around here.It's the simple things and all that. So I picked up the apple, rubbed it on my pants for a quick polish and cleaning and took a bite. And it was GOOD. Surprise. Tart and sweet and fragrant.And crispy ... crunchy. I couldn't believe it. After having one of the worst vegetable gardens I have ever had this year...well, this was a prize at the end of the game that I wasn't expecting. Finally. Something. Even if it was just an apple. It was my apple. From the tree that I planted. And watered. And loved.

I think it just loved me back.


  1. I think you should be a guest editor in a food magazine. That was STELLAR!!!!!
    I could truly taste that apple.

    donkey in an apple orchard

  2. Love the Pix sissy!
    xoxo C2

  3. I'm so happy for you-enjoy those apples!

  4. Nice post. The best apple I have had in recent years was a Winesap I bought at the Union Square market while in NYC. I shared it with a squirrel.

    Winesaps are hard to find these days- I understand they are not good "keeping" apples and that makes getting them to market problematic. It's too bad, it was a great apple.


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