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Thursday, May 12, 2011

In My Garden This Morning

this morning my berries and cream rose...

this rose is called night owl....see the little ladybug...

more of my berries and cream roses...


sweet peas



sorbet johnny-jump-ups

sunning in his favorite spot

sweet peas on my trellis

tony my blue jays bird bath


  1. the berries and cream rose has made my heart sing this morning...along with the lucky ladybug.
    thank you, kindly, friend. -xok.

  2. i just love your farmhouse (at least i'm assuming the home in your header photo is yours!) love the garden walk too. :)

  3. Your garden is looking beautiful! Love that little ladybug:) And I can just smell those sweet peas!

  4. Beautiful flowers and I love seeing Teddy getting in some tanning time.

  5. I just came in from surveying my little gardens a few minutes ago. What a boost of cheer it gives to see a new bloom!

  6. wow....everything looks great especially teddy! i love your roses!

  7. Ah....how beautiful! Gave me a bright spot and flower dreams on a rough day ina rough week! And I LOVE the rare Teddy flower; quite an unusual treasure in your garden!

  8. Your Berries and Cream Rose is fabulous, I haven't seen it before. Your Teddy is a good garden guard dog!

  9. I'm envious of all your beautiful flowers! Isn't Teddy funny in his favorite spot! Duke has a favorite spot in each room and a few outside. Are you going to do Karen's challenge? It was fun!

    Lovely visit this morning, wish I could have had coffee in your garden with you!

  10. How lovely, not only are you back but lots of posts too!
    The flowers are so pretty, especially those unusual roses.
    Never heard violas called that before - wonderful name!
    And lots more Teddy photos - yay!! keep em coming!
    The delphiniums are such an unbelievable blue, and your sweet peas look lovely - i bet they smell divine!
    Gill xx

  11. Oh your garden! Its so beautiful and that rose, its one of my all time favs.
    Lucky Teddy!
    donkey in the pines
    ps. I spy a little guy behind the delphiniums

  12. such pretty flowers and look at Teddy showing off again!... did I get you to look at The Vikings blog... it's all about our garden, you'd love it: http://belleaucottage.blogspot.com/

  13. Gorgeous flowers! I just love sweet peas but have trouble growing them here.

  14. Your spring flowers are spectacular! I am a bit behind with my planting this year; all the late rain slowed me down a bit. However, I am almost caught up and ready for lots of blooms.

  15. Your roses are spectacular and I love the colors of the sorbet jump-ups:@)

  16. YAY so glad to see you back!!! I missed you and your beautiful posts! Love the spring flowers!!!!!!!!! have a great day! xo

  17. thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers!

  18. Very beautiful, thank you! I like the ladybug picture. Well, I like them all, of course :-)

  19. Your Berries and Creme rose looks just like a Rosa Mundi. Beautiful. I love how Teddy moves back so that the flower is showcased. Not really! He's too cute for that! xxoo Nancy

  20. Beautiful flowers all! I love how Teddy fits right in.

  21. Gorgeous! Have a delicious weekend! Xoxoxo

  22. What a treat to visit your garden. Flower power for sure.

    It is always amazing how so much of a fur person's personality shows in a photo. The first photo of Teddy Sweet Boy, almost peeking in, he knows he is being photographed. He is so smart!

    Happy evening to you both. love, the wild magnolia

  23. I love this post! I'm so envious of all your flowers! And will you just look at little Teddy sunning himself! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Didn't it drive you nuts that Blogger was down most of the day yesterday and then lost all the comments!

  24. I'd forgotten how pretty Columbine is! when we lived in Alaska we had it there, and it was one of my favorites!

    I hope your week is ending on a good note--Enjoy your weekend!!

  25. You've got some beautiful flowers growing and blooming. Wow - you're way ahead of my garden.
    I especially love the photo of Teddy.

  26. I am sure I already commented, but with blogspot's "maintenance", it seems to have disappeared.

    Beautiful pictures, as always! I especially like the one with the ladybug.

  27. I just wanted you to know that I left a comment on this post 'before' Blogger shut down, I have no idea wheather you actually got that comment or perhaps Blogger is rerunning the old posts again. Your blog is not the only one that has my comments missing...I am not convinced that they actually are up and running properly yet...hmm.

    Have a great weekend.

  28. Have you some how moved to England Kary? Because it sure looks like you have an English garden going on. I love all the flowers, brick and pea stone. The sunny spot Teddy found would be where I'd be perched in that California weather. It's been a long time, Ive missed you. Thanks for my birthday wish!!!

  29. a sunny day, beautiful flowers and a sweet puppy-dog.... does it get any better than that..... I think not!!

    happy weekend!

  30. Oh Kari, such utter beauty is blooming in your yard! How sweet that you caught that little ladybug in your photo. Warm hugs to you, Teddy and the kitty babies!

  31. Our gardens are very similar. Your flowers look so pretty...I don't blame your sweet dog for napping in the sun. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  32. I am so jealous! These are amazing pics, your garden is so delightful!
    And of course your little doggy is just the cutest!
    I want your green thumb!!

  33. Your garden looks heavenly!
    Those flower photos are really stunning!

    Sweet peas and Delphiniums are my faves. :)

    aww, thanks so much for sharing these.

    visiting via Your Sunday Best.

  34. What a nice array of flowers! So pretty!

  35. beautiful little lady with that very pretty, unusual rose


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