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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eggplant Lasagne Love

i am always buying eggplant...i just can't help myself...i just LOVE EGGPLANT...
yesterday i decided to make an eggplant lasagne...just kind of using what was around the kitchen...so i sliced up the eggplant and floured it....

look who was helping... i was going to try and clean up the picture but decided to give it to you Full Throttle...just as it is... messy couch, piles of pillows for Teddy, newspaper, Teddy's owl upside down feet straight up...see the mess in the back on the window seat....somebody likes to get into mommy's purse and bags from shopping...the big old giant bag of Purina is for shaking out the kitchen door to the strays that come...we are about up to 5 now... they come and go...but Pixie Rose Marie and Vera Wang are a constant...

dug around the cheese box and scored a big block of gruyere...and a few other scraps...

i just floured the slices and sauteed them in my cast iron skillet ....i used olive oil...to reduce the guilt factor of all that oil.....

i didn't make the pasta this go around...didn't feel like cleaning all of that up...and i just layered it in a pie plate....

pasta, eggplant, a jar of Muir Glen sauce...how lazy is that...a jar of sauce..in my EMERGENCY section of the pantry...for just such occassions...my friend Molly calls it "DOGOMAR"....."don't go to the market"...you know those days when you just feel like staying home...making supper from what's in the pantry and fridge...

i'm gonna tell ya...if you like eggplant...this is for you. it is GOOD.

what a beauty....

since we are in the kitchen...i'll show you what's on the drainboard...SPRING.

here is my windowsill...MEZE is a new neighborhood restaurant around the corner we are dying to try... you can see my reflection in the window... you can even see the birdbath way out back in the garden through the open french door....and the window clingers...what can i say...that section in Michaels with all the seasonal window clingers makes me so HAPPY...

the darling little creamer is from my dear friend julie of julie whitmore pottery on ETSY. i have a big bouquet of baby white carnations on my piano...snuck a few out and added some pineapple sage from my garden...i get such an old fashion off of baby carnations...white or soft pink or yellow...gives me a valentines feeling...of days gone by....

there he is again...sunning himself in his favorite spot. WHISKEY SOUR is loving that sun. i snapped that this morning...

we had a COLD SNAP yesterday..it went down to 75 degrees...heat wave is back today..80 degrees...what is going on? it's January !!!! sending love, my friends.....
Eggplant Lasagne
Slice an eggplant , flour the slices and saute in olive oil till brown. salt lightly
Boil some lasagne noodles, rinse and drain
Layer pasta, red sauce, cheese and eggplant till everything is used up...in just used the cheese i had on hand...some gruyere and mozzarella...your regular lasagne type cheeses
Bake at 375 for about 40 to 45 minutes or till hot and bubbly
Let settle a few minutes before cutting
Cozy food...even if it is 80 degrees


  1. Love DOGOMAR. I'm making this next week. Yummies.

  2. That looks soooo good :)
    It's sunny here where I'm at but, only 50 degrees, oh well, it's warmer than what it was and at least it is sunny...I'm itching to get back in the garden :) Xoxoxo

  3. oh yum!!! that looks goooood! whiskey sour looks like a road bump! she also sort of looks like what kitties look like after my teddy plays with them!

  4. Oh that does look good and I do like eggplant. I've layered it with cheeses and sauce but never with the lasagna noodles. I will certainly give it a try. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. This lasagna is fantastic..... try even to cut eggplants slices, put them in salt water for more than half an hour, then dry them e fry.... and prepare the same....it 's going to be tasty too....hugs!!!

    Do you know I'm waiting you, Teddy and Whiskey Sour to my contest!!! :D ...hugs, Flavia

  6. I'm a huge fan of eggplant. It must be the Italian in me. This recipe looks easy and delicious. I love Muir Glen tomatoes but have never had their spaghetti sauce. Ina Garten has a lot of good eggplant recipes. I will always order any kind of eggplant out. Enjoy your weather, another storm coming in after midnight with about seven inches of snow expected.

  7. What a nice post, thank you Kary. The lasagne looks wholesome and delicious and the sun shines through your photos. x

  8. And there you have it, hearth and home, fur persons, food and flowers....beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. I love some eggplant! That looks so good Trade you some of my zucchini family tree tiered thing for some of that!

  10. Completely inspiring. I want to cook eggplant lasagna right now!

  11. Oh I love eggplant. Thank you for the recipe.

    Teddy looks so content to sit and watch his mama prepare her luscious meal.

    I am sitting here staring at snow...again...in this wacky Tennessee winter we are having and drooling over your fresh cut flowers. If the roads hadn't iced over I'd run to the store just to buy a bouquet. Poor substitute, I know but (sigh) I miss my flowers.

  12. Yum!

    And I love your photo of the messy house...it looks warm, inviting, real, and happily relaxed! xo

  13. that eggplant lasagna looks and sounds good!

  14. I luuve eggplant and that sounds soo good. I would love to be Whiskey Sour right now laying in the sun. Have a great weekend!

  15. hey,

    just got back from a grocery run. Didn't see eggplant, double darn. However! you know the back wall at T.J. in Templeton? Got some purple stuff there....
    love to see you using the pitcher!
    donkey in the purple pines

  16. I will be right over, hold dinner.Yummo!~Cheers Kim

  17. mmmmm I love eggplant so funny I was thinking at work today that I need some fresh flowers. Yours look so great. But what did I do? I came home with out any flowers and started to shovel the walkway and deck when I was finished I found out I had locked myself out! ok where is husband when you need him!

  18. That eggplant surely looks good to me. I am of Italian background, and I have a jar of Muir as a go to for emergencies. It's actually pretty good for jar. Take Care and thanks for all the photos of your little ones!

  19. what a happy little day of love....so very sweet

  20. I'm still drooling over the upside down blueberry cake! 80 degrees? Here in the cold frigid tundra of Maine it is a balmy 10 degrees with 8 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow morning. Winter in Maine, could it get any better? I admit I have never tried eggplant but your lasagna sure makes it look tempting. Hugs to Teddy ( BTW love the messy room, the look makes a house a home!)

  21. Your pineapple sage is blooming????

    Off with you Kary and your 80 degree days!

    I'll love you in spite of them, and will def try this lasagna.

    xo jane

  22. I think this is sweet. Love that Teddy helps ~

  23. Oh that looks great. I love eggplant too. I will have to try this!

  24. Awwe! Your so sweet I sooo wish I could stop by.~Cheers Kim

  25. Not only has your post got me craving lasagna but I really want my own pet now soon.... I somehow overlooked that your cat was called Whiskey sour! So funny and cute! xxx

  26. Eggplant's always delicious ! I like it cubed , tossed in a very little oil and fresh thyme and then slow-roasted in the oven . Then added to a tomato sauce , it makes a lovely meatfree pasta sauce .
    But now I need to try your lasagne , too . Must buy more eggplants !

  27. i've never tried eggplant lasagna but that looks absolutely delicious...i'm going to have to try my hand at that!!

    have a super weekend!


  28. I love eggplant and your recipe looks delicious! I don't cook enough of it! Now, if I could only get to the market . . .

    Is Teddy your Sous Chef? Duke is mine and NEVER leaves the kitchen when I'm cooking! LOL!!! He's always hoping for something to hit the deck! LOL!!!! Ahh, Whiskey Sour has the life, I'm so jealous of that cat!

    I'm crying over your "cold snap" and wishing it were us! We're having another snow storm that promise to drop up to 8 inches of snow, which would bring out total snowfall to 50+ inches for the winter! We've already met our season total . . .

    Have a wonderful day! Hugs to Teddy!

  29. What a lovely post - it felt like we were with you during your day!!

    Love that aubergene lasagne.

  30. Your eggplant lasagna looks awesome. I never think to get eggplant except at a restaurant. Good idea.

  31. your lasagne dish looks so elegant... I think mine came out to cheesy in the end but I love aubergine so I will try again for perfection!... love that dog of yours!

  32. Wow, this sounds really easy. I love eggplant, and I love lasagna. I'm not sure I could keep from eating the eggplant after it was browned, though. I usually eat it almost as fast as I cook/fry it! We had so much eggplant this past summer...

  33. thank you for reminding me of eggplant.
    found you on Wild Magnolia,s site....


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