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Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Week To Go

one week till halloween and we are still going over here... loving our dinosauer costume
Check Spellingmy brother, mark made his skeleton crudite plate....

that's you-know-who.... your hostess...

made one more round of the caramel apples... these were a double delight..we dipped them in caramel and then bittersweet chocolate...

halloween wine, naturally...

some of our halloween cupcakes....

more cupcakes...these were tiny ones...

just a fun saturday...

making cupcakes...

on a rainy Fall afternoon...a week before halloween.


  1. The dinosaur is a cutie for sure! Many goodies for Halloween party!

    Good share!

    xoxo to Teddy love.

    Sending love, magnolia

  2. you are getting very creative out there! i am back and it is almost 80 degrees. can you hear me screaming all the way across the country? watching football!!!

  3. I like the crudite plate. Funny! Looks like a great time.

  4. It's hard to make vegetables fun, but your brother succeeded!

  5. hi! I can feel the excitement :-) so lovely Kary!! nice thighs & beautiful costume :-)) what I also find great is that you are already having so much fun in preparing ... :-) thank you for visiting with me today ... i was a bit late in posting, but i manage to post a new one after all ... happy week and hugs to Teddy!

  6. Yummers! Those legs and feet are spooooky....


  7. Looks like yummy fixings for a Halloween party. Wish I was your neighbor! :)

  8. You certainly have enough Halloween cheer to spread around for all of us, Kary! I assume dear Teddy is going to be a cute and cuddly bear? Did I let the dog out of the bag or is that the cat? xxoo Nancy

  9. Lovely photos :) Especially those caramel apples! ♥

  10. Looks like a fun day, I love the bottles of wine, did not know they came in such cute packaging. The relish dish is awesome also.

  11. Hi Kary, I'll be right over!! There's too much fun happening at you house. Love the cupcakes and the skeleton crudite. I have to have those bottles of wine. Have a boooootiful week!!!

  12. You shared with me a bit of Halloween fun and I would dearly love one of those cupcakes! The crudite plate is truly awesome!

  13. Things look very festive at your house! Love it!

  14. a perfect day!!!!! I love it all

  15. Oh, looks like such a fun party! Can Duke and I come?

  16. Hi Kary,

    What lovely festivities! I'm sure everyone had a great time!

    I loved your post on the giant pumpkins. I've seen the 1200-pounders at the fairs, too. Kudos to all those hard-working farmers!

    Thanks for stopping by. And give Teddy an extra hug! (What a cutie!)

  17. Looks like you had a blast! The cuppy cakes look so yummy. Can't wait to see what you are doing for Halloween. :)

  18. Well, I love the socks and shoes and all the cool Halloween pictures.

  19. Hello dear friend, you are certainly in the Halloween mood. The crudite platter was a hoot, and your legs and shoes were adorable! It's wonderful to see so many bloggers having so much fun with Halloween - we don't do too much around here at Frog Hollow Farm. Being a bit off the road in a rural area doesn't bring us any trick-or-treaters, and with grandchildren I tend to go slow with the Halloween decorations. Glad to see you having so much fun - I can't wait to see what Teddy will be on Halloween! Ciao, bella!

  20. Oh Kary, what a fun Halloween party this will be!

    I get hundeds of trick or treaters on hHalloween -- it's a bust holiday here!


  21. Well, well, well, we know you've been waiting for this holiday since when....maybe August?

    But now that I've seen the food and the wine and the costumes I surrender Dorothy.

    Halloween is too much fun in your kitchen.

    xo Jane

  22. Looking like fun!

    Happy Tuesday.


  23. How fun, I love it all! So festive :)

    P.S. Head over to my blog for a giveaway!

  24. What a wonderful day you had! The cupcakes look delish! Was Teddy involved in the preparations?

  25. oh, i love it:). everything is so festive:). i hope you are all doing well and enjoying lovely october:).



  26. How refreshing to see an alternative to a sweet treat. That crudite platter is brilliant! What a creative family.


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