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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Tomato Show

I wasn't going to leave the house today, but my brother Mark called and said I better get in the car and go over to the tomato festival...
I was glad I did....they had seminars on tomtoes

Tomato Tastings

You got to vote for your favorite tomato

Baskets and baskets of tomatoes for sale....the last thing I need.....

Apple trees for sale...I have a BIG THING for apple trees..I am out of room here on the farm

they were so small though

now that sounded pretty good...

this little lady was so cute...in her tomato and avocado apron...she was demonstrating how to make tomato rosettes...and she was good....

there was a booth that showed you all the foods that bees are responsible for

i just loved this basket of goodies...especially that jar of canned peaches there in the back...

i have never heard of" bread and salt" tomatoes.... i am going to have to try and grow these...if it ever gets hot....not complaining

they had a beautiful zinnia garden...sure put mine to shame
...those are zinnia's, aren't they?

a california poppy..our native flower...growing between two booths out of dirt as hard as brick

this was growing out of the parking lot....see those brown California mountains

i am regretting that i didn't get a bat house...

some man made both the bat houses and the bluebird houses...i don't know why that makes me kinda sad...i can just see him in his garage..all alone...making bat and bird houses...but you know he likes it...

tomato parking..there's one I've never seen before....
i'm glad i went....it was old fashion and farmy....
off to make a Chicken Pie for supper tonight.....


  1. Sounds like you had a good time. Spur of the moment trips can be great fun.
    Happy Sunday to you and Teddy.


  2. What fun the tomato festival sounds like! And the basil lemonade sounds interesting. Love all your pretty pictures. Saw your note at Cozy Little House and you got my interest. Is your banner picture of the barn part of your property? The reason I ask is your profile says you live "downtown San Luis Obispo." It's hard to imagine that big barn being "downtown." Just wondering...Come visit ButtermilkCottage sometime.

  3. love the tomato parking sign! All thing tomato - what a wonderful way to spend your day. Give Teddy a kiss for me.


  4. Zinnias and strawflowers as well! I guess we have your hot weather, but that effects tomato flowers too! Always something. Kisses to you and Teddy! Nancy

  5. What a delightful festival! My town has installed bat houses here and there throughout. It's a nice project. We've tons of bats at the manor.

  6. I just love tomatoes and that is what is so good about this time of year. What a fun homey festival you went to. I hope to hit the farmers market for some delicious tomatoes in the am. Lorrie

  7. It sounds like a wonderful day, Kary!! Love tomatoes - my Dad grows fantastic ones, can't get enough of them! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, my Mum read it & cried all over again, so sweet ofyou. Happy happy Sunday & hugs to Teddy from Alice & me xox

  8. A fun day! And next time, buy a bat house!

  9. I've never been to a Tomato Festival. This sounds like so much fun. I think I want a bat house now too.

  10. That looked like a wonderful festival~ yum...I just love summer tomatoes! I still need to make my savory tomato zucchini pie..yum!

  11. I purchased a bat house a few years back, but no bats came. I was informed by the Audubon Society I needed bat guamo to attract them.I just could not bring myself to inquire "where do you purchase bat guano?" Does sweet little Teddy like tomatoes? Grape tomatoes, happens to be one of Winslow Homer's favorite snacks!

  12. We have a ton of bats here at the farm, but not a bat house in sight. The festival looks fun and I love tomatoes, especially the yellow ones.

  13. Just old fashioned...........
    did you get an apple tree?
    always room for just one more
    donkey in the pines

  14. oh what a lovely outing you had! Thanks for sharing.

  15. I have enjoyed reading your post. We have Californian poppies here in New Zealand, gold miners from California brought the seeds here during the 1860's - the seeds were in the dirt on the bottom of their boots and they spread the seed unknowingly as they walked around the goldfield areas, there are wonderful displays in the wild now.

  16. How I would have loved your day out! And how much I would have come home with! Thank you for sharing with us.

  17. That sounds like such a great day :-) I love tomato mostly just freshly cut with lots of olive oil on them and freshly cut coriander, some salt and eventually some bread with it ... yum, simple but I just love it :-) thank you for your lovely comment you left on my blog! :-) happy Sunday!!

  18. Hi
    oh, that sounds like sooo much fun! I love tomatoes, especially cherry. Yummy snacks. Your area of the world looks lovely....and I was so excited to see my first scarecrow of the season on your blog! Love that.

  19. ok...i want to go to a tomato festival! actually, i could probably hold one of my own right now. my daughter made some of the best tomato sauce i've ever tasted and she used the tomatoes that i planted in her garden. i have two huge baked zitis in the oven as i type. i made marinara sauce this morning for them.

  20. i'll put pics of my ziti on tomorrow's post. brendan just walked out of here with one of them. they weigh like 10 #'s each! btw...i have a bat house but no bats. bats are becoming extinct in the east.

  21. That festival looks like a lot of fun! The basil lemonade sounds really intriguing! I'm going to write that one down and see if I can make some soon.

    I wish I had lots of tomatoes this year. Usually I have waaay to many. But it's been so dry and hot that I've hardly gotten any!


  22. The festival looks like it was a lot of fun. I would've loved to try that basil lemonade.

  23. I want a bat house too. I'm one block from the busiest street in town. So I don't know if bats would come here or not. Yes, those are zinnias. They should be easy to grow, yet I can't get them to!

  24. What a sweet brother to notify you of the festival. Sounds like it was right down your alley. I hope you enjoyed every minute of it.

    I'm so glad you found the cottage and decided to become a friend. I'm just getting back in the saddle after being gone for five weeks, but please do come again.

    By the way, I love, love, love the picture in your blog banner. Is that a barn that has been converted to a house?

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  25. hello you:).

    just popping in to say hi:). i love the idea of the tomato festival- it looks like it was so much fun:). great photos too. I love apple trees as well. I planted 3 of them this spring, but they're so small, I think it'll be another 10 years before I can get any apples from them. Oh, well... worth the wait, I suppose. Those zinnia are lovely. I really like zinnia- they're beautiful.

    I hope that you are all doing well in CA. It's good to read about your days:). Looking forward to autumn.



  26. I will eat a tomato like an apple! This was a great blog. Oh, I wish I had been with you!

  27. that looks like you had a great day. As it is, I can;t eat tomatoes but i do love them so!!

  28. Glad I stopped by your blog today...Love all the colorful pics, Makes me so ready for Fall.
    I enjoyed my stay and hope to visit again tomorrow...

  29. How neat to be able to attend a Tomato show. Lots of great pictures. I think I might just like a bat house!


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