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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Old Fashion Easter Egg Hunt

I went with my family today to breakfast across the street at The Del Monte Cafe. After the breakfast we all loaded up and headed over to Meadow Park here in San Luis Obispo for an old fashion Easter Egg Hunt. They had popcorn and cupcakes and bbq hot dogs and face painting and balloons...and an Easter Egg Hunt..along with getting your picture taken with the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny scared me to death as a kid...but nobody was crying here today. Seemed like they all loved it.
John and I are having a quiet Easter here at home alone this year. After the past few weeks, I just wasn't in the mood for a big deal kind of Easter. I told John this morning that I have planned an old fashion dinner. Nothing "Martha" here this year. Not one thing. I have a Farmer John ham...it even has a little package on the side that has a brown sugar sauce to put on it. And I am doing it. Making scalloped potatoes and some asparagus. I got rolls..Oh yes I did..the kind that comes in the round blue tube. You know the ones. The Pillsbury cresent rolls. I am opening a can of mandarin oranges and dessert is strawberry shortcake. I'll make the shortcakes with Bisquick. I love Bisquick. Especially when I am in one of those "comfort me" kinda moods like I am this year. Actually, I am pretending I am in a Farmhouse in Vermont. Wood floors, bouquets of sweet peas from the garden, a small fire smoldering in the woodstove,cats sleeping curled up in wing back chairs,the smell of ham coming from the Wedgewood stove, strawberries sliced and sprinkled with sugar,shortcakes cooling on the windowsill,mandarin oranges in pretty sprigware cups....the only thing missing is.....Teddy !
Happy Easter, my friends


  1. Teddy is still in your heart! Happy Easter!

  2. I think the Bunny in your photos looks forlorn! (But I guess he's tired having hidden all those eggs?) And don't be apologizing for using Bisquick. Sometimes you just need a little Bisquick to get through life!

  3. I, also, think the bunny looks a little weary. I guess the whole Easter thing might be a little exhausting! Perhaps your quiet Easter with John is just right. I'm all by myself with the boys at their brother's Vegas bachelor party and I'm meeting Poetic Shutterbug for breakfast tomorrow...getting a few things done at home.

    Warmest wishes to you, Kary...

  4. Dear Kary,

    You made perfect plans for you and husband. Dinner sound delish, and pared down, for pared down emotions.

    Starwberry short cake is definitely "the ticket". Thank goodness for Bisquick. Ham I always love and pop dinner rolls. Scalloped potatoe's, be still my heart.

    Enjoy your Easter dinner & Happy Easter.

    Sending love,


  5. Your ham dinner sounds divine! I can feel the butter dripping from the rolls just taken hot from the oven!
    Sometimes the simple things are best. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  6. I love Bisquick, I love that slightly salty taste against the sweet berries and whipping cream. I think that might have to go on the Easter menu. Sweet dreams of Teddy my dear 18 days to go.

  7. The Easter Bunny looks so hopeful that you'll ask him for an Easter Wish. Did Ella?
    looks VERY Grammie and Grampie, in other words, perfect.
    donkey in the pines

  8. A sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm! I agree with a previous comment, that Easter bunny looks a bit forlorn! Didn't they look happier years ago? Anyway, Bisquik is a definite comfort food and will taste delicious because it's what you want to use, and that's what counts! My very top secret 'bad' food is Velveeta, but I will never admit it to anyone! :) A blessed and comforting Easter to you all at the Farmhouse! Take care my dear! Ciao, bella!

  9. Dear Kary,

    I think of you as being my blog neighbor, would that it were so in physical distance.

    I couldn't resist popping in again today to say, it would be wonderful to share Easter with you tomorrow. Your comment made my day.

    To my way of thinking it is a wonderful thing for one to help another in time of need. If only you knew how many times another has reached out and helped me. Many times, dear new friend.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Happy day and night.

    love again, magnolia

  10. Oh darn it, and I had Sara May, Ilyahna, and Asher here. Wish I had tuned in earlier, but I am washing laundry from the trip and getting ready for the trip this coming week.

    Remember I missed it last year and promised myself I wouldn't again???

    Easter dinner sounds great and quiet. Have a wonderful, cozy time. Feels like rain again? Right? Perfect for a fire tonight. I am HAPPY to be home for a few days.

    Love xx,


  11. Sweetheart, this sounds just wonderful! Just perfect.
    God's blessings, for Teddy. xo
    I send you love.

  12. I think you are preparing a delicious Easter meal, and I wish you joy today and this month. I know you miss Teddy and that was so good you went to the traditional Easter egg hunt, for some enjoyable moments.

  13. Happy Easter, dearest Kary!! Much love, Silke

  14. How great!!
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Lisa

  15. I love Easter egg hunts :)

    Have a lovely Easter!♥

  16. i hope you have a beautiful and bright easter

  17. I think you're doing the right thing. Happy Easter, my friend.

  18. it all sounds delicious!

    my kids love those crescent

    have a blessed easter!

  19. Your bunny. Why so sad?? Those outfits are uncomfortable. Having worn one, believe me I know.

    Wishing you a lovely Easter!! There's not much tastier than a Pillsbury Crescent Roll.

  20. Sounds scrumptious! So glad you are getting ready for Teddy! He will be one lucky pup! Wishing you blessings for a joyous, but quiet Easter. Hugs, V.

  21. happy easter to you kary, it all sounds perfect to me. teddy will be there soon and you'll have much to celebrate.
    sending love from
    lori and owen ♥

  22. Hello Kary! Just back from a fresh Easter morning walk in Hyde Park with Miss Alice. I was telling her all about young Teddy, and the story of how we brought her home...she's looking forward to welcoming him now!! Daffodils swaying, cherries blossoming - it was overcast, but beautiful to be out. we're cheating and having lunch in our favourite local pub today, then over to my parents at The Farm this evening, so no cooking at all this weekend for me. Actually a lovely thought, just this once. Be cosy together and ease your hearts this Easter, in preparation for the Red Whirlwhind! Our love to you, Alice & Me xoxox

  23. How lovely! Easter egg hunts look like such fun :)
    Happy Easter to you and John
    Love Morwenna

  24. Oh dear... :( Hope you still have a tender, sunny Easter despite your loss Kary...thinking of you xxx

  25. Now that looks like a lot of fun.
    Sending you lots of positive vibes and love.

    Thanks so much for keeping in touch.

  26. Dear Kary,

    We have us a clear blue sky super sunny day here in South Central Florida. I went for my morning walk and the ham is in the oven.

    Thinking of you and happy Teddy is coming very soon!

    Sending love, magnolia

  27. hi kary! happy easter! that easter egg hunt looks like it is right out of the movie 'steel magnolias'. why do i keep quoting that movie to you? just think of what easter will be like this time next year! you will be celebrating teddy's first birthday!

  28. Sounds delicious! Happy Easter Kary! xx

  29. Happy Easter to you and yours.


  30. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day...Happy Easter Kary : )

  31. The Easter Egg hunt looks like a gorgeous and fun day out for all! The weather we are having is just delightful. I thought of you today when I cooked my Vermont Ham. I grew up in the country just outside of Vermont and I try to get up once a month if possible. I love it there. We live in a quaint old farmhouse in NJ and I try hard to 'pretend' its in Vermont :)
    Hope your Easter was nice.

  32. It sounds like a wonderful day...full of comfort and love. Happy Easter!

  33. Very happy Easter to you and your Kary!
    I think that bunny doesn’t feel very happy to be there...

  34. oh i love these pictures!! it reminds me of the final scene in steel magnolias (only one of my all-time favorite movies) sounds like you had a lovely easter...i just can't wait to meet teddy!


  35. Oh this makes me want to be a kid searching for easter eggs again! And obviously to follow the experience with your gorgeous sounding meal.

  36. Hello Kary,

    Smithsonian channel is awesome. The program on now is of art and music and a way of seeing. Zen. Fabulous beauty of Japan. Sigh.

    Thinking of you and wishing a beautiful path for your journey.

    sending love, magnolia

  37. i am such a believer in journaling. i think i told you i filled 6 journals in the 3 months between losing freddy and getting teddy. i still felt awful but somehow i felt the tiniest bit better when i wrote down my feelings. You've never had a pierogi??? wow...you sure are missing something good. today is opening day for baseball. i might have to start watching it or i will have nothing that my husband and son will talk to me about!!!

  38. Here it is Tuesday and we are still eating leftovers. And everything is still tasty. Even the peanut butter chocolate eggs and the chocolate bunnies. Oh yummy do!

    The yellow and red tulip plant I purchased is gorgeous with tulips wide open now.

    Wishing you a good day.


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