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Monday, February 8, 2010

....and the teacup goes to....Lorrie

Well I have to say that this really was alot of fun..and the winner of the sprig teacup giveaway is LORRIE from lilylovekin tails.....Congratulations, my friend...
Lorrie, email me at myfarmhousekitchen@yahoo.com with your snail mail address and it will be on it's way with all good wishes...with love from, Kary


  1. Yay Lorrie!
    I'm smiling cuz i see whats on your wish list,
    what would you name them?
    donkey in the pines

  2. Oh congratulations Lorrie!! (She says, in a sort of teeth-clenched-in-a-smile-because-the-cameras-are-on-me-but-I'm-secretly-DEVASTATED-I-didn't-win-the-Oscar type way...:-) ) No seriously, this was a lot of fun Kary, and I really am happy for you, lucky Lorrie!! xox Rachel

  3. Aww, and I was wishing so hard... Ha Ha Ha! Congrats Lorrie! how exciting!!!

  4. I love the beautiful bouquet you have posted. Makes me realize spring is really on the way.
    Congratulations Lorrie!

  5. Enjoy many cups of delicious tea, Lorrie!!

  6. Well, I suppose if I couldn't win, Lorrie deserves it! Congratulations to Lorrie!


  7. Drat, that Lorrie had to win...but, oh, I can't be a totally spoil sport, good for you, Lorrie...I shouldn't be so ugly, I did win a $550 HP/Intel home server for a haiku...had to look up what that was. You're a sweetie, Kary, for doing that.

    I'm still so elated that the Saints won! What joy for New Orleans and this Charity nursing school grad!

  8. Congratulations, lucky Lorrie !!!!!


  9. Congrats to Lorrie... now about that vase of flowers... chuckle-chuckle... or that roast on Saturday... yum-yum......

    I just love seeing who is going to win a little treasure. It really about visiting friends and enjoying there day.

    Off a running before the big snow tonight....

    Kate xoxoxox

  10. YAY! Way to go, Lorrie!!

    (darn, and I was feeling so lucky!)

    Hey, I made lasagna in my iron skillet and posted a pic today.

  11. Those flowers are simply breathtaking! What a vision of spring and since we're expecting icy, snow, sleet, high winds, low temps...I NEED that vision of spring! -smile-
    Congrats to the winner of the cup; may you sip many lovely memories in the years to come.

  12. Rats! Congrats to Lorrie! She's a lucky girl!

  13. Yeah, and thanks for all the congrats. I can't quite believe I won, rarely winning anything it is very exciting. And to win such a wonderful treat. I'll think of you everytime I use the teacup and see it. What a great gift, but not as good as your friendship Thanks so much for that. love Lorrie

  14. Congratulations Lorrie!!! Thank you Kary for hosting a lovely giveaway. Oh, and the roast and asparagus sound wonderful! I am going to have to try cooking ours in cast-iron soon :)

    Have a lovely evening!


  15. Lorrie is so lucky! :) Congrats to her!

  16. Congratulations to Lorrie, lucky Lorrie I've always called her! Your flowers are beautiful also. Lasagna in an iron skillet, huh? I cook everything else in one...

  17. Lucky Lorrie! Beautiful flowers...

  18. you are a sweetheart to do this kary, your right it was fun and everyone is so happy. i love coming here, thank you for putting out the welcome mat.
    enjoy your week!
    ♥ lori

  19. Wonderful Blog. This is the first time I have visited, but I will definitely visit again. Beautiful pictures, and interesting posts.
    Thanks for sharing your creativness.

  20. Hello!Stopping by to ask you if you want a cup of coffee?Sending you a virtual one and a french cake to go with it!Have a warm day :)

  21. I've done something like a 1000 posts and have never thought to do a give-away. I wonder if this would be a good way to deal with all the feral cats I end up with.

  22. Congratulations Lorrie!
    I love the lists on your sidebar Kary!
    Take Care!

  23. Congrats to here. Yeah!! I'm sure she'l love it..jst as much as I love your Valentine cookies to the right of this comment field. Ohh Valentine jammie dodgers. Yum.


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