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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nothing Fancy

So yesterday afternoon I am watching Ellen and she has on her chef. This man named Tal and he has out a new cookbook called The Conscious Chef. All vegan. Ellen's vegan. And I am thinking maybe I could just try the vegetarian thing that I failed at twice last year...again. Not vegan..cause of my pizza love...just no meat.

Now the weatherman comes on for his update and he says RAIN. What? Rain? Are you kidding me? Does he really mean it? We have been bbqing out in the garden for weeks.You mean I could get my crockpot out? At last. Winter? Here? For me?

And what do I want to put in that crockpot? POT ROAST. How can I do a vegetarian pot roast. I can't. Why do I even consider it? I am thinking gravy and mashed potatoes.

So off I go to Scolaris and there it is. A beautiful pot roast. So I put it in my cart and head to the soup isle. I want the Lipton Onion Soup mix to make the pot roast like my mom made.And YES. You are seeing that right. Canned corn and gravy from a jar. Someone sometimes gives me a hard time about my Heinz gravy love.... (you know who you are.)

So this morning out came the crockpot....I browned the roast first, then put it in the crockpot with the soup mix, some water and a couple of splashes of red wine.

And it already smells good. So tonight, no Julia Child.No Alice Waters. Just old fashion and farmy.

And for dessert....did you see it...isn't it cute? We will each get two bites of that tiny berry pie...


  1. We eat meat once or twice a week and I wouldn't even consider giving it up; I know I'd fail.
    I know giving up meat is the right thing to do in relation to the environment but I find it to be the best fuel for my body.
    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm thinking of 'throwing' a couple of delicious, spicy sausages in the oven

  2. the mini pie and roast sound great! yum!!! I love the little plate too!!!

  3. I made a heavenly roast on Monday and we're still eating the leftovers. I make it just like you do, with the soup mix and the red wine. (only I throw in some vermouth, a few carrots and onions and thicken the juices for my own gravy...I won't razz you for the Heinz!)

    Hey, what's that yummy goodie in the first pic?

  4. I'm not a vegan, just a pesco-pollo vegetarian. I did see that bit on Ellen's show and I was amazed at how much the "meat" looked like real beef. (Didn't catch the name of the product, did you?)
    it looked as if he was doing a sort of boeuf Bourguignon, didn't it?

    I can't say I'd eat your pot roast, but I'm sure it IS delicious!


  5. the pot roast sounds delicious...in spite of your best (vegetable) intentions.

  6. That sounds so good! With the weather we've been having, pot roast would make for the perfect meal. And the dessert looks quite tasty as well. Cheers!

  7. i was also wondering about that "meat" product, couldn't remember what it was! i prefer not to eat meat, but stephen makes a mean pot roast though!

  8. Lovely post Kary :) You have won an award! Take a peek at my latest post to find out all about it xoxo

  9. Nothing tastes better on a damp night than pot roast. I don't care what all those Veggie's say... I can never understand how a legume could possibly soothe your soul like good old slow simmered red meat does!

  10. Your meals always sounds so scrumptious. We had a good bit of rain here yesterday and last night. I heard there was to be a storm with small craft advisories...it doesn't seem to have materialized yet. What about you in SLO..you're only 250 miles south?

  11. That's a good-lookin' roast! I'll bet the house smells terrific....mmmmm

  12. Kary, I've popped you into my sidebar on Blasts From the Past and Invisible Keepsakes. Would you consider adding me to yours?

    Also, are you on Facebook? If you are, look for me under "Kat Mortensen" with the stuffed cat pic.

  13. I was a vegetarian for many years, but now have added chicken and turkey to my diet. I would still like to go back, but will power is lacking : )

  14. Dearest Kary,
    Cook and eat what makes you happy!!!!
    That's what everyone should do, don't you think?
    And that roast seems to be pullin' those mouth corners up. :-)
    Just so you know, if Morwenna hadn't already given you that award, I WOULD. xoxo

  15. Your food looks delicious, but it was your unusual chopping board that caught my eye and that lovely ceramic with the pine cones!

  16. That's great:). I'm sure your home smells delicious! Vegetarianism can wait a bit;). Enjoy your roast!

  17. My Mum always made pot roast like that too and the house smelled wonderful! Tasted good too:-)

  18. Nothing better than a roast in the oven. Hence, I would fail miserably at being a vegetarian. I'd rather live by the "all things in moderation" code of eating.

  19. mary from michiganJanuary 14, 2010 at 9:19 AM

    When I have a yummy rack of barbequed ribs I feel SO SORRY for vegetarians and vegans. I swear, it's like a religion to some of these people. And when they preach to me about it, I say; "I'm sorry, I don't want any part of your religion/cult". I feel no guilt whatsoever about enjoying meat. And I laugh when I see city people preaching to us country folk about being more enviro friendly. After all, we live in the country, we don't want to abuse our habitat! I read the obligatory magazine article on which Christmas trees are most environmentally safe. Artificial? Nope, not biodegradable. Live trees you plant later? Nope, 9x out of ten they don't survive until they can be planted. The advice was to buy a cut tree, and after Christmas drive it to your re-cycle center for chipping. Good for city slickers, if you don't count all the natural resources they use to drive it there. But, ya know what us country folk do? We take it to the woods and lay it on the ground. It makes great rabbit habitat and the decaying tree is good for the soil. How's that for being environmentally friendly in a way "experts" never even thought of recommending? ENJOY your yummy pot roast, and begin thinking of all the ways you help the environment that experts who've never lived in the country don't even know about!


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