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Friday, January 15, 2010

Hot Toast and Jam

The Creative Tuesday Logo on my sidebar is from the wonderful blog Hot Toast and Jam.

goodteatoo.blogspot.com is his blog address. ( i don't know how to link to it...grrr )
He has a wonderful group of people who are participating in his Creative Tuesday's.

It is a great group of very talented people and it is alot of FUN !

I have made some amazing new friends through Mr. Toast....and thought maybe you would enjoy it too.....

have a great cozy winter weekend, dear ones



  1. That Mr. Toast is a dear, isn't he? :)

  2. Hi Kary! You're winning everything in sight - with good reason!!xx Just to let you know (because I only just discovered how) if you want to add someone's blog as a link, when you go into 'posting' and then when you're posting, along the top toolbar of the white posting box there's a bit that says 'link'. If you click on that, it let's you put the address of the blog in to open when someone clicks on it, and the first box you can change to put the actual name of the blog? So instead of saying 'Kary at www.myfarmhousekitchen.blogspot.com' it will say 'Kary at My Farmhouse Kitchen' & when they click on the blog name, it will take people straight to it! Sounds complicated, I'm sorry, but it really isn't (or I couldn't do it, for sure!) Just have a play about!! Have a great evening, with lots of love, Rachel xoxoxo

  3. Hello, you lovely lady! I have an award waiting for you (and Buddy)!! Feel free to pass it on or - if you prefer - simply enjoy it on my blog! Hugs, Silke

  4. hope you have a great weekend!!


  5. Kary, my mom was just asking me how to do that. Highlight whatever word you want to be a link, then click the 'link' icon at the top of the bar, type the link address you want (or paste it if you've copied it), and that's it. Hope that helps!
    I will definitely check out mr. toast and this creative tuesdays thing! Sounds interesting.
    Will you pretty please take part of my new little project? Would love to see what you find out there in beautiful SLO. Check out my bloggyblog to read all about it. :D
    Is it raining there now? How are you? How is Buddy?
    Hope to hear from you soon....
    xoxo Dawn

  6. Gosh, you made me want some toast and jam for my afternoon snack, Kary. I bought some almond butter the other day at Costco, think I'll go try it out.

    Can't believe I was so close to you when I was at Firestone. If I ever get there again, you must join me.

  7. Suunds like all that rain it might be a good time to saunter over to the Madonna Inn and have a nice big piece of Black Forest Cake and a cup of coffee!


  8. Thanks for stopping by and checking in-I've been missing my sister. Hope you have a nice week end and don't get too wet.

  9. I will go over and read Mr. Toast's blog. I am also a little (understatement) techologically challenged.
    ♥, Susan

  10. Hooray for all your awards and accolades!
    And to Buddy for all the inspiration he provides, and Mr. Farmhouse for all the wood he chops and the roses he plants

    donkey in the pines

  11. Okay... I'll go see Mr. Toast...but I was so thrilled to see Tasha Tudor at the top of your page! I love her and have a couple of her books. I want to be just like her (except not quite as rustic!)... A farmhouse with animals, gardens and time to draw and write... Hope you are well! ~ Pam (newenglandsnarrowroad)


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