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Friday, November 13, 2009

Red Plaid Blankets

The first picture is a photograph of a picture I have in my home. I keep it up all year round. I love Thanksgiving. Every year I cruise all the foodie magazines..trying to come up with new and exciting ways to make mashed potaoes and stuffing. But this year I am going another way. The kind of Thanksgiving we had as kids. You know the one, nothing is made out of Gourmet magazine. I did buy the Novemeber Gourmet..being it is the last issue and all. R.I.P. But I am more in the mood for the other book. Gourmet Wine Cooking. The Easy Way. It's not that I'm looking for the easy way out...I just am in the mood for the other.Below is my menu for Thanksgiving this year. The Thanksgiving dinner you would find at grandma's house up in Maine. And see the red plaid blanket. That's what I want on my bed on Thanksgiving Eve in my bedroom while I am staying in Maine...waiting for Thanksgiving Day. The blanket is actually one I have thrown over my red wing backed chair. They are camp blankets from up in Maine. That's where I got them. That's were I wish I was for Thanksgiving. I'll once again...pretend.

Thanksgiving In Maine Menu 2009

Roast Turkey with herb, spinach and sausage stuffing
Cranberry Salad with walnuts and Limbertwig apples
Green bean casserole
Mashed potatoes
Roasted yams with pecans,butter and cinnamon
Cranberry Sauce
Pan gravy

Gopher Glen Cinnamon Spice apple pie


  1. We don't have the tradition of Thanksgiving Day here so, it's such a wonderful pleasure to learn about culture and celebrations in other countries around our beloved blue planet :)


  2. I get so sad when I think about the demise of Gourmet magazine. I loved it! And I loved Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie too. To think that a publishing company would do away the such an influential magazine so abruptly is horrifying to me.

  3. Mmmm, I can imagine the aromas from the turkey and the yams cooking now. Your menu is making me hungry!
    Yes, sometimes the elegant dinner doesn't stand up to the homestyle feast. It's a good year to bring back the traditional table.

  4. I agree with Claudia.
    Your menu sounds yummy! Put another plate on the table and may I please have two servings of apple pie?

  5. Your menu sounds delicious, it would not be Thanksgiving without green bean casserole!

  6. Boy, does that haystack picture look familiar, I think maybe we were together when you found that? Up north? I agree with Thomas about Gourmet. I hope you share your stuffing recipie, is it from the red plaid box?

    donkey at the dining room table

  7. yes, it is Rosemary's and it is in Red Plaid.



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