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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look What I Got

Do you see it there?Lurking in the background. Yep, you're seeing right. That's a great big piece of prime rib. I couldn't help myself. And to think that one month ago I took the PETA Vegetarian 30 day challenge. When I got an email the other day congratulating me on making it for 30 days .....I felt like sinking into a hole. Congratulations. I have to admit I was a little ashamed of myself. I briefly considered staying on the challenge. Thought I could secretly sneek meat when I was alone. Maybe even make a break for a drive thru. The nice people at Mc Donalds don't know me. They don't care. A friend of mine actually gave me the idea. He's a vegetarian. And I admired him for his efforts.Kind of almost had him on a pedestal. Wow..a vegetarian. How cool.And then he dropped the bomb. He sneeks meat. Nobody knows. He lives alone...so who even cares. Says he orders pizza with pepperoni. Eats turkey at Thanksgiving, prime rib at Christmas and ham at Easter. But only when he is alone. Seemed like a good way to go...but honestly ....why would you do it? Does anybody even care? And it got me to thinking. Do all vegetarians sneek meat when nobodys looking. I bet they do.


  1. Your blog post first made me smile, then I laughed. Great post! I hope you enjoy the rib roast :-)

  2. I don't cheat when I go vege I just can't take it after a while and have to have a juicy rare steak. It's the only thing I really crave and I was brought up a vegetarian! I guess we are just meat eaters at heart and you can't change that so enjoy-your roast looks good!

  3. I love your honesty. I personally love organic meat from animals who have been raised humanely and fairly. I like to eat like farmers do. Hearty, wholesome, and delicious.

  4. That's one BIG piece of meat! I'm sure it will taste mighty delicious. I witnessed a once-vegetarian friend of mine eat meat for the first time in years. She looked as happy as a pig in you know what. You can't deny that meat brings out our primal side...a side I like keeping happy!

  5. A life without bacon? Wouldn't be the same.
    The new Header photo is a weeper!
    donkey on a hillside

  6. Love your header photo-we don't eat much meat, but last night my husband said I am craving a steak, so we barbecued a nice flat iron steak, with a little grilled polenta on the side...Meat its what's for dinner.....on occasion.

  7. Thanks for all your commments everybody. They made me smile........


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