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Monday, November 16, 2009

Cranberry ,English Walnut and Limbertwig Salad

This was the first morning we woke to frosty rooftops here in San Luis Obispo. I knew it was cold when I woke up and Whiskey Sour and Dande we both piled on top of me and Buddy was snuggled under the covers right by my side. He was as warm as a cinnamon bun. So the weather sure got me into a Thanksgiving mood. After we walked Buddy in our slippers today.....with hot coffee and tea..we came inside and I started to dig out some of my special Thanksgiving pieces. The glass compote was grammy's. We have had it on our Thankagiving table every year since I was born.I'll put cranberry sauce in that. And I think you've all seen the paper turkey. Surely, vintage by now..it's the same one we had on the table when Mark and I were kids in Los Gatos. I LOVE it !

The turkey plates are Johnson Brothers. I have a ba-zillion of them. I have collected them for probably 25 plus years. When we moved a couple of years ago from Cambria to San Luis John kept asking "why do we have so many turkey plates when we only have 7 for dinner?" "I don't know, it's just Thanksgiving love I guess." And so it goes.....

I am including a recipe that is probably about a thousand years old. I lost it a couple of years ago. But I am thinking..what did I need a recipe for? There are only seven ingredients. I found the recipe stuck in an old cookbook and added it to RED PLAID. I just love this salad. The recipe suggests you make it the night before. But I am not a fan of a salad that sits around. So I make it just a few minutes before serving it. You won't find this one in Gourmet or Bon Appetit. So it sure fits in well in my"Just old fashion in Maine Thanksgiving Theme" I have going on here this year at Farmhouse.You might have also noticed there lurking in the background some wine bottles....we have been going through the wine cellar too. It's not really a cellar..more like a gap under the stairs out in the barn.

Cranberry Salad
Eula Frye

2 cups raw cranberries, ground in a Cuisinart
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup small marshmallows
1/2 cup walnuts, chopped
2 cups diced tart apples ( you know I love my Limbertwig or Blacktwig apples here)
1/2 cup seedless grapes, halved
1 cup cream, wwhipped

Mix together and refridgerate for just a few minutes till chilled.


  1. Wouldn't Eula love this? I see some pretty nice drinking wine on your table. I can hear the corks popping now, and the requests to
    "Please pass the Cranberry Salad" and
    "Is there any stuffing left?"
    You notice how its always the first thing to go?

    donkey in the kitchen

  2. It's a pitty we don't have cranberries here :(

    I loved the turkey plates !!!

    Have a beautiful week :D


  3. I can't believe you've never had the green bean casserole-you are in for a treat. Penny is holding her own, has been started on a 2nd antibiotic and may need surgery but is feeling much better. Thanks for asking. "Warm as a cinnamon bun" I love it.

  4. Well this is s very toasty blog post indeed. Loved it. Frost, snuggling under covers, tea and coffee--ahhhh.

    Yumm, a great looking salad, btw.

  5. Oh i have to tell you--the randomly generated anti-spam filter word I just put in for the last post was "cookies" of all things! :)

  6. I love cranberries with everything. Will certainly try the cranberry salad.

  7. Mmmm. Marshmallows.

    I'm so glad you finally have brisk, cool weather! I LOVE the Turkey plates. I would have 10 different china patterns and a pattern for each holiday if I had the resources for such things! Maybe one day when we stop moving each year from rental house to rental house...

    They are SO cozy!

  8. Peaking in at your wonderful blog today and know the area you are living as I use to live outside of San Francisco in a little town of Burlingame. We always headed south when company came to visit. Your area is lovely. I have zero turkey plates and every year I say I am going to buy some but never want to pack them up since we have moved often. I loved the holiday cookie tin story. Brings back memories for me too.

  9. Enjoying your blog and all of your great recipes. and your photos of the San Luis Obispo area...I live in N. San Diego County.I have Johnson Bros. dinnerware (from the first marriage) that I don't want to get rid of - should I sell them on EBAY - LOL!!


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