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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two Time Loser

I'm going to keep this short cause I'd rather forget it. I went to Morro Bay. That part was good. Made it to the fish market. But after that it was all downhill. They didn't have any Dover Sole or Petrale Sole, which is what I really wanted. So I got some calamari. The baby clams looked good, the sign said they were from Washington. The guy even said they were good. So I got calamari and clams. Both were losers. I made the worst dinner. The clams were weird. They tasted sweet. Almost like candy. We were both like, Huh? Has anybody ever had clams like that? And I don't even want to talk about the calamari. I have made this recipe before and it was always good. I pounded it out. Sauteed it in olive oil and butter. Added some lemon, parsley and capers. I mean, really, what could go wrong? It's simple. It was bad. I cut it up and put it out for a stray cat or racoon. Figured if we couldn't eat it...at least some wild creature would have a nice supper. Came downstairs this morning. 3 hungry stray cats staring at me. And a bowl full of calamari.


  1. Farm Raised maybe? I'm glad you guys didn't eat them, and take a chance on sickness.

    you made the coons happy, anyways

  2. I'm relieved to know that even you have bad cooking experiences from time to time! Your recap of that was hilarious. Thanks for sharing! It's edifying for we new cooks to hear.

    I am making pot roast with onion soup and red wine tonight. Had to stop by and tell you, and realized I haven't seen this post yet!

    Be back tomorrow,

    P.S. Surely raccoons have a sweet tooth! I bet they will enjoy it :)

  3. No , the cats just didn't want leftovers . Our old cat certainly saw no reason to eat anything left on anyone else's plate . She "had standards" and only ate stuff specially schlepped from the supermarket .....or stolen from the neighbour's kitchen , if they'd left their window open .

  4. LOL! Kary, I hate to laugh at your expense but that was a funny story. It's always such a heartbreaker when a meal turns bad. Sweet like candy clams??? That IS weird!

  5. LOL, so funny, the cats; and comforting to know that good cooks can mess up somehow.


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