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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Have A Crush !

There he is. Isn't he adorable? I have to admit it..I have a crush on him. I couldn't resist taking pictures of him from all angles. He is just so cute. Yesterday we took a drive out to The Avila Barn. All the pumpkins are stacked. The barn is filled with apples and pears and nuts of all sorts. We played around, got ice cream cones, watched the kids on the tractor rides, and fed all the barnyard animals. With extra helpings to the donkey. It was a beautiful October afternoon. After we came home I rolled out our pizza dough that had been rising on the drainboard. John called and said he was going to be late. So I built a fire in the woodstove and read my Gooseberry Patch cookbook. You see, today I am pretending that I am on a farm in Vermont. My gate is bolted shut. I have a pot roast with Lipton Onion soup in the Crock Pot. No Thomas Keller or Alice Waters fare tonight. Just pure comfort. My kittys are laying in the early morning sun...all stretched out getting all that warmth. Butterscotch is laying by my side. I am going to go upstairs and put on my red plaid flannel L.L. Bean sheets on the bed. Might make a chocolate pie this afternoon. Newspaper says a big rain storm is on the way Sunday night from Alaska. That means COLD ! Finally. Pot roast sounds just right. With gravy. I wonder if I should make biscuits?


  1. I can see why you have a crush! He is the sweetest thing! And, homemade pizza sounds wonderful! Love your Halloweeny things! Happy Fall! ~Mandy (I think you should make biscuits!)

  2. Hi Kary! So great to hear from you, I missed you while I was away. I LOVE this post. Everything I love love love about fall. One day we will just have to meet...one FALL day. :)
    We actually met Joe and Sue on the Vineyard! Such wonderful people! It was all luck actually. I wanted to drop off a letter for her but she didn't have a mail box, so I had to knock...never been so nervous or shy in my life, but that all went away the minute Joe answered the door and Susan hugged me and welcomed us in! Yes, Joe told us about the Black Dog Tavern, and we went there for lunch after meeting them. It was a very happy day!
    How are you? I am also looking forward to a drop in temperature, and according to the weather channel it's coming on the weekend! Can't wait to wear cute hats and scarves and cook comfort food.
    Well kindred spirit, that's all for now. Hope to hear from you again soon!
    xo Dawn

  3. ..& perhaps to even just a bit more authentcity to your "imagination vacation" in Vermont you could serve some Apple cider w/ that pot roast - & by all means make biscuits(!) & top them w/ real butter & maple syrup :)

    Funny ... I came from the West Coast to the East Coast ... & I gather you did the opposite?

  4. I have a crush too, on those bumpity pumpkins
    that are the essence of the perfect fall orange.
    But my heart is palpitating for the polka dotted donkey. Lets' call her Dottie.


  5. You don't need to be in New England - you're living it right there!!! A woodstove, red plaid flannel, pumpkins, pot roast.....and a drop in temperature on the way!

    The Avila Barn sounds just like farms here. I'll bet the barn even has that earthy apple smell when you walk in. It makes me want to buy one of everything - pies, pumpkins, cider, jellies.
    Your pictures of the bumpy pumpkins are my favorites. :)

  6. Yes ! Dottie is the perfect name for her....


  7. I loved this post, it made me wish for the rain storm. I don't have the flannel sheets but I put on flannel pjs and snuggled up with my Bichon Penny. Is Butterscotch your poodle?

  8. Yes, biscuits! Definitely! I went to the farmer's market today and bought tiny pumpkins to put all over the house...

    And a spaghetti squash. This will be my first experience with spaghetti squash!

    And YAY for LLBean Flannel!

  9. Butterscotch is my red toy poodle..blind..and 14 years old....have had him since he was 8 weeks old. He is my baby. We call him Buddy or Buggy..... and do we ever LOVE THAT DOG !!!!


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