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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I made another run to Gopher Glen over Labor Day weekend. This time I came up with Mutsu apples. What I was really looking for was raspberries, but that wasn't gonna happen. They had 'em, but they looked bad. All mushy and falling apart. They looked old. So I took a pass on them. Next, I thought what about blueberries? I asked the kid, "Any blueberries?" "Nope, sorry, lady, the're all gone." O.K. I guess I'll check out the apples. The sign said that the Mutsu were " A Great Pie Apple". Well, that sounds good, I'll get those. To be perfectly honest, I have seen them before, but took a pass 'cause I don't like the name. I'm not sure what that's about. So I bagged 'em up and headed for home. I knew I would make the Sour Cream Apple Pie out of The Silver Palate. The First Book. I had made it about 20 years ago and I always loved it. The top of the apples get a crunchy streusel topping of brown sugar and walnuts before you put on the lattice top. I was in a cooking mood, or I would have skipped the lattice part. The pie took FOREVER to make. It looked pretty, farmy and homemade, not professional, that's for sure, and it was good, but I thought the apples still had a kinda crunch after one hour in the oven. So the next day we went back to Gopher Glen and I told the lady about the crunchy apples. She said,"Oh yea, Mutsu apples are like that, they stay crunchy." Thanks, now ya tell me.


  1. You inspired me, I got out my Silver Palate, and made the Sour Cream Apple Pie. I loved the steusel topping. Mine got a little dried out and needs ice cream but that isn't such a bad thing! Tell your sister-in-law that she would just love a " Bambi" we love ours.

  2. Hi Lorrie....I am so HAPPY that you made the pie....It's good...tastes like FALL.

    The ice cream will be perfect....

    I'll tell Ki that you love your Bambi.

    She will like that.

    More later.

  3. Wonderful photos, that first one with the two greenies gets the blue ribbon

    donkey in the pines

  4. Why would they call an apple that stays crunchy a 'good pie apple'? And you know what, I don't like the name either! But I LOVE your pie photos. What a beautiful job you did.


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