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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just A Dollop

Well, with the first day of Fall came a mood for baking around here. Especially something warm and spicy. Something that would fill the house with that "fall-is-here-and-there-is-something-baking feeling". And what could fit the bill better than gingerbread? Anything else, really? I ask you. To me...gingerbread just reeks fall.

So I got out my pan, knew right where the molasses was..cause I just bought a fresh new bottle for all the upcoming holiday baking...and assembled all the ingredients.

I mixed and whirled. Crack an egg, measured my molasses and flour and spices. It felt so good to be back in the kitchen baking. It's been a long hot summer here, and between you and me...the thought of turning on that old Wedgewood stove was not a happy one. It really heats up my kitchen. In the fall and winter I love it..but summer is another story...it is a cooker. So once again, my beloved September is here..and with it....came my baking mood.

Oh, and the plate with the turnip on it. In case you're wondering..and I know you are, that was made by my dear friend, Julie Whitmore from Julie Whitmore Pottery on ETSY.


  1. Wind must be blowing north, because I can smell the ginger all the up here.
    How did John like it?

    Julie who?

    rabbit in the pines

  2. Beautiful plate! And your cake looks delicious. You've inspired me to bake something this weekend, so I'll be looking through cookbooks tonight...

  3. I love the turnip plate! And I love molasses as well...my dad is a big fan so it always makes me think of Sunday mornings at home growing up when he's bake some sort of decidedly hearty molasses laced concoction.


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