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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Halloween Decorating

We are starting our Halloween decorating today. The heat broke...so it is full steam ahead. I got these flowers at Trader Jo's. I am not usually much of a lily fan, but these really caught my eye. The orange looked so September. And I like them sitting on my woodstove. With the orange and black, you know the feeling I'm getting off that. The little witch is part of my vintage Halloween collection. I have been crazy for Halloween since I can ever remember. As kids, we just went nuts over Halloween. We lived in Los Gatos, CA and back then there was a dime store with the wooden floors. My brother Mark and I would drag my poor mother into that store every day of the week in the month of October. It was when they had the costumes that came in the cardboard boxes. I am sure by the end of October Mark and I each had about a dozen different costumes. We could never make up our minds. Next door, was a bakery called "The Cream Puff" (how perfect is that?) We always got to go over there and pick out something for dessert that night. I usually got a .....cream puff. It is still my favorite dessert today. After we got home, my mom would call and ask Mary Alice, our neighbor, if it was o.k. for Kary and Mark to come "trick-or-treating". We would struggle to get our costumes on and after supper, when it got dark enough, over the bridge we would go for our "practice" night of trick-or-treating. And ya know what, even though about 100 years has passed, I still go "practice" trick-or-treating from Labor day till Halloween. And I still can't get enough.


  1. What an amazing memory! It brings me right back to the Casper costume from Woolworths I wore when I was about 6 or so, I think that might have been the only store bought costume before or since. I can still smell the mask. Oh I love halloween! Wish you lived close by to come over and make some cupcakes and carve some pumpkins. I had a huge crush on Casper.

  2. I am crossing my fingers for trick-or-treaters this year. I had a huge basket of candy last year and dressed up in black and orange and made a homemade ghost to go on the front door and NO ONE came by. I was so sad! But, we were in a new neighborhood, and parents have to play it very safe these days. Sooooo.... maybe this year!

  3. Cream Puff Bakery? I think that would go over very nicely today. It really is an art to make the puff too. I've seen Jacques do it right, slamming that wooden spoon around the saucepan til I was sure it would break. Halloween wise, bet the pumpkins are turning at Mary's Farm.

    donkey in the pines

  4. What a neat memory! It reminded me of our old 5 and 10 cent stores. Wouldn't I love to have one in town now.....
    I love the "practice" trick or treats, and I'm sure your neighbor enjoyed having you and your brother stop in. Hope you have enough tricksters to empty the candy bowl this year.

  5. My grandmother made the best cream puffs and we only had them at Christmas. They were so good and still my very favorite. I have the recipe but they never taste like Grandmas- I wonder why?

  6. I'm so upset...for some reason I wasn't informed by blogger that you had new posts! I've been missing out! Must catch up, everything looks lovey and so celebratory. I love that you are already decorating for Halloween! You're my kinda gal!


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