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Friday, August 14, 2009

Two More Of My Beloved

I'm spending the weekend with Jamie....I Know....Lucky me ! (the book version..I can only wish of the real life version)

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  1. Hey there! Actually the cup and saucer are my own 'works of art,' I even have a post about it here: http://mayallseasonsbesweettothee.blogspot.com/2009/08/rainy-days-call-for-tea.html
    My friend has an arts and crafts store and she offers blank pottery which you can paint yourself, and then she burns them for you in her kiln. I will definitely have a look-see at your friend's pottery on ETSY! Though, I do live in Austria and would be worried about having it shipped over here. I mostly collect Bunzlauer ceramics, do you know those? About the New England photos, those are pretty pictures I found on the web. They are part of a series I call 'you make my heart sing:' any time I find a picture of something or somewhere that makes my heart skip a beat I post it and share it! But yes, I'm an American living in Austria, a twenty minute drive outside of Vienna, where it's nice and green! I married a handsome Austrian :)
    Jamie Oliver...I'm such a huge fan! I've actually been a member of his website for quite some time and have a blog on there. I was so proud when he put it on his list of 'blog picks,' was a big honor for me. Theres a link to it on the sidebar of my main blog, check it out sometime! There's actually a photo of the soup I'm going to make tonight: white beans, lentils, spicy sausage, root vegetables, celery, corn, chicken stock. Mmmmh! Warming and very filling.
    Have you seen the television series which goes with Jamie's At Home cook book? It's amazing! You can order the dvds online. Sometimes we curl up and watch them for fun, his garden is so amazing. You do end up getting hungry though!
    How is Butterscotch doing? Kiki and I were at my sister-in-law's birthday gathering today and she was a bit terrorized by my little 2 year old nephew! She's pretty wiped out now. Curled up on the couch, snoring away.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon, will look at the pottery now!


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