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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stillwater Sampler

Adapted From The Book "Stillmeadow Sampler" by Gladys Taber

" The turning wheel of the seasons rolls slowly now, in August. People walk without hurry. Cows seek the shade of oak or sugar maples in the pastures and chew their cud dreamily. The wild country cats tiptoe along the stone walls at dusk, instead of racing with tails flat out. The hounds bark in halfhearted fashion when they tree something. Even the haying lacks the feverish haste of early summer, for most of the barns are full. Pumpkins and squash are ripe, corn silk darkens in the corn patches. There is a hiatus between the hard work of midsummer and the brisk days of woodcutting, filling woodsheds,chopping kindling, to come. Weeding in the garden is about over. From now on, the vegetables can hold their own, weeds or no. High time too, says Jill, after all the tending they have had all summer. Nature and man both seem to move on a light rein for a short time, a restoring time."


  1. Hi Kary,
    Thanks for coming over and visiting me! I am more familiar with your neck of the woods than you know! I lived at Morro Bay for 2 years when I was growing up! I love going to Hearst Castle and think Cambria is absolutely charming. I have great memories of the Madonna Inn at Christmas time and of the Black Forest cake especially. We moved up to the central valley in Soledad which was a wonderful Swiss/Italian farming community that our family loved. When Dan and I got married we traveled up the coast of California and I was happy to show him the beautiful sites along the way as we meandered up to Sonoma and Napa valley for our honeymoon.

    Sounds like I need a little Gladys Taber book in my life...sounds like my kind of pace or reading!

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

    Squirrel Cottage sounds heavenly, you'll have to post some pictures for show-n-tell!


  2. Your post described my day, slow and dreamy doing little enjoying the rest and the lazy hot August day. Your dinner sounds delicious, maybe tomorrow night a BLT sure sounds like summer to me.


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