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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just A Taste

I couldn't help myself..it was cool here this morning..and I was pretty sure the Halloween Police weren't stopping by today..so what the heck...I did it. And I LOVE it. It just makes me HAPPY...Oh, it is my kitchen window..and the recipe is for taco casserole..anybody gettin' a fall off of that?


  1. Kary, you're a girl after my heart! :) I especially love the wooden sign. Have you ever been on the sugarpie farmhouse blog? She has this amazing (huge!) house and decorates ala Martha Stewart; I especially love her kitchen and her fall decorations. http://www.sugarpiefarmhouse.com/

  2. Thanks Dawn, I'll check her out.

    Kary and Butterscotch

  3. Oh, to answer your post...
    I was born and raised not far from where you live. Have you ever heard of a tiny hippie beach town called Bolinas? That's where I ran naked on the sand, ate mud, collected bucketsfull of blackberries, had my face painted for the annual 'Sun Festival,' and played a duckling in the town community center play of Peter And The Wolf. Then I fell in love with my husband and he convinced me to move here. Had to learn the language and make new friends, but it has all been very much worth it!
    I can only imagine how wonderful it is to have Susie, as you call her, as a girlfriend. She is such an amazing, creative, optimistic person! Well, like you, actually. :)
    Better get on that soup...my tummy is already rumbling!
    Have a lovely evening...

  4. Is that picture of apples from The Apple Farm?
    THE one and only?
    and BTW, no steppin out with Jamie, I have dibs.

    In the Pines

  5. Yep..that's THE...apple farm..the beloved one in Philo..with Don and Sally...

    can we double date with Jamie?

    i have a huge crush on him...don't tell anybody


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