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Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm Floating

OMG...Just got back from seeing the "Julie and Julia" movie....and I am walking on a cloud....and I wasn't first in line..I was about 40th...and it was an 11:30 in the morning matinee..... But I LOVED it...WONDERFUL....all the stuff we all like..
cooking and pots and pans and recipes and food ...food....food.......

Paris in the 40's.... Oh, LOVE it !!!!

Now, Where is my "Mastering The Art Of French Cooking?"

And, Yes, that's scotch tape...


  1. I am DYING to see it, but it hasn't arrived near us in Maine, but what is here is Summer Hours, which we will see Monday. It is France, farmy, and wonderful.

    I just finished reading Julia's book about her years of living in France. She REALLY worked her fanny off at Cordon Bleu. Wow,

    Love, Sharon

  2. I have not heard of Summer Hours..sounds so good. I'll look for it..thanks


  3. Hi, just stumbled on your lovely blog. I, too, have been dying to see J&J since I listened to the Slate Culturefest podcast which they dubbed the All Hail Meryl edition.
    The movie really sounds delicious. I don't have a Mastering the Art...I've been doing Alice Waters and Mark Bittman, but now it seems essential.
    Love your photos of the fair and making pasta.


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