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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beauty Queen

I hit the jackpot this afternoon. John came home with a whole bag of these beauties.I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. Making tomato sauce. I love knowing that I had it together enough in August to get some sauce in the freezer. Perfect for one of those cold and rainy winter nights when you batten down the hatches, build a fire and smother your pasta in a summer tomato sauce. It will be worth it all come some stormy January night.


  1. Oh, how I would love being at home and making tomato sauce! It's cool and rainy in Wisconsin tonight, and that really sounds like a good thing for a cool and rainy couple of days.

    I love to buy or make things in the summer and fall, and then turn to them in winter for sustenance. It's like opening the gate on summer in winter. Likewise, I always have some sort of treat - usually something I bought in France - to open at Christmas!

  2. I forgot to add that CLG was one of the best styled magazines out there. It never failed to enchant me! The last issue I received by mail was a holiday issue and then the magazine went away and came back for a couple of issues and then Pfft! It was gone again. One of the first books to go. I miss it.

  3. Hi Kary, and thanks again for visiting my blog. I so miss CLG! I loved Sharon's column - it was one of the first things I turned to!

    CLG was consistently good, issue to issue. The only similar book that I can make that claim for is Victoria under Nancy Lindemeyer. Those two magazines were my salvation in the 1990s, although I did like Country Homes as well. I'm glad I saved a few CLGs. I will have to start looking for them at flea markets...

  4. I know..I really loved Sharon's column too..and really liked Victoria with Nancy. If you love photography check out Lynn Karlin. She did alot of the photgraphy in the CLG. She is a great friend and she lives in Maine.

    It would be fun to look for those all old CLG's.....



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