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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Squirrel Love

I don't know what it is but I have a thing for squirrels. I always have. When we lived in Cambria my house was named "Squirrel Cottage". You have to be careful with a love like that. It invites trouble. Have you seen those squirrel salt and pepper shakers of the vintage variety? There must be a thousand different versions of those things. And I think I have all of 'em. Birthdays and holidays are potential land mines when it comes to squirrel love. There is squirrel everything. And I have seen it all ! Squirrel tee shirts, aprons, tea towels, pot holders, tablecloths, candles, pajamas, slippers, socks, garden art of all kinds, books with squirrels, pictures of squirrels and even..hey..squirrel cookies. Yep, and I am to blame for that. I was asked to bake some one year for a wildlife Christmas tree and now I knew I had to pay.
The recipe below is from a book called " The Blessing Of Toads " by Sharon Lovejoy.

These cookies are for squirrels and birds..but I like 'em too.
We don't live in Cambria anymore...but I still have secret squirrel love.

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