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Saturday, July 18, 2009


My farm table with a few good reads, and the door that leads right out to my garden.


  1. What a wonderful picture. Looks like such a peaceful room

  2. How fun to find someone from "home"! I grew up in Arroyo Grande and loved seeing your blog archives and post names about See Canyon and Avila Fruit farm...some of my favorite places..and Julie and Sharon are two of my favorite people...how fun that you know them. I am sure looking forward to Sharon's new book.
    I really enjoyed your blog!!

  3. Hi Aunt Jenny ! So glad that you found me ! That's so fun about Julie and Sharon..Small world, huh? Julie has helped me SO MUCH on starting this blog. She is such a great friend.
    I'll be posting more often and YES I love See Canyon and Avila Barn too.

  4. Wowie zowie K-Bird, I love your blog. It has the true taste of Kary liberally sprinkled throughout.

    I just finished reading My Life in France by Julia Child and her nephew. It sure helps to read how hard people work to make their dreams come true. She was wonderful. You have to read it.

    I'll read up on your doings every few days. Love and congratulations,


  5. Thanks for the kind words...And I will put the Julia Child book next on my list.

    Keep checking daily for updates.
    More later

    K Bird


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